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Novel Name : illicit relationship

Chapter 1781 Impossible!

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Chapter 1781 Impossible!

'Let's kill these two people first.'

After exchanging a glance with each other and nodding their heads, Yukina and Shi Fei rushed toward Xiao Yaling and Xiao Yimu, intending to kill them quickly.

As they were fighting fiercely, Rye walked closer to Xiao Tian.

Like before, he still acted arrogantly.

Xiao Tian was not on the global ranking list, so he believed he could kill him easily.

"What is this? Do you intend to fight me alone?" Rye made fun of Xiao Tian after throwing a question.

"That's right." Xiao Tian answered calmly.

"Do you think you can defeat me alone?" Rye threw another question at Xiao Tian.

Unlike before, Xiao Tian did not answer Rye's question this time. It was a useless question in his eyes, so he did not bother answering it.

"You are not on the Global ranking list, and I'm ranked third. It's funny that you think you can defeat me alone. Haha." Rye laughed after saying that.

Even though Rye kept making fun of him, Xiao Tian still acted calmly. He was in a war, so he decided to control himself.

"Daring to face me alone, I suddenly wonder if you are a brave person or a stupid person. Haha." Rye knew that Xiao Tian had the upper hand when he fought against Xiao Yimu and Xiao Yaling.

However, he was different from these two weak people.

He was ranked third in the global rankings, and they were only weak people who depended on armor suits to fight their opponents.

The difference between them was like heaven and earth.

If he did not want their money and serums, he would not hang out with them because, from his point of view, only power and money mattered in his world.

"You keep saying useless things since earlier. Do you fight your enemy with your mouth until now?" Xiao Tian hurt Rye's feelings with his cruel question.

Rye's eyes instantly became bloodshot.

This was the first time someone dared to insult him.

Normally, everyone would treat him with respect or tremble in front of him because he was the third strongest person in the world.

There were only two people in this world who could defeat him.

That was why he was furious when Xiao Tian dared to insult him because Xiao Tian was not on the Global rankings list.

"You dare to insult me, huh? Then I will make you pay the price for insulting me now." after saying that, Rye rushed toward Xiao Tian, intending to stab his heart with his sword.

"You should do this since earlier." Xiao Tian also dashed toward Rye.




The sound of them fighting fiercely reverberated throughout the entire battlefield.

Xiao Tian and Rye kept attacking each other.

They also used their powerful skills to kill each other.

Due to how fierce their fight was, many people stopped fighting and looked at them.

"He is so amazing!" Yukina stated. "He is not on the global ranking list, yet he can fight Rye on an equal footing."

"No. You are wrong. Little brother will win the fight. That man will lose the fight soon." Shi Fei dared to say something like this because she believed in Xiao Tian.

"I think so too." Yukina uttered.

Like Yukina and Shi Fei, Wan Shun and the others were also stunned. Rye was ranked third, yet Xiao Tian was not at a disadvantage when he fought against Rye.

It was as if Xiao Tian was also in the top three of the global rankings.

"As expected of my disciple, he is amazing like me." Wan Shun stated.

Xiao Zhan smiled softly when he saw his son fighting against Rye equally.

'Son, defeat him. Show everyone how amazing you are.'

He said in his head.

Lan Ruoxi, who fought against Xiao Jianhao, stared at him.

'My love…'

She still loved him.

Jian Wendi, who saw Xiao Tian's fight, rushed toward Feng Zeshan. "Zeshan, who is he? His skills are not bad."

He was shocked when he found out that there was a promising martial artist on the battlefield.

He thought there would be no talented young martial artists except his disciple, but now, he finally realized that he was wrong.

Even though he hated to admit it, Xiao Tian was as amazing as his disciple. Xiao Tian was still young, yet he had mastered the seventh stage like his disciple.

That was why he wanted to know who Xiao Tian was because he had never heard any rumors about Xiao Tian before.

"Master, he is Xiao Tian, Xiao Zhan's son." Feng Zeshan did not tell his master that he had fought Xiao Tian before.

"Xiao Tian?" Jian Wendi suddenly remembered the kid who was expelled from the Xiao family several years ago.

'That kid?'

He did not expect that the kid who was expelled from the Xiao family was a genius martial artist.

'Haha. I'm sure the Xiao family regrated their actions.'

He believed the Xiao family would have ruled China if they did not expel Xiao Zhan and his son.

"I suddenly wonder, who is his master?" Jian Wendi mused.

As Jian Wendi was looking at Xiao Tian, Rye trembled with rage. He was ranked third on the Global ranking, yet he still could not defeat Xiao Tian.

'Damn it!'

He cursed venomously in his heart.

'I don't believe I can't defeat you.'

With that idea in mind, Rye attacked Xiao Tian again.

And like before, he still could not defeat Xiao Tian.

For this reason, he could not think straight and started to be consumed by the flames of anger.

Xiao Tian, who blocked Rye's attacks, smirked.


He liked it when Rye could no longer think straight.

In a fight, martial artists had to remain calm because they would become reckless if they were consumed by anger.

Not only that, but their movements became crumbling, and their attacks became easy to read, too.

This was the reason why he was delighted when Rye got consumed by his anger.




Because he could read Rye's attacks now, Xiao Tian slowly had the upper hand in the fight.

"Ice Tiger!" Xiao Tian created an ice tiger to attack Rye.

The energy of heaven and earth swirled in front of him.

Shortly after that, a giant tiger made of ice energy appeared from the void. Even though the tiger was made of ice, it still looked terrifying.

It was as if the tiger was not made of ice energy but a real tiger.


The ice tiger roared before finally rushing toward Rye.

"Wooden Dragon." Like Xiao Tian, Rye also used the energy of heaven and earth.

However, his attack was weaker, so it got shattered when the ice tiger hit it.

"What?! His attack destroyed my wood dragon?" Rye found it hard to believe what he was seeing.

He put a lot of energy into making the wooden dragon, but it was easily destroyed.

'No. I have to block it.'

Before he could create a wooden wall, the ice tiger bit his right shoulder.

"Aagghhh…" Rye cried out in pain.

Xiao Tian did not waste the golden opportunity and rushed toward Rye.

Rye, who saw Xiao Tian dashing toward him, widened his eyes in fear.

'Am I going to die today?'

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