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Novel Name : Absolute Resonance

Chapter 1099: Maximum Animosity

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Chapter 1099: Maximum Animosity

The cool Feng Lingyuan was shocked to hear about Li Luo's fiancee. According to the information she had obtained, Jiang Qing'e was the hottest rising star in the Hallowed Coruscation Ancient College. Although she was only in the top ten, the focus placed on her had far surpassed that of the top rank of Heavenly Star Hall. This couldn't be helped since Jiang Qing'e had a double ninth-grade light resonance.

And the Hallowed Coruscation Ancient College prided itself in light resonances. The attention they placed in wielding light resonances to their utmost far exceeded all the other ancient colleges.

It had been said that after Jiang Qing'e entered the Heavenly Star Hall, her suitors were flowing endlessly like carps in a river. In fact, it was said that two of the guys in the top ten had fought over her. The whole Hallowed Coruscation Ancient College was in an uproar because of it. Nonetheless, there wasn't much of a conclusion to the battle. After all, Jiang Qing'e had been saying it again and again...

She already had a fiance.

As she thought about it, Feng Lingyuan looked suspiciously at Li Luo. This was in line with what Li Luo had been saying. Could this guy really be the fiance of the unparalleled genius of the Hallowed Coruscation Ancient College?

On the other hand, Li Luo was excited to hear more about Jiang Qing'e from Feng Lingyuan. He asked while she was deep in thought, "Senior Lingyuan, what else do you know about her?"

Feng Lingyuan pondered for a moment before asking, "Do you still want to team up with me?"

Li Luo was startled by her question. "Well, I've promised my friends."

Feng Lingyuan shook her head and replied calmly, "They're fine. At best, they will become energy boosters. It's basically the same for all the other Three Star Hall students."

Jiang Wanyu chimed in helplessly, "Senior Lingyuan, your words are too hurtful."

After all, she was also a Three Star Hall student.

"What do you mean by 'energy boosters?'" Li Luo asked curiously.

Jiang Wanyu explained to him, "The ancient college uses students from all halls when carrying out missions. As such, we use the Tree of Resonant Power as a medium and pass an energy talisman to each of the lower hall students. The energy talisman is mainly used during emergencies after the higher hall students have exhausted all their resonant power due to repeated battles. The lower hall students can transfer their resonant power over to the higher hall student using the energy talismans, allowing them to recover a portion of their resonant power rapidly. Over time, people started to call these individuals 'energy boosters.'"

Li Luo was stunned to hear this. He could not help but comment, "The ancient college sure has its ways."

By doing this, the ancient college was mainly trying to let the lower hall students feel their worth. Under normal circumstances, the higher hall students might view them as burdens and refuse to let them tag along during some of the dangerous missions. However, if they served as energy boosters, the lower hall students would also have critical rolesand become essential for the mission.

Li Luo thought about it for a moment and asked, "Senior Feng, is Jiang Qing'e the reason you've decided to accept our request to team up?"

Feng Lingyuan did not hide it and nodded. She then replied calmly, "If you're really as close to Jiang Qing'e as you've said, then your value far exceeds the shortcomings of these team members. Thisn mission is extremely dangerous. If we can meet up with Jiang Qing'e, she'll be of great help to us."

She was very frank and direct with her words. She had agreed to team up with them mainly because of Jiang Qing'e.

Li Luo was left a little speechless by her reply. Her words could be really hurtful at times.

However, Li Luo was not a narrow-minded person. This was simply Feng Lingyuan's personality, and he knew she was not trying to be sarcastic with those words. As such, he nodded and answered, "Let's work together well, then."

Lu Ming and the others were really surprised to see the sudden formation of this team. Jiang Qing'e was a truly special girl; her name alone was enough to make Feng Lingyuan change her mind.

At this point, Jiang Wanyu suddenly said, "I think you are lacking a few team members. Why don't you include me as well? I happen to be still looking for a team."

Actually, many seniors in the Heavenly Star Hall had approached her. After all, she was pretty famous in the college and was full of suitors.

"I thought you said you were unwilling to team up with me," Feng Lingyuan said.

Jiang Wanyu replied angrily, "Senior Lingyuan, if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all."

With Feng Lingyuan's personality, it was not surprising that many were unwilling to work with her. As a result, she tended to be alone and isolated in the college.

"I am just as interested in Jiang Qing'e as you," Jiang Wanyu said with a slight smile as he looked over at Li Luo. "You don't mind another burden, do you?"

She felt a sense of curiosity towards Jiang Qing'e. After all, if she was really as talented as what Feng Lingyuan had claimed, Li Luo's team would surely explode in power later. In fact, it might even exceed that of Wu Changkong's team.

Li Luo replied with a grin, "Sure, it's my pleasure."

"In that case, why don't you all include me as well? We'll round things off with ten people exactly," Zong Sha added with a smile.

He had been of great help to Li Luo, so there was no reason to turn him down.

"Nonetheless, I advise you to keep your relationship with Jiang Qing'e a secret if you meet any teams from the Hallowed Coruscation Ancient College in the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm," Feng Lingyuan suddenly reminded Li Luo.

"Why?" Li Luo was puzzled.

Feng Lingyuan looked at him strangely and continued, "Because every time someone in the Hallowed Coruscation Ancient College's Heavenly Star Hall wants to ask Jiang Qing'e out, she says the same thing."

"What does she say?" Li Luo asked curiously. Everyone had grown interested and listened in.

"She rejects them and tells them, 'I already have a fiance, and no man in the world can compare to him.'"


Everyone around him bared their teeth, feeling a little embarrassed.

However, they got what Feng Lingyuan was trying to say. Although these words from Jiang Qing'e appeared sweet... they actually contained some animosity towards Li Luo.

The more the geniuses from the Hallowed Coruscation Ancient College admired Jiang Qing'e, the more they would hate Li Luo.

After all, the people who managed to get into Heavenly Star Hall were all talented geniuses with a lot of pride. If Jiang Qing'e said they were nothing compared to Li Luo, how would they take it lying down?

They were all young men. Why should they give way to Li Luo?

Initially, Li Luo was stunned to hear this. After a while, a feeling of relief popped up in his heart. Although he knew this would direct others' aggression towards him, it felt amazing!

His plump white goose was simply too awesome.

"You seem to be very happy," Feng Lingyuan said as she stared at Li Luo.

He could barely contain his excitement, and the corners of his lips curled up a little. "Indeed, she did not handle the situation very appropriately. However, it's not wrong to tell the truth," Li Luo replied 'humbly'.

Jiang Wanyu fell speechless for a moment. "Is it too late to leave the team now? I am afraid the people from Hallowed Coruscation Ancient College will group up against us," she said helplessly.

Feng Lingyuan shook her head. "Anyway, I suggest you keep a low profile until we meet Jiang Qing'e. If you don't, I cannot guarantee that I will help you if anything happens."

Li Luo smiled at her. After what Feng Lingyuan had said, he was undeniably feeling more pressure. After all, the students from the Heavenly Star Hall were not ordinary folks. It would be best for him to raise the team's strength as much as possible to prevent getting into unnecessary trouble later.

"I hope the Spiritual Tree Tide from the ancient college will not disappoint me."

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