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Novel Name : Keyboard Immortal

Chapter 1925: Come At Me Together

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Chapter 1925: Come At Me Together

Only then did all the followers of the Meng clan with strong cultivation converge; there were actually over a hundred. Whether in terms of their numbers or their cultivation, they were quite a bit more formidable than King Dai Manor. The home of a Central Secretariat Supervisor was actually more formidable than a glorious king manor! Judging from that, it was easy to see just how deep the influence of the Meng clan ran.

When she saw them arrive, Meng Chan’s trembling heart eased a bit. She ordered them in an ice-cold voice, “Kill him!”

This guy actually dared to kill my father!

No matter how handsome he is, he cannot be forgiven anymore.

“Understood!” the Meng clan followers replied; they were clearly easier to order around than the ones in King Dai Manor. When they heard her, they all rushed out to attack Zu An at the center. They figured that, with so many of them, they could just smother him to death with numbers. The Meng clan would definitely reward the first person to cut this Zu An down handsomely.

When he saw the scene, King Dai just felt a sense of deja vu. His face turned incredibly pale. He reflexively tugged on his wife’s sleeve and said, “Chan’er, these people are useless! We should use this chance to hurry and run!”

Meng Chan flung her sleeve outward and shook him away. She coldly said, “The Meng clan’s followers are nothing like King Dai Manor’s trash…”

Her expression stiffened midway through her sentence. The reason for that was because she saw the hundred followers who had rushed ferociously at Zu An suddenly kneel down one after another with horrified expressions. Those with weaker cultivations even defecated or urinated on the spot, murky liquid pouring out from their trouser legs.

A wave of terrifying pressure spread in all directions. Even though Meng Chan had created some distance between them earlier, she also felt greatly alarmed. Her pretty face became incomparably pale. She only felt that the one at the center had a domineering valor no one could match. However, he clearly hadn’t even raised a single hand!

Zu An walked forward step by step. When he saw all the cultivators come at him, he didn’t feel like bothering with them. He just activated the Tai’e Sword’s Domain of Power to deal with the situation.

Meng Chan suddenly took out a small-scale formation disk. Then, she crushed a piece at the top. The flags placed around the Meng clan’s courtyard like decorations suddenly lit up. Immediately after, a blue barrier of light lit up in the air. It was as if an enormous bowl had wrapped around the entire manor.

Zu An didn’t do anything. He looked at the blue barrier of light and remarked, “A formation? It seems to be of the wind element.”

Meng Chan sighed in relief. She was thankful that she always prepared one or two countermeasures. Even though the number of followers had given her a sense of relief, she had also made sure to keep this formation disc on her. It was the decisive weapon Meng Yi had prepared in the manor for Zu An: The Black Deathwind Formation!

The reason they had repeatedly provoked Zu An was precisely to pressure him into losing his rationality and slaughtering his way to their manor. Then, they could just shut their doors and beat him down. They’d have a proper and honorable pretext for taking out the Eastern Palace’s most capable subject then. Everything had occurred according to their plans, except they had never expected him to be so strong. In a moment of carelessness, her father had actually been instantly killed.

I guess the lesson is that even if the situation is within your grasp, you still can’t ever be careless. Father was so pleased that he lost his sense of measure.

That was why she didn’t hesitate in the slightest, immediately using the formation to attack.

Light surrounded every corner of the place. Suddenly, cyclones appeared, growing larger and larger at a visible rate. In the blink of an eye, they became giant, chaotic tornadoes of ki that ravaged the space within. They were clearly full of destructive power. Dozens of tornadoes began to wreak havoc, sucking everything in their wake in.

As those followers had surrounded Zu An, they weren’t too far from him. They were also caught up in the great formation. Wherever the tornadoes passed, those with lower cultivations were directly swept up. Then, with miserable screams filling the air, they were instantly diced up into mincemeat.

The other followers were horrified. Every gust within the tornadoes was a devastating blade. Just how many of those blades were there in such giant tornadoes? If someone were to be swallowed up, it would be like having ten thousand blades hacking at them in the same instant. How the hell were they supposed to withstand something like that? They all did their best to move out of the way while hollering at Meng Chan outside, “Madam Dai, please hurry and stop! We are still inside!”

King Dai couldn't help but say, “Right! There are still people inside.”

Meng Chan’s expression remained calm. She coldly said, “In this world, it isn’t easy to find three-legged men, but two-legged cultivators are plentiful. If you won’t do it, there are more than enough people who will.”

The Meng clan had raised these people for so many years, and yet in the end, not even a hundred people added together were able to make Zu An lift a finger. What use was there in keeping trash like that around? They’d just gather another batch in the future. With the Meng clan’s prestige and wealth, that wouldn't be too difficult at all. When the time came, she would personally inspect the recruits. She would rather have nothing than something of such shoddy quality. They had raised so many cultivators, yet they were all useless. In that case, it would be better to have a smaller force of elites.

King Dai said weakly, “I wanted to say that your father was also inside…”

Even though Meng Yi had already died, his corpse was still there. If it ended up in the tornadoes…

When she heard that, Meng Chan’ expression changed. She quickly looked at the center of the stage just in time to see Meng Yi’s corpse being sucked into the tornado, subsequently becoming an endless Meng Yi.

