Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 572:

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Chapter 572:

Lin Yuan is a head taller than Meng Shuixian.

She is very skillful in hugging Lin Yuan and quickly hugged him in her arms.

”Your aunt has not seen you for more than ten years, I missed you so much!” Meng Shuixian hugged Lin Yuan very tightly.

Two big balls are covering him in the front and behind his head were his aunt’s two hands that almost strangled him.

It’s a good thing that Lin Yuan’s physique is really good.

If it was someone else, he may have suffocated to death.

”It has really been a long time, Aunt…” Lin Yuan replied.

When the previous Lin Yuan was a child, he had a very good relationship with his Aunt Meng Shuixian.

So it’s hard for Lin Yuan to behave differently.

Besides, Lin Yuan is not disgusted by the actions of his Aunt Meng.

So, he just let her be.

But this seems not enough.

Lin Yuan seems to have underestimated Aunt Meng Shuixian’s affection for him.

After hugging Lin Yuan, his Aunt Meng Shuxian even put her lips together and gave him several kisses on the cheek.

In the blink of an eye, several lipstick marks appeared on Lin Yuan’s face.

Aunt Meng Shuixian’s affection towards him is so apparent.

Feeling the moisture on his face, Lin Yuan was also a little helpless.

Lin Yuan is already a grown man, but his Aunt Meng still treats him as a kid.

Lin Yuan struggled a little.

After several kisses, Meng Shuixian then let go of Lin Yuan.

However, it was not the end as she put her hand on Lin Yuan’s shoulder and asked, “How are you doing Xiao Yuan? Are you taking care of yourself? You are too thin. You…”

While saying that, Meng Shuixian squeezed Lin Yuan’s arms.

Lin Yuan is actually very strong, even if he looked thin in his clothes, he would definitely not appear as weak.

But Lin Yuan is not surprised because the elders are always like this.

If they have not seen you in a while, they always feel like you have gotten thinner.

They would start worrying about how you haven’t been taking care of yourself and not eating well.

Lin Yuan did not speak and just let Meng Shuixian squeeze him.

After squeezing Lin Yuan’s arms a few times, Aunt Meng Shuixian seemed surprised and remarked: “Wow Xiao Yuan, you are so sturdy. It seems that you are not thin, after all. Auntie can be at peace.”

”Hmmn, I am good.” Lin Yuan replied casually.

And while he was in close contact with Aunt Meng Shuixian, Lin Yuan also noticed that his cousin Meng Yiyi began to look a little uncomfortable by the look of her eyes.

Lin Yuan understands now why the previous Lin Yuan was often bullied by Meng Yiyi when he was a child.

Meng Yiyi’s mother, Aunt Meng, took good care of Lin Yuan when they were still kids. Just like now.

One of the reasons why Meng Yiyi bullied Lin Yuan when they were kids has something to do with his aunt’s affection for him.

Meng Yiyi must be jealous.

She must feel that her mother loves Lin Yuan more than her.

After finding that Lin Yuan was not thin and was instead very sturdy, Aunt Meng Shuixian carefully looked at Lin Yuan again.

Then she smiled and praised: “Xiao Yuan is really handsome and perfect overall! It feels like you grew up all of a sudden. But it also seems to make your aunt feel that I have gotten old all of a sudden.”

After saying that, Meng Shuixian seems to be in a low mood.

But Lin Yuan smiled and responded: “That is not true. Aunt is still young and beautiful. Even if you stand beside cousin Yiyi, you would be mistaken as her sister.”

Lin Yuan did not just say that out of politeness.

Aunt Meng Shuixian looked young.

Although she should be more than thirties, but she looks like only 27 or 28.

She doesn’t look like someone who has a child at all.

She is indeed very young and beautiful.

If it weren’t for the memory in Lin Yuan’s mind, Lin Yuan wouldn’t have thought of Meng Shuixian and Meng Yiyi as mother and daughter.

Lin Yuan also felt inconceivable that Meng Shuixian gave birth to Meng Yiyi.

Hearing her beloved handsome nephew say good things about her, Meng Shuixian felt very happy.

Her beautiful face that is full of charm is smiling like a blooming flower.

“Xiao Yuan’s mouth is so sweet. Your aunt did not love you for nothing.”

After saying that, Meng Shuixian held Lin Yuan in her arms again.

She held Lin Yuan’s head happily.

While some people are happy, some are unhappy.

Meng Yuelan and Meng Shuixian are true sisters.

At this very moment, Meng Yuelan wanted to beat Lin Yuan violently.

Lin Yuan praised Meng Shuixian for looking young and looking like Meng Yiyi’s sister.

What does he mean? I looked old?

But she was held back by Lin Jianjun on the side.

Lin Yuan’s cousin, Meng Yiyi, was equally displeased, squinting at Lin Yuan, who was tightly hugged by Meng Shuixian and whose face was in front of her chest.

What? She and her mother are like sisters?

Does Lin Yuan mean I also look old? Huh?

In Meng Yiyi’s mind, this kid Lin Yuan still hasn’t learned his lesson.

It seems that he has forgotten the bullying he received when they were kids.

And he is still getting close to her mother? It seems like he already forgot her warning when they were still kids?

But indeed, just like her mother remarked, Lin Yuan has grown into a handsome man.

To be honest, when Meng Yiyi saw Lin Yuan earlier, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Is this still the cowardly cousin she knew?

His appearance made Meng Yiyi’s heart flutter fast uncontrollably.

But remembering the scenes when Lin Yuan was being bullied by her when they were kids, Meng Yiyi recovered her calm.

Although he has become a lot more handsome, she thinks that he is probably no different from the kid who was frightened by her presence.

How dare he get so close to her mother?

She knew she had to teach Lin Yuan a lesson again.

Meng Yiyi quietly took a cup of tea.

Then she opened a box of sugar cubes for coffee from the table.

Next, she put a dozen sugar cubes into the tea in succession and stirred it quickly.

Until there was no more trace of the sugar cubes, only then did she put down the spoon quietly.

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