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I Become Baby Mafia Boss Chapter 2291 {#34}Accidentally Entering A Domain{#34} free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 2291 "Accidentally Entering A Domain"

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Chapter 2291 "Accidentally Entering A Domain"

The whole mountain was strange, as if it attracted spirits to come from far away and any animals who died in this place would definitely turn into spirits.  n)(1n

Or when they stepped foot into this mountain, they became spirits. 

Other humanoid races weren't affected, and sacred beasts were also unaffected, but other beasts, monsters, and ordinary animals were affected. 

As if to prove this conjecture, at this moment, when everyone was confused about the strange mountain, a bird-type beast suddenly passed by the sky of the mountain right above everyone's heads. 

But then, out of the blue the passing bird suddenly became more transparent, and then the whole body turned into a spirit on the spot, not even leaving a corpse behind! 

Everyone saw this passing bird and saw with their own eyes how this bird turned into a spirit in the blink of an eye. 

Spirits also had their dead bodies and souls, but this one, the soul and the body directly became spirits. 

The bird didn't even seem to realize that it had turned into a spirit, but after it became a spirit, it completely blended with the forest and the mountain, becoming a part of their residence! 

Ainsley and the others who saw this transformation were all stunned on the spot. 

Only the informant and other shamans who often came to the mountain and now became the guides of the group looked normal, as if the shocking living transformation to a spirit didn't shock them at all. 

Ainsley was still in disbelief but Bello had a stronger curiosity than anyone else here, enough to overwhelm his temporary shock. Soon, he asked the few shamans and the informant, who seemed to know this place well. 

"What the hell was that? Did you guys see it? The bird beast just now suddenly turned into a spirit when passing this mountain! The body turned into a spirit, and the soul should also be inside the newly born spirit." 

But this is illogical! Spirits were like the consciousness of the dead, and they were separated from their soul flame. 

Souls could barely take the form of the soul owner, so it was more common to have spirits in the shape of humanoids rather than the soul being in the state of the soul owners. 

Of course, this law was only for this world and out there, there might be no spirits, and there were only souls in the shape of the soul owners. 

However, no matter what, to become a spirit, the soul and the spirit would be separated from the body, and the body would become an empty corpse, which was why transmigrators could seize those bodies. 

How could this mountain turn such a living bird beast into a spirit without the soul and the body separated? 

Did the body just melt into a spirit state, or was the beast originally a spirit that materialized and then returned to the spirit state?? 

The informant and the other shamans knew that these outsiders would be shocked by the mountain's miraculous events, so they took turns explaining some wonders about this mountain. 

"This mountain is not widely known to other ability users than shamans because, to be honest, the entire mountain is inclusive." 

Don't look that the group could enter the mountain so easily, but to be honest, the Hundred Thousand Spirits mountain range and the sacred spirit peak actually didn't exist in the same dimension as this world. 

"Only people who wear spirit-related items and shamans can see the real mountain and even enter it. Without a shaman in the team, no one can enter the entire mountain range." 

That's why, others said there were wild beasts around the farmhouse, which should be inside the forest behind the farmhouse. However, the back mountain was the Hundred Thousand Spirits Mountain. 

When the group stepped into the forest, they had already entered another dimension that was so closely connected to the real forest and mountains in the real world! 

There were beasts and monsters in the real world's mountain range and forest, but here, in this 'small dimension', the only living beings were their group. 

Only spirits, shamans, and people related to shamans or those who wore spirit-related items could enter this place! 

Ainsley was once again stunned beyond imagination. 

How did they just casually enter another dimension, and these shamans were calm?? The concept of dimensions should be rare, and even if many people finally knew about this, only the higher-ups or special races got chances to go to some small dimensions. 

Who would have thought that there was a separate dimension here?? 

The informant also looked calm, as if they often came to this dimension even when people should not visit dimensions often due to the uncertainty instead and various other factors. 

This is abnormal, ah! 

The guild master of the shaman guild was there with their small exploration group, so when she heard what the informant said, she immediately explained it more clearly to Ainsley. 

"Don't panic, little kid. We called it a different dimension, but it's not a wild dimension like what you know. This dimension....you can say that it is the real body of a domain belonging to a top beast spirit." 

Even spirits still had domains, so it was not strange that a sacred beast or even a legendary beast who died and became spirits still had domains. 

"The real body of a domain should be inside the fourth void, but maybe that's only for humans and other humanity races." 

"These legendary beasts build the real body of their domains so close to the main world, just like the abyss." 

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