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Novel Name : Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 2008 Wu Family's Regret 2

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Chapter 2008 Wu Family's Regret 2

They only had two courtyards in total.

Wu Zimo and the others resided in one of the courtyards, and it was only natural for his Master to live there as well. Wu Zidao, compared to Wu Zimo, was particularly intrigued by the Master.

The fact that his Master could transform someone seemingly insignificant into a Martial Master spoke volumes about their immense power. With such a formidable Master, what was there to worry about?

Wu Zidao glanced around, hoping to catch sight of his Master. He wondered if he could seize an opportunity for himself.

Even if the position of Tribe Chief was no longer available, he still wanted to continue improving his cultivation.

Wu Zimo furrowed his brows, displeased with Wu Zidao's intense gaze. With a stern expression, he reminded him, "This way."

Only then did Wu Zidao retract his gaze and take a seat in the house.

The head of the Wu family, maintaining his authority as the family's patriarch, spoke, "You are now the Tribe Chief."


"As the future patriarch of the Bai family, you will have numerous responsibilities. You will undoubtedly require the assistance of the Wu family. Though there has been a misunderstanding between our families in the past, I believe that time has allowed you to reconsider."


"When you return to the Wu family, you will have full authority over everything within our family's reach. Zidao has made considerable progress in his cultivation. In the future, let him accompany and assist you. As for the others in the Wu family, they will be at your disposal when you have arrangements."


"As the Tribe Chief, you must not act stubbornly anymore. You need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of your choices."


"Zimo, do you understand?" The head of the Wu family maintained his aura and said.

There was naturally a reason why he could still have such an aura until now.

At the same time, he knew the reason.

Even if he had already taken the position of the family head, the Wu family had value that he could use.

A normal smart person would obviously accept such a situation. What was the use of being so clear? It would not do him much good.

The Wu family's head relied on this matter.

Wu Zimo looked at the Wu family calmly.

Their purpose in coming here was similar to what he had guessed.


The Wu family was still so self-righteous, which puzzled him.

Wu Zidao was working for him?

The Wu family was his servant?

Of course, he believed in these things.

However, he didn't believe in Wu Zidao and him.

If he let them be by his side, who knew when they would scheme against him?

He shook his head.

He rejected him directly. "No need."


"Since I cut ties with the Wu family back then, I'll cut ties with them."


"As for me, with Elder Brother Hongfang's help, I don't need anyone else."


"If there's nothing else, please go back and don't disturb me anymore. In the future, I don't want the Wu family to pester me anymore. Otherwise, I, Wu Zimo, won't have the reason to be polite today."


"I still have something to do here, so I won't keep you. Please," Wu Zimo said coldly.

The Wu family's master was first surprised, then angry.

He rejected her without giving her any face?

He looked at Wu Tian and gestured for him to come forward and talk about this.

Wu Tian had always been quiet.

He smiled foolishly and came out to say, "Zimo~"

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