King Dai was speechless.

What a unfilial woman…

Even Meng Chan herself was speechless. She took a deep breath.

Father, don’t blame me. Either way, you've already died. As long as I can help you get revenge, I believe that you would still… agree to this kind of price.

By then, the followers had practically already been wiped out, and yet Zu An stood in place without budging. On several occasions, the tornadoes seemed to be on the verge of engulfing him; and yet, they inexplicably moved out of the way, as if influenced by an invisible force.

A trace of cold sweat dripped down the corners of Meng Chan’s temples. She quickly operated the formation disc.

The scattered tornadoes began to combine, ultimately forming a single enormous maelstrom that hid the sky and covered the earth. Apart from Zu An, there were no other living people left inside the barrier. The giant maelstrom turned into a dragon of wind, roaring as it rushed at the blue-robed man in the middle. Just one of its eyes was already larger than a human.

When she saw that, Meng Chan finally sighed in relief. This was a killing formation that had been passed down for hundreds of years in the Meng clan, one of the clan’s greatest trump cards. They had never used it in countless years. If it sent this bastard Zu to hell, he could be proud to have passed on in that fashion.

Zu An had been observing the formation for a while. With his knowledge of formations acquired from the ‘Baopu Sutra’, he had almost instantly come up with thirty-six ways of dealing with it. However, if he did it according to those methods, it would be a bit time-consuming. As such, he waved his hand and sent a giant streak of sword ki straight at the wind dragon.

The wind dragon opened its mouth and bit down, but the sword ki seemed almost formless as it passed straight through the dragon's head; and yet, it proceeded to cut through the dragon's body like a hot knife through butter. The terrifying wind dragon was cleaved in half just like that, and all of the rampaging ki that made up its body gradually disappeared. Still, the streak of ki didn’t stop,ontinuing toward the blue barrier of light.


The giant barrier instantly shattered to pieces, turning into specks of starlight that scattered across the area.

The formation disc in Meng Chan’s hands also cracked loudly, then split apart. Her charming face was pale. She had followed the plan from start to finish, but the one thing she had miscalculated was that this man’s strength far exceeded their predictions.

This fellow is so young, and so handsome. How could he be this strong?

According to the intelligence we gathered, he was clearly just a cripple from Brightmoon City who couldn't even cultivate just three years ago!

King Dai had a sullen expression as he moaned, “We’re finished, we’re finished! I already told you that we should run, but you just didn’t listen… Now it’s too late even if we want to run…”

He wanted to turn and run right now and let his wife stop that terrifying man, even if it was just for a few moments. However, his legs were already so weak that he couldn't even take a single step.

Meng Chan took a deep breath and said, “We have not reached that stage yet. The Meng clan’s power is greater than you imagine.”

Almost at the same moment, several figures rushed out from different parts of the Meng manor; each of them was around the same age as Meng Yi. King Dai realized that some were Meng Yi’s brothers, and the rest were other members of the Meng clan. They all flew through the air, so they were clearly master rank cultivators. There were actually five of them!

These should be the uncles that Chan’er mentioned before, right?

King Dai was both shocked and happy. He was shocked that the Meng clan had so many master rank cultivators. After all, a single master was powerful enough to become a king of a region! And yet the Meng manor alone had been hiding so many of them! Their ambitions were clearly great. However, he was happy because the stronger the Meng clan was, the better it would be for him. His little life could now be saved.

After observing the situation, the oldest of the masters, whose face was purple, couldn't help but furrow his brows. He asked, “Chan’er, where is your father? He is actually not here at such a crucial time? Where is he?”

“Uncle, my father…” Meng Chan began to speak, but she didn’t know how to explain the situation.

King Dai helped her by saying, “He’s everywhere!”

“What do you mean, everywhere?” the master frowned. His purple face became even darker, as he was clearly very dissatisfied with the answer.

King Dai’s entire body shuddered under the pressure. He shifted his body closer to his wife and said weakly, “For example, that piece under your feet might just be him…”

The purple-faced master looked down and saw a piece of flesh under his feet. He was so startled he quickly jumped aside. There were bloodstains everywhere. Because of the Black Deathwind Formation, it was hard to even find a piece of intact flesh. He finally understood what King Dai meant. He looked at Zu An with shock and fury, exclaiming, “Your methods were actually this cruel?!”

You have successfully trolled Meng Jin for +499 +499 +499…

Zu An gave Meng Chan a look and didn’t bother explaining himself, saying, “The punishment fits the crime.”

For some reason, when Meng Chan met his gaze, her heart suddenly began to pound intensely. She felt an unprecedented sensation, leaving her confused as to what was going on. This guy had clearly just killed her father. Even though she hated him, for some reason, she felt admiration and a breathtaking sensation. She couldn't help but compare him to King Dai, who was hiding behind her and trembling. She sighed, then looked at the unyielding blue-clad figure again.

That’s what you call a man!

With that, the other master rank cultivators also began to berate Zu An, saying things like 'When has the Meng clan ever had to suffer like this before'.

There wasn’t even a ripple of change in Zu An’s expression. He replied, “Do the Meng clan’s people only know how to use their tongues? Please cease the nonsense. All of you can come at me together.”

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