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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 888: An existence that never stops surprising us. free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 888: An existence that never stops surprising us.

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Chapter 888: An existence that never stops surprising us.

Before the meeting of Supernatural Beings took place, Victor's Faction was in full motion to carry out Victor's orders.

The first of his orders was for all allies of the Faction that did not have a homeland like Samar to go to the lands of the ancient Egyptian Pantheon. This means that the Vampire Nobles allied with the Snow, Scarlett, Fulger, and Adrastella Clans must all go to the ancient Pantheon.

Such an action would normally cause a collapse in Nightingale's society, but such a thing will not happen due to Vlad's caution in this matter. The only thing that happened was a change of personnel, as all the lands that were formerly owned by these Clans would now become Vlad's.

Normally, such an act would anger many of the Noble Vampires who left, but... The land that Victor sent them to was more fertile and more prosperous. These lands were where Gods lived; in other words, all the items found here are Divine Materials.

Not to mention that due to Victor's support protecting their bodies, Vampires who previously couldn't walk through the sun now could.

Also, who would complain when Victor himself gave the order? No one was foolish enough. If the Demons had made one thing clear to everyone, it was that you do not deny the Demon King's request for tyranny.

If he ordered you to go left, you go left; if he ordered you to go right, you go right without questioning his authority. Insubordination only led to one path... A premature death.

This action of total retreat to the new lands was not just for the Vampires. The Youkai, commanded by Haruna, the Humans, who were supporters of the Vampire Clans, and even the Goddesses, who were not deeply linked with Victor.

Everyone moved to the lands of the ancient Egyptian Pantheon. Those who couldn't go due to already having lands, like the Werewolves, sent people to establish an embassy in the Pantheon itself.

Because of this order, Aphrodite suddenly found herself overwhelmed with work.

"Where is DARLING!? He left me with this ton of work – Hey, you there, you shouldn't put the products in that place!"

"I-I'm sorry!"

A very angry Aphrodite was flying around the Egyptian Pantheon as she tried to organize the hundreds of quickly moving Beings.

Usually, this job would have been very easy for Aphrodite, as she could have just controlled all the Beings present here. But, as everyone present here were her Husband's subordinates and consequently her subordinates, it would be terrible for their image if she did such an act. After all, no one liked to be mind-controlled.

Before Aphrodite's mood could worsen further and lead her to make reckless decisions, a red portal appeared in the sky, and from there, Victor's Demonic Wives came out with several Legions of Demons.

Just like the Werewolves, they would make a permanent base here. After all, it was their King's lands.


Looking toward Helena, Vine, Lily, Lilith, and Vepar,

Aphrodite's eyes lit up: "You're finally back! Why did you take so long?! I was already going crazy here with so much work at hand!"

Helena recoiled a little at Aphrodite's angry aura, an angry Dragon was never a good thing to face, especially a Dragon Goddess.

Before Helena could say anything, another portal appeared near the group and out came Metis in her adult form.

"My Fath – Progenitor, asked me to help, so I came…" She looked around and saw the mess she was in. "This situation really needs help."

Aphrodite rolled her eyes at this woman who couldn't decide what to call Victor.

"Lady Aphrodite-." Lily was going to say something, but she was cut off by Aphrodite.

"Just help me here. Stop the formalities, not to mention there is no need for formalities. You are my Husband's Wives, too."

Helena, Lily, Vine, and Vepar smiled when they heard those words.

Lilith felt uncomfortable with this statement: "...Hey, I'm not a Wife-."

"Shut up, Lilith," Aphrodite growled, visibly irritated.

Lilith pouted when she saw how discriminated against she was being. Normally, she wouldn't keep quiet, but... She wasn't in a hurry to die.

Helena looked at her Commanders and waved her hand. The female Commanders quickly saluted like soldiers receiving orders and spread out to all four directions of the Pantheon.

"I will make sure no fights happen."

"No one is foolish to fight in our King's territory, Vine," Vepar spoke as she pointed to a location where an argument was taking place, but tempers never got too high for a fight to break out.

Everyone present could feel the fear deeply rooted in every Being. They instinctively knew that if they fought in Victor's territory, something horrific would happen to them.

