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Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse Chapter 1345: They are on two completely different levels free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 1345: They are on two completely different levels

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Chapter 1345: They are on two completely different levels

Bai Zemin opened his eyes slightly and through his eyelashes saw a snow-white hair moving over his chest. At the same time, the soft and moist sensation of a fleshy pair of delicate lips giving affection to his upper body sent shivers straight to his brain.

"I really need to get used to your new look." He said as he held out his right hand.

The beauty that was overwhelming him with her affection paused for a moment as she heard his voice and felt his big hand gently stroking her silky hair.

A pair of eyes bluer than the sky and as expressive as a million words gazed into his blood-red eyes. Those eyes as precious as sapphires scanned his, trying to find the slightest negative emotion.

Bai Zemin might not have the best EQ of all but his IQ was certainly above most, and coupled with his knowledge when it came to the woman next to him it didn't take him long to notice that she was worried because of the conversation they had last night.

Instead of saying anything, Bai Zemin rested the weight of his body on his left elbow and used his other hand to hold this lovely lady's chin, pulling her close to his lips and giving her a tender kiss that lingered for two seconds before parting.

Lilith's eyes remained closed for a few more seconds after the kiss was over, savoring it and letting the feeling be imprinted in her brain forever. When she opened her eyes again, the worry that was there before was completely gone somewhere unknown.

"Maybe for you this appearance you see is new but for me it's the most normal thing in the world hehe..." Lilith smirked and gave him a quick lick on the corner of his mouth before whispering near his ear, "Could it be that if you don't look carefully at my face you'll mistake me for that little bitch?"

Little bitch?

Bai Zemin blinked in puzzlement, but less than a second later he realized something and a bead of sweat slid down his forehead.

"Hehehe..." Lilith chuckled charmingly at the sight of his fearful expression.

"You..." He gave her an exasperated look as he suddenly frowned.


The sound of a slap followed by the delicate but surprised squeal of a female echoed inside the fancy room.

"Why did you spank my butt?!" Lilith looked at him in simulated surprise as she gently rubbed the delicate white skin of her left buttock over which a slightly reddish color was beginning to appear.

"Hmph," Bai Zemin snorted and said in a serious voice, "Little fox, it seems that during the six months that your husband didn't spank your butt you've become naughty again uh?"

The word husband brought an immediate smile on Lilith's face. She, however, continued playfully and said with fake anger and a pout, "So now I'm your little fox... Hmph! Little Zemin, don't think that just because my level dropped you can bully me! You're not forgetting that in terms of age I'm old enough to be your grandmother, are you? I'm pretty sure mother did teach you to respect your elders properly!"

"Oh?" Bai Zemin raised an eyebrow in surprise, clearly not expecting this little minx to dare reply to him. A small but dangerous smile instantly formed on his face as he said quietly but clearly enough to be heard, "Looks like I really need to make you remember who's in the driving seat in this relationship... Else I'm afraid that someday you might send me to sleep on the couch."

A shiver that ran from the tips of her toes, circulated down her spine, and culminated in her brain hit Lilith hard when she saw the dangerously lewd smile on her now husband's face.

She immediately knew what was about to happen and her little heart soon began pumping blood at full speed.

"Hmph!" Lilith lifted her chin and sharpened her gaze deliberately. She looked down at him from above with a glint of disdain flickering in her eyes and said in a defiant voice like a pig who isn't afraid of boiling water, "You think I'm afraid of you, a little boy who's barely 22 years old? Come! Let big sister teach you a thing or two!"

"Naughty little fox, I'll make sure you don't take a step out of this room all day and all night!"

Bai Zemin and Lilith seemed to come to a tactical agreement for as if they both knew what the other had in mind they hopped forward, like a tiger and a tigress, over each other.

She jumped on the bed and with superb agility wrapped her slender arms around her man's neck. Her slender smooth shiny legs encircled his waist at the same time as her nine fluffy tails spread out like tentacles, encircling his back and swinging over his bare skin.

At the same time as Bai Zemin was surrounded by an overwhelming amount of softness and temptation, both of his hands reached out in claw-like grip as his wide open fingers dug possessively and fiercely into her fleshy buttocks in such a way that the firm but moldable flesh to the touch slipped between his fingers as it was completely impossible for him to cover it all with just his two hands.

As his tongue began the battle for supremacy with hers, both attempting to thrust inside the other's mouth and conquer their opponent's territory, an obvious winner soon rose to the surface.

Her eyes opened and a flash of surprise shone in them. Staring at the arrogant expression of the man holding her up in the air with his feet firmly planted on the bed and feeling her tongue being completely dominated by his, Lilith tried to pull back but failed miserably.

Bai Zemin captured his wife's slippery tongue without letting it go or resting. When Lilith tried to pull back he followed her as his hands kneaded the flesh of her ass like steamed buns in full preparation.

His tongue traced her teeth, her gums, the sweet roof of her mouth, the inside of her cheeks... tasting the entirety of her mouth without missing even an inch.

When Bai Zemin finally released her from that "cruel torture", Lilith gasped for air and watched the silver bridge that linked her tongue to his as they were still out of their mouths as if against their owners' will they did not want to be separated from each other.

"What... How all of a sudden it seems like you have several centuries of kissing experience?" Lilith gazed at him suspiciously as she couldn't help but wonder if in the past he was holding back.

Bai Zemin laughed out loud arrogantly upon hearing her question. As he looked at the woman's flushed expression on his hands and feeling her wetness dampening his lower abdomen, a dangerous glint shone in his eyes as he said in a low but seductive voice, "My beautiful little fox, let your husband teach you a thing or two ok? I'll take you to the ninth cloud again and again until your eyes roll back and your legs can't stop shaking!"

Breaking the seal of his memories, Bai Zemin not only gained centuries and centuries of battle experience but also gained a LOT of sexual expertise from his life together with Lilith in the illusory world!

Although the newlywed couple was technically composed by two virgins since they had not taken that final step in their relationship and only today they were about to take it, Bai Zemin was on a different level.

Lilith did not know that, even before they started, she was already in overwhelming disadvantage.

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