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Novel Name : Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 2342 Twins

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2342 Twins

Seeing Qiao Weiyang leave, Qiao Jierou bit her lip and said, “Grandma, so Sister has already seen Grandpa. Then she must have heard the news. She knew that Grandpa was going to split the family assets, so she came over first to ask about the situation.”

“She’s always been so scheming! It’s not like you only found out today,” Old Madam Qiao said angrily. “But no matter what, we can’t let her off too easily!”

As they walked in, Old Madam Qiao asked, “Have you confirmed that you won the Golden Crown Film Awards?”

“It should be confirmed. Brother Heng got someone to help him inquire about internal news. I heard that everyone recommended me. They acknowledge my acting skills.”

“That’s good. This way, we’ll have a stronger case to convince your grandfather with. I originally thought that after you won the design award, we’d talk about splitting the family business. But now, it seems that it’s better to wait until after the film award wins to avoid any delays.”

Old Madam Qiao’s words were exactly what Qiao Jierou wanted. She really couldn’t wait any longer.

The longer this matter dragged on, the more variables there would be. It was better to settle it first.

Anyway, the movie award was a sure thing. Qiao Jierou was not afraid that Old Master Qiao would not consider this.

If he sided with Qiao Weiyang again, he would not be able to convince the public no matter what.

The two of them walked in together and convinced Old Master Qiao.

Inside the venue of the Golden Crown Film Awards.

At this moment, everyone was sitting together because of the award evaluation. They were discussing to determine the name list.

The person-in-charge of the organizer, Huang Shitao, was in a very relaxed mood. He chatted and laughed with the other judges.

“Shitao, I really didn’t expect that our film award ceremony would have such a turn of events. In the past, we had to be frugal due to the sponsors’ budget. Only when the award ceremony is being held would someone be willing to spend more money to sponsor us. Usually, they would be eager to stay far away. This time, there’s finally a turning point,” an old judge wearing glasses said.

Huang Shitao smiled and said, “In the future, we’ll have more funds to support niche art films and support the growth of directors and artistes. We have to do the relevant promotions for other movies too.”

“Yes, it’s rare for JR to invest in us as soon as it’s listed. CL even sponsored us and is willing to provide jewelry for celebrities,” a female judge said. “Mr. Huang, we’ve already contacted various celebrities and sent CL’s jewelry over. When the time comes, the event location will definitely be extraordinary.”

Huang Shitao was indeed very satisfied with the various sponsors he had received this time. He was indeed working hard to develop the film industry in S Country. However, no matter what he did, he needed money. Therefore, even if he had such hopes, he was powerless without it.

“Now, let’s discuss the award.” The old judge adjusted his glasses and said.

Soon, everyone decided on the final winner of each award. There were basically no objections.

However, when it came to Best Actress, there was a problem.

The five people, including Huang Shitao, all gave the same answer—”Qiao Weiyang.”

The old judge said emotionally, “This woman has spirit in her eyes. Look at her. Every frown and smile can be expressed with her eyes. A simple gaze from her is enough to convey emotions. She’s a rare talent.”

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