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Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 213

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Chapter 213: Pretty Boy Raised by the Lady Boss

Overtake Xiang Piao Group?

Li Sisi couldn’t help smiling and shaking her head when she heard Xia Mo’s words. “So, Xia Mo, I can see that you are the same as me. You are also a person with no ambition.”


Xia Mo said innocently, “This is not ambition? Hey, Sisi, Xiang Piao Group is also very powerful.”

“I know.” Li Sisi said, “Actually, I’m the same as you. I think it’s already very powerful to be able to surpass Xiang Piao Group, but do you know Niannian? That’s her true ambition. She doesn’t care about Xiang Piao Group at all.”

“What do we think? We’re planning to open a chain of franchise stores and expand them across China. It’s different from what Niannian has in mind. Her ideas would astonish you.”

Xia Mo looked at Li Sisi curiously and said, “Is that so? What are you thinking?”

“Niannian’s thoughts aren’t just about China.” Li Sisi said, “The development of the country is only the first step. The next step is to go to the export.”

“She wants to occupy all the foreign beverage markets to earn the money of foreigners, and she also needs to build raw material planting sites. When that time comes, she will find some poor areas to support the local people to plant a large number of raw materials for white milk tea and then buy raw materials to help people in these areas get out of poverty.”

Xia Mo looked at Li Sisi and said, “Holy Shit, Niannian’s ambition is so great?”

Li Sisi smiled and said, “Why don’t I say that the two of us aren’t ambitious? Compared to Niannian, we’re both extremely weak. A small citizen’s thoughts are obviously not enough to do anything big.”

Xia Mo nodded slowly and smiled. “Then you should be very proud, right?”

“Of course, I’m proud.” Li Sisi said proudly, “Niannian is my sister. I gave it up with one hand. This kind of feeling can’t be explained clearly to you really too satisfying.”

“How much will it cost to invest in this factory?” Xia Mo continued.

Let’s build a factory and a workshop without spending too much money. The total cost for the factory area would probably be around 20 million. It’s just a fenced area with paved ground, and that should be doable within this budget.”

“Setting up a workshop isn’t too expensive either. For a standard-sized steel-framed dust-free workshop, the maximum cost would be around 30 million.”

“The main cost driver is Chu Tian’s production line. Regardless of the specifics, his production line alone would require 100 million. With two production lines per workshop, that amounts to 200 million.”

Xia Mo stared blankly at Li Sisi and said, “Uh… you’ve already started?”

“Otherwise?” Li Sisi smiled. “Do you think you’re the only one who works all day, and then we just have nothing to do?”

Xia Mo chuckled and said, “Oh, my God, I can’t keep up with your pace anymore. All of you are about to take off. I’m even riding an electric car.”

Li Sisi giggled and said, “It’s not easy to get a car. Tell your brother Chu Tian to get you a car tomorrow.”

“Do not dare to take this car if you want. Then I will become a bribe.”

“You shouldn’t praise yourself anymore.”  Li Sisi said with a smile, “Bribery? What is there to bribe? What can you do to help?”

“Giggle… Damn Sisi, why are you so annoying?”

“Giggle, Giggle…”


At the same time!

On the first floor of the bar, Chu Tian was drinking a bottle of beer while watching the men and women rocking on the dance floor.

“Hey, handsome guy.”

Suddenly, a seductive figure appeared in front of Chu Tian. It was Yang Hui. She was wearing heavy makeup, and her shirt was so short that her entire waist was exposed. She had brown shorts and purple eyeshadow, giving her a distinct style. Seeing the cheerful Yang Hui, Chu Tian set down his bottle with a smile and said, “Yang Hui, you’re looking even sexier.”

“Yeah, why wear a school uniform when I can dress like this? How silly!” Yang Hui replied.

Chu Tian smiled and nodded, “Did you not go to the private room today?”

“Yep,” Yang Hui answered. “We came down to practice. Sister Ling said that Sun Min and I are still too young. If you have time, come down and dance with us. We’ll get better over time.”

“If not, we’ll dance with our guests in the private room. We’re too young and can’t bring our guests with us.”

“That’s true.” Chu Tian said, “I’ll know if I jump more from below isn’t very skilled.”

“I know.” Yang Hui looked around and suddenly said in a low voice, “Hey, Chu Tian, you’re hiding quite well.”

“Uh…” Chu Tian frowned and said, “What do you mean? What did I hide?”

“Stop pretending. I already know.” Yang Hui smiled and said, “Sis Ling told me that she wanted me to build a good relationship with you. She said that you can come and go whenever you want. Actually, you’re not here to work at all. Working is just a front. Your real identity is that you’re a pretty boy that was raised by the lady boss, right?”

Chu Tian looked at Yang Hui innocently and suddenly smiled, saying in a low voice, “Yang Hui, don’t tell anyone.”

“Don’t worry, I understand.” Yang Hui smiled. “Bai Xiaochun doesn’t know, right?”

“She definitely doesn’t know,” Chu Tian replied. “If she finds out, It’s over.”

“How much does the lady boss give you in a month?” Yang Hui continued.

Chu Tian looked around, looking very cautious. He slowly extended a finger and said, “Ten thousand.”

“Ten thousand?” Yang Hui smiled and nodded. “That’s fine. Lady Boss is so beautiful. You really have the ability to be chosen by Lady Boss.”

Chu Tian chuckled and said in a low voice, “Oh right, Yang Hui, does Sun Min also know?”

“Got it.” Yang Hui smiled and said, “It’s fine. Don’t worry. Sun Min will definitely not betray you. But you have to keep it a secret. Don’t betray us.”

“Of course not.” Chu Tian said, “I’m very strict. Oh, right. How much extra income have you earned these past few days?”

Yang Hui smiled. “Twelve thousand, Sun Min is the same as me.”

“Damn, there are so many.” Chu Tian had a surprised expression and said, “It’s only been a few days, but it’s already twelve thousand. In this month, you and Sun Min can’t earn sixty to seventy thousand?”

“It’s not easy to say.” Yang Hui said joyfully, “There are more and fewer tips, but it’s good enough. My father’s salary is only ten thousand a month.”

“Then you must have earned more than your father.”

Yang Hui smiled and nodded. “Alright, I’ll go practice dancing first. I’m just saying goodbye to you.”

“Okay, bye-bye.”

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