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Novel Name : Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 2117: Entering the Beastmaster Sect

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Chapter 2117: Entering the Beastmaster Sect

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Gu Chaoyan had not expected this to be such good news. It was indeed very encouraging.

As per her initial plan, she would have needed to spend at least half a month cultivating before taking on missions. However, by going directly to the Beastmaster Sect, she could save a significant amount of time.

A smile spread across Gu Chaoyan’s face as she responded, “I will do that now.”

“Also, pack your things. The inner sect disciples of the Beastmaster Sect have a small yard for them to live in,” the Senior Brother of the Beastmaster Sect advised.

Gu Chaoyan was not surprised by the suggestion. She cradled the Dragonman in her arms and kept all her other belongings in her spatial storage. It was her habit to keep them safe inside the storage, rather than leaving them outside.

So they could leave directly.

The disciples of the Beast-controlling Sect were surprised, but they refrained from asking anything and decided to accompany Gu Chaoyan on her journey.

As they were on their way, they unexpectedly ran into Elder Lin. Gu Chaoyan had initially planned to visit the Beastmaster Sect, but due to her current busy schedule, she abandoned the idea and displayed a hint of disappointment.

Their destination was the Beastmaster Sect, where they encountered Elder Qing. Gu Chaoyan greeted Elder Qing warmly, and the elder expressed great satisfaction with her. Ever since she had discovered the Undead Race, Gu Chaoyan had been excelling remarkably, even surpassing some of the senior disciples of the Beastmaster Sect.

The only regret was that her Spiritual Roots were too poor.

Elder Qing even wanted to take her in as a disciple directly. He recognized her potential and was impressed by her abilities.

She might be smarter than disciples with better spiritual roots, or even better than some of them. However, as she progressed in her cultivation, she would likely face the limitation of insufficient spiritual roots, causing her progress to stagnate. It highlighted the pros and cons of having different types of spiritual roots.

Despite feeling a bit regretful about this, Elder Qing decided not to dwell on it and refrained from saying anything further.

With a smile, he complimented her, “You have completed your mission excellently. Originally, you were supposed to undertake three missions, but you found out about the Undead Race, which is a meritorious service, so you are exempted from your third mission. Cultivate well in the Beastmaster Sect.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

That was what she was going to do.

Elder Qing hesitated for a moment, but eventually decided against speaking up.

He instructed her to leave first.

Following Elder Qing’s advice, Gu Chaoyan bid farewell to the Beastmaster Sect and returned to her own place.

As an inner sect disciple, she experienced a significant upgrade in treatment compared to the outer sect disciples. While the outer sect disciples shared one room among three or four people, the inner sect disciples were granted their own separate houses with dedicated attendants serving them in the yard.

They were either serving them, cleaning up the house, or accompanying them to cultivate.

There was one in Gu Chaoyan’s room.

She did not have many requirements for serving. He just needed to do what he was supposed to do.

She said, “Don’t come and disturb us.”

Gu Chaoyan went into the room and started to cultivate.

She took out the remaining Spirit Stones and started to cultivate.

She started to cultivate.

Half a month passed.

Things went well. Just as she had expected, he reached the level of Martial God and was now at the first level of the Martial God Realm.


Gu Chaoyan was content with her new living arrangements.

After spending some time in her room, she decided to step out for some fresh air.

As she stepped into the yard, she noticed the diligent servants who were busy cleaning the area. One particular servant caught her attention, and she was pleased with his performance. Earlier, she had instructed him not to disturb her, and he was following her request while diligently attending to his own tasks.

Feeling appreciative of the harmony they shared, Gu Chaoyan made up her mind to visit the Trading Pavilion and explore potential items of interest.

However, just as she was about to leave, she noticed something unusual about the servant. His face was covered in wounds.

Surprised and concerned, she approached him to get a closer look, wondering what had happened to the servant..

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