Vine nodded when she heard Vepar's words; the same posture could be seen in Hell, specifically in the three large cities built by the king.

"I know, but our presence is still necessary to reinforce this thought," Vine said, and then she and her Commanders and Legions of Hell flew toward the ground.

Before Vepar could say anything, a gigantic portal appeared, and out came Natalia, who looked visibly more powerful than before due to the various Blessings that Victor had given her, as a golden aura was constantly leaking from her body.

And the Goddesses present here saw what kind of Blessings Victor had given Natalia.

The Blessing of Beginning, that gave her monstrous vitality, a better perception of the Divine, and Spatial Perception. The Blessing of Nature, which gave her direct access to Positive Nature Energy coming from Victor.

The Blessing of War, which gave Natalia an instinctive awareness of when a War would begin and knowledge about Strategic Warfare.

Thanks to all these Blessings, Natalia had become quite broken now, and because of this, she could make a gigantic portal this way and not feel tired.

"...Holy..." Aphrodite was in disbelief at what she saw.

"Her Powers became stronger... And she became an immortal?" Helena raised her eyebrow when she saw the amount of vitality within Natalia. With such an amount of vitality, Helena would doubt that Natalia would die of old age; she essentially had eternal youth now. n--0In

"Victor is something else, isn't he? He doesn't even know how to handle his Divinities correctly yet, but he's already distributing his Blessings around." Aphrodite shook her head, impressed and somewhat incredulous.

The process of Blessing was something much more difficult than simply using his Power. Victor was so abnormal that he began to use his Divinity for the more difficult Techniques instead of the easier ones.

'Although the genuine feeling of wanting to help someone is the trigger for a God to give his Blessing, and Victor always has these thoughts regarding his Wives.'

Through the portal created by Natalia, several women of various Races began to leave. The core members of The Blood God Religion were here.

"Ugh, this just became a lot more work," Aphrodite grunted as she saw hundreds of women passing through the portal with various items and even a gigantic statue of Victor's new form.

"...They work fast," Helena commented in disbelief when she saw the statue.

"Umu, their dedication to our King deserves the best rewards," Lily commented with satisfaction.



"What did you say...?" Tasha asked with an incredulous expression. She couldn't believe Aurora's words.

"As I said, Victor Alucard appeared here, and he has more than 14 Divine Concepts within him! Not only that, he linked me to him with some weird bullshit that I don't recognize!"

Tasha looked at her with the same expression as before, and that made Aurora even more uneasy.

"Agghhh! In a simple way to understand, for some reason, I am giving my Positive Energy to him, but at the same time, he is returning this Energy to me but with more quality, and this symbiosis in which we both benefit linked this planet to himself!"

"...I understood what you meant..."

"Then why do you have that stupid face?"

Tasha's lips twitched when she heard Aurora's words. If it had been any other Being, they would have already paid for this insolence, but unfortunately, Aurora was not just any Being.

"Does this action of Victor's mean anything to us?"

"... I don't know," Aurora responded, hesitating a little. "Through this connection, I can feel that I am connected to another planet that is a galaxy away from us. I can also feel a planet that is hidden in some dimension."

Tasha nodded, understanding what she was talking about. As one of Victor's Wives, of course, she knew about her Husband's 'personal world', information that she would not tell anyone, not even Aurora, unless, of course, her Husband allowed it.

"The first planet is probably Nightingale."

"That's the problem. If it was Nightingale, I should be able to talk to my sister, right? But why can't I? It's as if Victor has become a World Tree, which is impossible. You don't become a World Tree; you are created as one by our Father, and usually, World Trees are all female."

Aurora started biting her finger as she thought about what was happening.

"Maybe he has just become so close in Energy to your father that your senses are confused."

"That's imposi-..." When Aurora was going to refuse Tasha's guess, she thought of Victor's Divinities, specifically a Divinity of Beginning, which also encompassed The Concept of 'Life' and The Continuation of Existence, the Concepts that her father worked with.

'... It's possible... his Power must be so great that I'm confusing him with my Father…' Aurora thought.

"Well, this is all speculation. There's no point thinking about it now. What we should do is send my Werewolves to Victor's new Pantheon as ambassadors. Everyone should know that we have great support behind us so that no one dares to touch us." Tasha said.

