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My Mysterious Doctor and Blessed Little Wife Is Such a Tease Chapter 967 Head over Heels in Love free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Mysterious Doctor and Blessed Little Wife Is Such a Tease

Chapter 967 Head over Heels in Love

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Chapter 967 Head over Heels in Love

"Let me ask you one last time. What exactly do you want from the Mu family?"

Qin Xi put away the Chain of Darkness and looked at Madam Yunqing teasingly. "If you don't know what's good for you, don't blame me."

Madam Yunqing suppressed the fear in her heart and gritted her teeth. "I hate the Mu family and Mu Min, so I want to use Mu Wen to firmly control the Mu family."

Qin Xi chuckled and shook her head. "Do you think I'm easy to fool or do you think I don't dare to kill you."

Han Shi glanced at Madam Yunqing's twisted face in disgust and said to Qin Xi gently, "Xi, don't waste time with her. Let's end this quickly and go find Father-in-law!"


His father-in-law is… Chu Yi?

No, no!

Madam Yunqing's pupils constricted and she was immediately alarmed.

Chu Yi was hers. She had loved Chu Yi for so many years. How could she let someone take him away from her? Everyone who had designs on Chu Yi deserved to die.

Sensing the strong killing intent emanating from her, Han Shi sneered. "Xi, since she doesn't know what's good for her, there's no need to keep her alive."

Just as he was about to attack, Qin Xi grabbed his wrist and said, "Let me do it. Coincidentally, there are some things I have to figure out. Besides, her skin is very useful."

Hearing that, Han Shi guessed what Xi was going to do, so he took a step back.

Hearing their words, Madam Yunqing's heart tightened. She suddenly had a bad feeling. She pretended to be calm and said, "You can't kill me. My Senior Brother is a renowned Feng Shui master in the capital. If you touch me, he won't let you off. If you let me go now, I won't hold it against you."

Qin Xi sneered. "If someone else said that, I might believe them, but not you. I don't want to have a time bomb ticking in my ear."

Of course, she was not someone who would kill the innocent. Madam Yunqing was not a good person. It could even be said that her hands were stained with the blood of countless people. She was an out-and-out murderous demon, so Qin Xi felt no burden killing her.

Thinking of this, she did not hold back anymore. A cluster of dark flames shot out from her fingertip and burned brighter. Madam Yunqing was so frightened that she froze on the ground. Before she could scream, she was burned to ashes. Then, a wisp of smoke floated up and entered Qin Xi's body.

Qin Xi sat on the sofa and closed her eyes to rest and digest all of Madam Yunqing's memories.

Madam Yunqing's real name was Yun Fang, and her sister was Yun Jing. Their grandmother was a Gu master. In order to pass down the Gu technique, their grandmother nurtured the two sisters carefully.

However, Yun Fang did not like studying Gu technique. When she was studying, she was always absent-minded. Her grandmother had no choice but to throw her to her Junior Brother, Madam Yunqing's Master.

On the other hand, her sister had a special liking for Gu worms. Her grandmother always praised her sister and criticized her. This made Yun Fang very upset.

After her grandmother passed away, no one cared about her anymore. She was like a bird that had been freed and quickly became obsessed with the outside world.

Because she was beautiful and looked innocent, she was targeted by human traffickers. By a freak combination of factors, she was saved by Chu Yi.

From then on, she fell head over heels in love.

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