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Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 211

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Chapter 211: Ah Wei’s woman came

Because there was still half an hour left before school ended, Chu Tian headed straight to the school to pick up Bai Xiaochun after leaving Song Xiaoya’s house.

Meanwhile, in a luxurious single-family villa in Guangdong Province, a woman in her fifties dressed in extravagant attire was engaged in a conversation with a woman of mixed heritage who appeared to be around 27 or 28 years old.

“Well, I had no idea about any of this,” the woman sighed. “I do know about White Milk Tea. I’m aware that the milk tea shop is quite popular, and even my daughter Piao went to Haicheng to negotiate the formula for purchasing White Milk Tea. I’m well-informed in that regard.”

“However, I had no inkling that Dawei and Piao would do something so foolish. If they couldn’t acquire it, then they couldn’t. But they actually resorted to kidnapping someone and causing their death. Thankfully, they paid a billion and obtained a letter of understanding. Otherwise, they would have faced a minimum sentence of ten years, but now it’s been reduced to seven years.”

The hybrid woman nodded and said, “I didn’t expect this to happen. Oh right, Mrs. Luo, how did Zhang Wei die?”

Mrs. Luo sighed, “Hey, how could he have died? Piao said that Ah Wei fought with Chu Tian, but in the end, he didn’t hit him and was beaten to death.”

So that was the case!

The hybrid woman nodded.

“That’s right.” Mrs. Luo said, “How many years have you known Ah Wei?”

“I’ve known him for eight years.” The mixed-blood woman smiled and said, “At that time, I didn’t feel well and was targeted by a few punks in a bar. Then, Ah Wei helped me out. After that, we met.”

“After that, the two of us were together for half a year and then separated.”

“Why?” Mrs. Luo asked, “Why are we separated?”

The hybrid woman laughed bitterly and said, “How can I put it, back then, Ah Wei, always liked to fool around with other women.”

“Just the number of times I caught him on the spot wasn’t less than five. But, he knows how to coax people. Every time I get angry, he always has a way to make me happy. Then, I thought, forget it, give him another chance.”

“But then, I couldn’t stand it anymore. That time, I caught him with two women and we broke up.”

“Ah Wei looked for me after that, but I really don’t want to be so sad anymore. In the end, the two of us became siblings and stopped being lovers.”

“But, he’s a brother and sister. Every time he takes the initiative, I can’t resist him. It’s still time to be intimate. However, we don’t live together anymore and we meet less often.”

“Then you still love him.” Mrs. Luo smiled and said, “Actually, men are all the same. To them, this woman is like a toy. Those who haven’t played with a toy all want to play with it. If they turn a blind eye to it, it will be over. Actually, he definitely loves you.”

“Yeah.” The hybrid woman laughed, “I can feel it, he does love me.”

“However, Ah Wei has changed a lot.” Mrs. Luo continued, “Ah Wei has been in the Luo Family for three years. During these three years, he has always been very dedicated to his work. He has never messed with any women. I’m quite certain about this.”

“Maybe it’s because I’m tired of it.” The hybrid woman smiled and said, “Back then, when we met, he was very flirtatious. He should have had enough fun. If I had known that he could become like this, I wouldn’t have split him up and let him spend a few years like this. No matter what, he wouldn’t have become like this.”

Mrs. Luo nodded as if she had thought of something. “By the way, do you and Wei have children?”

The hybrid woman shook her head. “No.”

Mrs. Luo wanted to say something else, but, after opening her mouth, she finally didn’t say it.

Soon, when it came to a hut in the yard, Mrs. Luo pushed the door and walked in.

The cabin was empty, other than a table, there was nothing else inside. On the table, there was an ashtray. The photo on the ashtray was Zhang Wei, the bodyguard who was killed by Chu Tian.

Mrs. Luo said, “Where’s Ah Wei? His hometown is in Henan Province and he doesn’t have any other relatives. Originally, I was at a loss as to whether to send him back to his hometown to be buried or buy him a cemetery. After all, he has been here for three years. Now that you’re here, you can decide. After all, the two of you used to be lovers and are now siblings. You should be in charge.”

The hybrid woman looked at Ah Wei’s urn on the table and slowly nodded. “I’ll bury him. I’m sure he wants me to arrange his funeral too.”

“Then, do you want to tell the police?” Mrs. Luo replied, “With Ah Wei’s death, all his savings and inheritance will belong to the country. Let’s find a lawyer to ask. Now that you’re here, Ah Wei might be able to inherit it.”

The hybrid woman shook her head with a smile. “Impossible, I don’t have any blood ties with Ah Wei, and I am not married. I don’t have any inheritance rights.”

“Besides, don’t bother with these things. I just want to bury Ah Wei quietly and let him leave quietly. As for everything about him, it doesn’t matter anymore. After all, he’s gone.”

Mrs. Luo furrowed her brows and nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll be for Ah Wei’s funeral.”

“No need.” The hybrid woman replied, “There won’t be any funerals. I just want to bury him quietly by myself. Besides, I don’t want anyone to interfere because this is the last time the two of us are alone. Don’t be disturbed. I have money too. I don’t need you to do anything.”

“Actually, I’ve already expressed my gratitude to you for helping me cremate Ah Wei. You even saved his ashes for so long. Leave everything else to me.”

Looking at the sincere eyes of the hybrid woman, Mrs. Luo opened her mouth with a desire to speak and said, “My condolences.”

Only then did the hybrid woman take out a cloth bag and carefully put Ah Wei’s urn in.

After that, the woman looked at Mrs. Luo and said, “Mrs. Luo, goodbye. I hope you don’t tell anyone about this.”

“Don’t worry.” Mrs. Luo replied, “I won’t tell anyone. Only the two of us know about it.”

The hybrid woman smiled and left with Ah Wei’s urn.

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