Novel Name : Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 4639 - 4639: The mission this time

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Chapter 4639 - 4639: The mission this time

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“Wait, I haven’t finished. Even though the virtual sky World was filled with spiritual energy, it was still difficult to rely on it to advance to the divine level or even higher. If one wanted to reach the sky in a single step, they could only do so by going to the heavenly divination sect. However, whether you can go to the heavenly divination sect or not will depend on how well you complete your mission.

The Jade tokens in your hands can not only be used for communication, but also to record the progress of your mission. Do you notice the star map inside?

there are a total of 108 Stars.

Every time he killed a person from the Honorable realm who was as powerful as a monarch in the Qing-Yun realm, ten of them would light up. Every time he found a person and sent the news back to the clan Council, two of them would light up. When all one hundred and eight stars are lit up, the mission is considered complete. Other than being able to head to the heavenly divination sect, you will also receive a generous reward. ” Elder Feng continued, and then added, “by the way, if we work together to complete the mission, we’ll split the reward equally.”

Elder Feng’s words were like a basin of cold water that was poured over everyone’s heads. All one hundred and eight stars had lit up, which meant that they had to kill more than ten venerable realm experts by themselves. Even if the opponent’s strength was suppressed to the sovereign level, every battle was a battle of life and death. After all, the other party had not grown up to be vegetarians.

Although the virtual sky domain was not as big as the middle heaven domain, it was not small either. If he wanted to complete the mission by looking for people from the venerable world, who knew how long it would take him to find more than 60 people.

“Then what if the person you kill is a person from the Honorable realm who is equivalent to a God-level master in the heavenly domain?” Ling Chuxi asked. Her goal was to advance to the Paragon rank, and she didn’t want to waste too much time here.

“Divine-level? Do you think it’s that easy to kill? Their true power is at the Honorable level, and their understanding of martial arts and spiritual spells is far better than the God-level cultivators in the Qing-Yun realm. Don’t think that you’re so great just because you’re at the God-level, you’ll only know how powerful they are when you see them in person. ” Elder Feng could tell Ling Chuxi’s cultivation level with a single glance, but he still ruthlessly attacked her.

“If you meet a venerable realm master who is as powerful as a God-level master in the heaven domain, twenty stars will light up as soon as you send back a message. But I advise you not to think about the mission if you are so lucky. Don’t do anything. Run away. If you can’t do it, just crush the Jade card and it will send you back to the Middle heaven domain.” Elder Feng said to the others.

It was obvious that even if their powers were suppressed, the God-level Masters from the heaven domain couldn’t defeat the venerable realm Masters from the venerable realm.

Ling Chuxi did not feel that elder Feng’s words were praising others ‘morale and diminishing her own prestige. After reaching the divine level, she understood more than anyone else the difficulty of advancing to the venerable level. Not to mention other things, just the rich experience on the long road of cultivation was not something that the divine level could compare to. Their understanding and perception ot martial arts, spells, and domains, as well as their actual combat experience, were not something that an ordinary divine level could imagine.

“Elder Feng, is there any other way to complete the mission?” A young man asked dejectedly.

He had only just advanced to the venerable level, and even if he encountered the weakest venerable level person, he would most likely die. If he encountered a divine level expert, he would definitely die without even leaving a trace.

Ling Yixuan and the others also looked at elder Feng. Their cultivation was not high and they did not want to drag Ling Chuxi down. They also hoped that there would be other ways to complete the mission. After all, this wasn’t the first time he had gone to the virtual sky World. Before the people from the venerable realm came, they had other ways of completing missions..

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