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The Bloodline System Chapter 1365 I Refuse free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : The Bloodline System

Chapter 1365 I Refuse

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Chapter 1365 I Refuse

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


The structure was one of the most exquisite-looking homes in the entirety of Plankton City and its smoothened walls looked almost reflective.

In one of the largest rooms within this structure, a meeting was ongoing. 

-"We don't want you affiliating yourself with that universally known fugitive,"

-"If you leave this building now, you can forget about your title as the next head of the family."

Two out of the seven people gathered there spoke in reprimanding tones.

All seven of them were clad in different but expensive-looking outfits. One similarity they all bore was their silver-coloured hair.

In their midst was a 7'6" tall young man who also had very long silver hair, that reached his calves. He was clad in a very simple white t-shirt and brown pants.

Both his eyes were completely shut as he stood in place with a calm expression while listening to the rants of his relatives.

-"You must denounce all ties with Gustav Crimson," One of the two middle-aged-looking females sitting at the east corner spoke with a shrill tone.

"Hahahahahahaha," The silver-haired young man began laughing hysterically. 


This sudden unexpected laughter took every one of them by surprise. They couldn't help but stare at one another as they wondered if the young man had a screw loose.


For twenty seconds, the young man kept laughing, causing the worry on the faces of the people around to increase.

"Aildris!" One of them finally called out to him with a tone of immense concern.

The silver-haired young man stopped the moment he heard his name and proceeded to adopt a complete poker face as though he wasn't just laughing uncontrollably moments ago.

"You wanted me to learn to control my bloodline... I agreed. You wanted me to be home-schooled... I agreed.

You wanted me to start training at the age of six to become the best mixedblood amongst my peers... I agreed.

You wanted me to get betrothed to the second daughter of the Ermest Family... I agreed.

You wanted me to join the MBO... I agreed.

And now you want me to denounce a person I consider to be a brother...." Aildris paused as he got to this point.

"Not this time... I refuse!" Aildris declared with a tone of severity, causing an invisible pressure to mount the surroundings.

The relatives in the large room all had visible expressions of fear as they stared at the silver-haired young man standing in their midst with an overbearing aura.

'When did he become this powerful? This is the energy of a peak Delta Mixedblood,' One of the male relatives mused with widened eyes.

"I am leaving," Aildris stated before turning around and walking out of their midst.

"If you leave now, you forfeit your right to become the next family head. Do not sully Ritoris name," One of the middle-aged looking men with a scowl and burn mark on his chin voiced.

"Do not speak of my late father. You never knew him," Aildris paused his footsteps as he spoke without turning around.

"If you did, you would know that he would never have wanted me to turn my back on a friend who needs my help," Immediately after saying this, Aildris's figure integrated with the colors in the surroundings and vanished.

"He left," One of the middle-aged women in the room voiced out.

"Obviously… I think we may have pushed him too hard," One of the men spoke with a distraught expression.

"No matter, we can pass the title of the family head to my son now," The one with a burn mark on his chin stated with an unbothered tone.




 ~ One Week Later ~

"We're getting close to the Arthrimid wormhole…" Within a massive, inverted, cross-shaped spacecraft, a voice rang out.

"Which means we're close to the Tark's territory," Endric said with a tone of understanding.

"Yeah, we can restock and fix my spacecraft on the Gohatark planet. Maybe even sell this large thing and get some extra cash even if its weapons are busted," Gustav responded while tapping on a few controls positioned on the panel before him.

"They are not under the alliance so it's really a good place to trade but we still have to be careful," Endric pointed out.

"Yeah yeah, I'll be using a disguise regardless. How do you even know so much about different places in the universe?" Gustav questioned looking confounded.

"Husaruis is like an encyclopedia. He knows almost everything," Endric answered while tapping the green dot on his forehead.

'That's like the system… except the fact that it doesn't actually tell me anything,' Gustav squinted his eyes and threw the system a distasteful glance.

'At least I revealed what I promised I would after IYSOP,' The system shot a distasteful glance back at him as she responded internally.

'That might be the only time you've ever given me the information I've been meaning to know,' Gustav replied while his mind took a trip down memory lane.


 ~ Eight Months Ago ~



In deep space, a spacecraft navigated a star path filled with all sorts of powerful beams fired from twenty similarly built spacecraft. The spacecraft evading fire, was shaped like a sphere and moved with incredible speed while dodging with precision.

The twenty spacecraft giving chase from behind weren't any worse in terms of speed as they closed in on the sphere-shaped spacecraft easily.

These spacecraft were all shaped like two rhombuses joined side by side. Each one was as large as a ten-story building, all packing heavy artillery that would easily rip a hole through a planet and destroy orbital bodies.

One prominent design that could be noticed on these spacecraft was the mixture of fine red and blue with a massive emblem that displayed a drop of blood.

("Remember I said I was going to reveal something to you after IYSOP,") The system voiced in Gustav's mind while he was trying to evade the plethora of MBO spacecraft chasing after him.

"You couldn't find a better time to do this?!" Gustav yelled as he yanked the lever like steering before him towards the left.


One of the beams grazed past the right surface area of their spacecraft, causing it to quake intensely from the sheer residual energy of the attack.

"Things are getting kinda dangerous…" Gustav mumbled.

("So about what I wanted to tell you…")

"Will you fucking hold on till we're out of danger?!" Gustav cussed with a tone of annoyance.

("You could really just blast them all away. I don't know what you're waiting for,") The system responded with an unbothered tone.

"I would have done that but then… they're just following orders. A lot of them are innocent and can't refuse the command of their superiors," Gustav said as he regained his calmness despite being in the line of fire.

("You really went soft. Meh. Also, as far as humanity is concerned, no one is innocent. If the people wanted to, they could cooperate to refuse to get a mission like this shoved down their throats. They could refuse the words of the alliance and fight to protect the image of the person who not once but on multiple occasions had saved their lives. They don't just want to and for that reason, they do not deserve your mercy,") The system sounded like a demon who only wanted to see chaos and destruction.

"You may be right but still… no. An uprising isn't something so easy to start. Not to mention that it would be weird to slaughter all of them while claiming that I plan to save the universe," Gustav lightly shook his head.

("You're only trying to save the universe because of your loved ones. Last I checked, they are not amongst the assailants pursuing,") The system pointed out.

"Nah. If the situation ever gets to a point where I can't escape without constituting slaughter, then, I won't shy away…" Gustav said while tapping on his dimensional bracelet.

A bright blue glow engulfed the entirety of the sphere-shaped spacecraft and it vanished in the next instant. 

Thrriiihhh~ Thrriiihhh~ Thrriiihhh~ Thrriiihhh~ 

Red beams phased through emptiness as they tore through the spacecraft's initial location in space.

The sphere-shaped spacecraft reappeared in a completely different location in space, void of light constellations and planets. Gustav stared at the dimensional bracelet's surface and noticed the display of 50% energy left.

"It's only good for one more jump. I'll have to recharge this later," Gustav muttered.

("One day you will have to let go of this sentimentality you built up… and on that day, you'll go on a slaughter rampage,") The system voiced inwardly. 

"Stop with the crap and tell me what you were about to reveal earlier," Gustav stated with a tone of indifference.

He decided he wasn't going to let the system nag him this time.

("Did I tell you what the five premonitions are?") The system questioned.

"Hmm? Aren't they as you call them… premonitions? To some universal misfortune or something," Gustav answered warily.

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