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Novel Name : My Rich Wife

Chapter 2458 Returning to Purgatory

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2458 Returning to Purgatory

Flower Granny Hua said softly.

After Lei Qingye and the other ancestors had returned, the first thing that happened caused her and Lei Xin to have a significant psychological barrier.

In addition, in the past few days, their ideologies were completely different from those of Lei Xin and Flower Granny. Therefore, the two had the intention of retreating.

"What? Lei Xin, Lady Flower, you are the descendants of the Immortal Emperor Lei. Are you going to rebel against the Thunder Courtyard now?"

Hua Qianjie's expression changed.

"Thunder Courtyard can contend against the nine great aristocratic families and is even more powerful than any of them because of the unity of the five peaks. Since you came, people's hearts have been breaking apart in Thunder Courtyard. You even schemed against our two direct disciples. Your actions have brought shame to Immortal Emperor Lei!"

Lei Xin had a fiery temper and blurted out the words he had held back for a long time.

"How dare you!"

A layer of silver-white lightning appeared on Lei Li's body.

The Telepathic Finger was pointing at Lei Xin's soul. Lei Xin's words were a tremendous humiliation to Lei Li and the others. However, they could not refute him. At this moment, his embarrassment turned into anger.

Black saber!

Evil Eye moved slightly, and a blood-red blade qi slashed at Lei Li's two fingertips.

In an instant, he grunted and stepped back several steps to stabilize himself.

His face revealed a shocked expression. Qin Yu had withstood this Telepathic Finger with all his might previously. However, he had effortlessly broken through his full-powered finger after dozens of days.

"If you make a move again, I will surely cut it off!"

Qin Yu had indeed shown some mercy in his attack. Otherwise, Lei Li could not withstand Evil Eye's move, the Yin Yang Road, if unleashed.

Lei Qingye's expression was tremendously ugly. They had been forced to this extent by two disciples of Thunder Courtyard. If word got out, it would become a laughing stock.

Qin Yu showed the body of Immortal Emperor Yao, and Lei Qingye was instantly discouraged.

Previously, he had no way to deal with Immortal Emperor Yao, and it was the same now.

"Brothers and sisters of Thunder Courtyard, Dean Lei, and Flower Granny will be leaving this place today. If you wish to leave together with us, please gather at Flower Peak immediately!"

Qin Yu stood on the peak and sent a voice transmission to the other four peaks.

Flower Peak and Demon-slaying Peak had the most people, including the Peak Master, who had brought all the people from Demon-slaying Peak.

This time, nearly half of the people left together.

Lei Qingye's expression was ugly to the extreme. These people were the most powerful combat forces of Thunder Courtyard in the future, and they just left with Qin Yu.

"Dean, do you want to take back your Thunder Staff? These people don't deserve to own this celestial artifact!"

Qin Yu stared at the Thunder Staff in Lei Qingye's hand. This celestial artifact had always been with Lei Xin, so Qin Yu naturally wanted to get it back for him.

He was not afraid of Lei Qingye at all, even if King Qin Guang was severely injured by his third move, the God-slaying Dusk, let alone Lei Qingye, who was much weaker than King Qin Guang.

"Forget it. Martial Uncle Lei is still the ancestor of the Lei family after all. Furthermore, he has sacrificed so much for the family. These contributions cannot be erased. However, I really cannot agree with your ideology. Hence, I will bid you farewell here."

Lei Xin shook his head. These people were of the same bloodline, after all. He still wanted to show some mercy.

"Qin Yu, let's go."

Flower Granny brought over the people from Flower Peak. Almost all the women from Flower Peak followed Flower Granny. From then on, there was no longer Flower Peak in Thunder Courtyard. Qin Yu nodded and looked at the familiar Thunder Courtyard. He then wrapped everyone with Sumeru qi and teleported them in. After that, they headed toward the teleportation formation. They were going to their next destination, purgatory.

Qin Yu skillfully put nearly 500,000 spiritual essences at the spatial teleportation formation, and then the spatial passageway was activated again.

After his Traceless Meridian Circulation Technique had further advanced to the Northern Underworld Demonic Technique, he almost did not need to absorb these spirit essences anymore.

Every cell was like a black hole, crazily devouring the vital energy between heaven and earth.

In addition, the planar suppression had significantly reduced. Therefore, such a large number of people would only need 500,000 spiritual essences to go to purgatory.

Now that he had successively obtained the fortune of the Jee family and the Ji family. It was not difficult for him to fork out the amount.

A stream of spatial qi surrounded them, and then the world spun. Everyone was sucked toward the coordinates of purgatory.

"Ruoxue, look carefully at this spatial passageway. This formation was definitely created by a spatial mighty realm cultivator. You can even see the power of the primordial rune on the power contained within."

Qin Yu reminded Yan Ruoxue. He had comprehended the power of the blurry rune in the space from this place and thus could escape from the hands of the Yan family.


Yan Ruoxue immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and attempted to comprehend this part of the power of rules.

Along with her comprehension, various subtle powers were continuously evolving in her hands.

This process was not as simple as being a spectator. The comprehension of the Path of Heaven was like unraveling a mess. It finally simplified the complex power into a power that she could understand and activate.

Only then could she be considered to have grasped a trace of the power of rules. This process was directly related to one's talent. Some people even spent their entire lives but failed to pry into a trace of the foundation.

Lei Xin and Flower Granny were watching her from the side. Time passed, and Flower Granny suddenly spoke.

"The one who can trigger the Nine Dragon Thunder Tribulation is indeed a genius. Look, she has made some progress."

On Yan Ruoxue's fair palm, a tremendously blurry power of the origin was swirling by the side.

A massive spatial gate suddenly appeared with a slight movement of her finger.

It then devoured Qin Yu and the others. The next moment, they appeared at one percent of a ship year of the spatial passageway.

In an instant, even Qin Yu broke out in cold sweat.

A spatial gate was used in the teleportation.

Although the distance was only shortened by one percent of a ship year, it was still shocking.

If this teleportation entered the turbulence, one would lose their direction in an instant. Everyone below the Tribulation Transcending Stage might have sunk into the void.

"What a terrifying comprehension of the Way of Space. This little girl must have comprehended some of the secrets of this spatial teleportation formation. That's why she dared to try it. In the future, this little girl's progress will definitely be terrifying, and it will be different from yours."

Flower Granny was also a genius in cultivation. She could see many things at a glance.

"Me? Flower Granny, are you referring to the cultivation path that I didn't fuse my soul with the heavenly sea?"

"It's not that. Many people in the cultivation world have taken different paths; some even have amazing power. Whether to submit or contend the Path of Heaven is a debate that hasn't been seen through since Primordial Chaos. I mean you have too many cultivation directions, and they are all tremendously powerful and thus difficult to choose, which I think is harmful to you."

Flower Granny said solemnly.

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