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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 890 (Truly Audacious) free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 890 (Truly Audacious)

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Chapter 890 (Truly Audacious)

Just as Pippi was in a daze, Yang Haotian snatched the long sword from Pippi's hand and placed it horizontally against Pippi's neck. [It's a real name, roughly translating to horsehide, or can also translate to butt, commonly used by little children]

Qing Yutong and the others were dumbfounded! Was this scene part of the script? Damn it! You're even stealing someone else's sword! Where are you putting their face? This is too hasty.

"Outrageous!" The two guards behind Pippi shouted.

"You bastards! I'm in the middle of a game, you bunch of blind fools, disturbing my enjoyment!" Yang Haotian expressed his anger. If it weren't for this guy showing up right on time, the red envelope would have been in his hands. Then he wouldn't have to risk his life with these women.

'It's all your fault, you damn killer, showing up just at the wrong moment!'

Pippi remained calm, actually feeling a bit annoyed. He had been shocked by their beauty just now, which allowed this person to take advantage of the situation. It was truly embarrassing to lose face in front of beautiful women!

"Put down the sword in your hand! Do you know who I am?" Pippi coldly demanded.

"I don't give a damn who you are. Get on your knees!"

Qing Yutong wanted to kick him. 'Are you crazy? I just want to get inside; you're adding unnecessary drama. You're just an extra, like someone delivering lunch boxes!'

"Dare you make me kneel! I am Pippi, the son of the Pi Family in Aquapolis!"

As Pippi spoke, the five charming women were visibly surprised. Pippi? You're truly naughty. Clearly, he came to rescue someone, but his weapon was snatched, and now he's being held at swordpoint.

Can't we get a different hero to save us? This Pippi is too much to handle.

Yang Haotian began to sober up a bit. 'Damn! What am I doing? Why did I snatch his weapon and put it against his neck? The script didn't call for this! Mainly, I was just too angry a moment ago; I was so close to getting the red envelope. But now!'

'Pointing my sword at the son of the Pi Family... I'm done for!'

'It's all because of these women, urging me to risk my life for no reason. What do I do?'

'What do you do?' Yang Haotian sneaked a glance at Qing Yutong, seeming to ask, "How do I play this out?" But Qing Yutong was speechless. 'Why are you looking at me? You added this drama; you solve it yourself!'

Yang Haotian was a bit nervous. He had offended the son of the Pi Family! What should he do? What do you do?

Yang Haotian glanced nervously at Qing Yutong, seeming to ask, "How do I act in this scene?" But Qing Yutong was already speechless. What are you looking at me for? You added this scene yourself; you solve it!

Yang Haotian was a bit anxious. He had offended the son of the Pi Family! What should he do?

What do you do?

Yang Haotian looked at Pippi, and Pippi looked at Yang Haotian. The two men stared deeply at each other.

"Y-yes..." Yang Haotian was about to apologise.

However, before Yang Haotian could finish, Pippi angrily shouted, "You've got guts! The Pi Family won't let you off!"

After saying that, he knelt down with a thud.

Despair... deep despair.

Yang Haotian felt like crying.

'Brother, please get up. I'll kneel to you; you kneel to me. My head is spinning…'

Qing Yutong and the others were also dizzy. How did we end up with him kneeling just like that? Didn't he say Aquapolis is amazing? How is it amazing?

The two guards behind Pippi shouted, "The Pi Family won't let you off!"

And they knelt too!

Yang Haotian had never seen such a threatening tactic – they kneel right after making threats, without giving him any chance to explain!

'You guys are shameless, framing and slandering like this!'

Yang Haotian stole a glance at Qing Yutong again. 'What should I do?' Qing Yutong shot him a look.

Deal with it yourself.

"Hero! Why did you kneel to him? He's just a pervert!" Kai Yun asked, puzzled. Others just made a slight threat; why kneel so easily?

Pippi looked at Kai Yun. Such a cute girl, but it's truly embarrassing to lose face in front of her.

"To this young lady, kneeling isn't frightening! Death is the most terrifying thing," said Pippi solemnly.

Yang Haotian: "..."

All five women were dumbfounded.

Damn! How could he make kneeling sound so noble? Only you could pull this off.

Unable to find any points to argue, truly audacious!

Is everyone from the Pi Family like this?

Pippi continued seriously, "My father taught me that as a man, one must be able to kneel, and someday you will stand up! My mother also taught me that when a sword is at your throat, never attempt to struggle. Watch all directions and act accordingly!"

Big brother, you seem to have misunderstood your father's words. It's just a metaphor; he didn't mean for you to really kneel!

Oh my, how could there be such an innocent person?

Everyone: "….."

Your 'watch all directions and act accordingly' is just using your mother's words with your father's words.



Yang Haotian felt he was already quite outstanding, but seeing this Pippi, he decided to give the title of outstanding to him.

"Well, Pippi, we seem to have a little misunderstanding." Yang Haotian felt something was off and needed clarification.

Pippi snorted, "We won't have any misunderstandings!"

"How about getting up first before discussing?" Yang Haotian said with a sincere tone, pleading Big Brother not to be like this.

Pippi disdainfully said, "You asked me to kneel, so I kneel; you asked me to stand, so I should stand? I, Pippi, would lose face."

'Big brother, you've already lost plenty of face.'

Yang Haotian felt like crying without tears; this was truly too stubborn.

"Hero, he asked you to stand up. Please stand up quickly." Qing Yutong hurriedly shouted, trying to restore his hero's image.

Pippi felt his image had been tarnished, shook his head, and said, "Today, I cannot rescue the ladies. It's my incompetence. I, Pippi, am willing to die in atonement!"

"Stop talking. I'll return the sword to you. Will you point it at me again?" Yang Haotian couldn't take it anymore and threw the sword on the ground!

However, Pippi sneered, "As a son of the Pi Family, I won't accept favours from enemies!"

Everyone: "..."

Not accept it! My goodness, why won't you accept it?

Brittany felt like her worldview had been refreshed. Such a weirdo, a huge weirdo, a weirdo to the extreme.

"Well, I'll kneel to you. Will you accept that? Please accept it!" Feeling the murderous intent from Ye Zizi, Yang Haotian immediately knelt towards Pippi, both big men mutually kneeling.

Why does this feel like a marriage ceremony's kowtow?

"Hero, quickly take the sword. Our lives are in your hands." Yue Hua urged, shouting at Pippi, unable to comprehend such a straightforward person.

But Pippi still did not take the sword. He even proudly declared, "I, as the son of the Pi Family, would rather die kneeling than be deceived by a villain! Ladies, I apologise!"

Yue Hua: "..."

Yue Hua really wanted to pick up the sword and cut open Pippi's head. What exactly was inside? Foam?

However, Yang Haotian was astonished and said, "Big brother, how did I deceive you?"

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