"...Yes, you must do this. The safer the planet is, the better." Aurora spoke.

"Mmm." Tasha nodded. "Good thing I sent my wolves ahead."

"...When did you do that...?" Aurora asked in disbelief.

"When you were racking your brain trying to understand something impossible," Tasha responded.

Aurora's lips twitched at this response. "Aren't you curious?"

"I am. But I also know that I will understand with time. There is no point trying to understand everything quickly when my Husband will explain it to me in the future while we are making love in bed." The confidence in Tasha's words was so great that it left Aurora in disbelief.

'Is this the same Tasha I've watched for so long?' Aurora thought with a bit of envy inside her.


While the girls worked to carry out Victor's orders, the man who gave those orders was not quiet.

The Personal Dimension of The Owner of Limbo.

"I must say, Victor Alucard, I would never have expected that I would have to adjust my Dimension again to contain your presence."

"I live to surprise people." Victor shrugged.

The Owner of Limbo displayed a small, amused smile. "That is true." The Primordial's eyes went to the tall woman behind Victor.

"I see my assistant has taken a liking to you, Victor."

Victor and The owner of Limbo continued walking next to each other while talking.

Victor shrugged his shoulders as if he had no choice and continued walking. "I would like to call the Gods to a meeting."

Victor and The owner of Limbo continued walking next to each other while talking.

"No need, they're already here."

"...Oh?" Victor displayed a surprised face. "That was quick. I hadn't even said anything yet."

"Well, you spoke to their subordinates, and consequently, their subordinates spoke to their Leaders."

"But isn't this reaction very fast?"

"You underestimate how broken your existence is. While Mortals have Ascended to Godhood before, no Mortal has Awakened 14 Divinities when evolving into a God, and no Mortal has Awakened two rare Divinities during this Evolution."

Victor nodded as he understood that the Primordial was speaking of his Divinity of Beginning and of Negativity.

"As the holder of the Divinity of Beginning's, it would not be an exaggeration to say that you are also a God of Life, Vampires, Dragons, and The Continuation of Existence. The Beginning is a Divinity that incorporates other Divinities into it... The same applies with Negativity."

"As the Representative of Negativity, you basically command all the Divinities on the dark side of the scale."

He stopped in front of the door leading to the meeting room and looked at Victor. "...Do you know what the Primordial Beings and the Gods are calling you, Victor?"

"Surprise me."

The Owner of Limbo smiled slightly. "God of Chaos."

"Or specifically, a Chaos Dragon God."

"...They sure like those Titles, don't they?"

"Indeed... Although, in your case, that Title is accurate. There has never been a God who has Divinities on both sides of the scale... I take back what I said: there has already been a God who was born with Divinities on both sides of the scale, but he was eliminated because it was decreed that he was breaking The Balance…" The Owner of Limbo's eyes shone slightly.

"But for some reason, that fact doesn't apply to you. Your Existence is in Balance with everything. In fact, you have become a part of The Balance like the Primordials themselves... That's fascinating."

Victor felt a shiver down his spine when he saw The Owner of Limbo's look. It was the same look that men gave him when they were interested in him, and it was worth mentioning that he didn't like that look at all.

"I'm not trying to impress, Limbo. I'm just being myself." Victor spoke in a humble manner.

"It is your way of being that impresses everyone around you, Victor Alucard, The Dragon God of Chaos." The Primordial smiled slightly.

"...For some reason, I feel like that particular Title was created by you."

"Who knows~? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't." He laughed and then opened the door.

The moment the door was opened, Victor saw all the Leaders of the Gods present. This time, this meeting would not be broadcast to all Supernatural Beings; it would be a private meeting.

"Go on, go do your show." The Owner of Limbo said.

"Mmm." Victor nodded and took a step forward into the room. The moment he stepped into the room, all the Gods felt Victor's overwhelming presence.

Unconsciously, everyone opened their eyes in shock when they felt Victor's Divinities.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome. Today, we have a lot to talk about." Victor flashed a charming little smile.

A smile that, for some reason, seemed quite evil.


[A/N: Volume 6 END, next chapter starts volume 7.]


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