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Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old Chapter 822: A Monarch free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old

Chapter 822: A Monarch

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Chapter 822: A Monarch

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation   Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Seeing that there were only he and his student left, Mister Zhang could not wait to sit down. He quickly lowered his voice and told him about the jade pendant and Pei Dongyu’s letter. In the end, he told them the purpose of his personal visit. “Xue Yan, you need to hurry and pack up. Whether you are the

Crown Prince or not, I will get someone to send you somewhere safe. It is not safe for you to stay here now.”

Xue Yan finally had a chance to speak after he was done. First, he gave a solemn bow, “Thank you very much for your concern.”

Then, he lowered his voice and told the older man the truth, “l won’t hide it from you. I am indeed the Crown Prince. I have also investigated everything myself. Once my investigations are over, I will have a way to prove myself and protect myself.”

“You really…” Teacher Zhang was still quite surprised by the sudden news. He didn’t expect his student to not only know that he was the Crown Prince but also act as if everything was under his control.

Following that, Mister Zhang hurriedly lifted his robe and was about to deeply bow.

Xue Yan hurriedly shook his head.

Mister Zhang was quite surprised, but he didn’t ask much. He knew the characteristics of his students well. Knowing Xue Yan, he probably wouldn’t want his teacher to bow to him.

Of course, this was only in private settings. If this was a formal occasion, the kneeling ceremony would still be unavoidable.

The monarch was the monarch, and the Crown Prince was part of that.

“I’ll have to trouble you to write a letter to Dongyu and tell him not to worry.” Xue Yan cupped his hands as he asked for help.

Mister Zhang replied, “I’ll write to him when I get back.”

Xue Dafu and the others wanted to invite Mister Zhang to stay for dinner, but Mister Zhang said that he had something to do, so Xue Dafu and the others didn’t force him to stay.

Xue Yan held Jiang Yue’s hand and sent Mister Zhang to the village entrance.

When Mister Zhangs carriage was far away, Xue Yan held Jiang Yue’s hand and said to Jiang Yue in a low voice, “Dongyu sent a letter from the Imperial Capital. He knows about Wei Zizhan and also knows that my jade pendant is the dowry of the current Empress. Coincidentally, it was Zizhan’s father’s birthday back then, and my teacher was invited to go there for free. Knowing that Wei Zizhan was the biological son of the Wei family, he suspected that I was the Crown Prince. He must have had the same thoughts as Dongyu. He’s worried because now that Wei Zizhan is the Crown Prince, 1 would definitely be in trouble. He originally wanted to send me away first and conceal my identity.”

His teachers and classmates were not only people of character, but they had always treated him well. Jiang Yue had long known this.

Jiang Yue was not surprised to hear this.

To have such a teacher, a classmate, and a good friend, she also knew that he had always cared about others as well. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been afraid to see them again.

“You told him everything you knew?” Jiang Yue asked.

Even though she was the one who asked, she already had an answer in mind. He definitely told her that he was actually the Crown Prince. Not only did he care about his teacher and his schoolmates, but he also trusted his teacher and schoolmates.

“Yes, but he didn’t ask much.” Xue Yan said.

Jiang Yue could tell that Mister Zhang wasn’t someone that would ask much, just like Fang Yiming didn’t ask much before.

Even Shen Yuxuan, who was usually not very smart and only had an amazing talent in medicine, knew when to stop asking. At most, he would be a little childish because he was still a child. Even if he was curious, he would try to stop himself. It would not make things difficult for him, nor would it make him feel annoyed.

This could also be considered the commonality of Xue Yan’s teachers and classmates.

Xue Yan was the same.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, he would never ask too much..

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