Novel Name : Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman

Chapter1721 1721: Apology Video

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Chapter 1721 1721: Apology Video

Fang Xiaolian distanced her ear from the phone when she heard the shout. Guo Zhengsheng's voice was very loud and made her ear hurt.

"Fang Xiaolian, I want you to fix this problem. Otherwise, don't blame me." Guo Zhengsheng ended the call.

Guo Zhengsheng would not be returning to the house where Fang Xiaolian stayed, but he would go to another house. He did not want to be with Fang Xiaolian right now. He was afraid that he would not hold his anger back and would be hitting Fang Xiaolian.

Well, he did love Fang Xiaolian at some points, but he even loved himself and the company more than Fang Xiaolian. The company was his life. Without this company, his life would be over.

Fang Xiaolian was panicked. She immediately called Yin Peizhi to ask about the matter.

"Yin Peizhi, what are you doing by exposing my lover to the public like that?" It was Fang Xiaolian's turn to shout at Yin Peizhi.

"What are you talking about? When did I expose the name of your lover to the public? You are the stupid one. You dare to lie to me about the whole thing. You are the one telling me that your ex-husband was having an affair and cheated on you. But in reality, you are the one who has been cheating on your husband." Yin Peizhi shouted back to Fang Xiaolian.

"No! I am not." Fang Xiaolian refused to admit that.

"Humph! I don't care about your affair. But you have put yourself in a hot mess. Everyone was bombing me and my company about your story." Yin Peizhi shouted again at Fang Xiaolian.

"It is not my fault," Fang Xiaolian said.

"Not your fault? Everything is your fault. I will make you promise that you will pay for everything." Yin Peizhi said

Yin Peizhi ended the call. Her head editor scolded her for writing this sh*t. The company usually writes the news like this. But everything was the truth. This was the first time they wrote something like this.

The head of the editor wanted Yin Peizhi to delete the article, but she could not delete it. She did not know why. The head of the editor was angry that she gave a sentence to Yin Peizhi to fix the situation. Otherwise, she would lose her job here.

Yin Peizhi could not afford to lose this job. If she lost this job, she did not know if she could get another job. She had a family to take care of.

Ming Xuehai was doing his job so fast. He immediately sent a legal letter to the media company. That was why the head of the editor was super mad at Yin Peizhi.

Yin Peizhi made up her mind. She quickly made an apology video about the matter.

In the video, Yin Peizhi introduced herself as the writer of the article. She apologized for writing such an article. She also apologized for not investigating the truth first before writing the article. She explained that she was helping an old friend. She thought she could believe the friend since her friend looked very sincerely sad about the matter.

Then, she explained that she wanted to delete the article but could not do it. Something blocked her from doing so. She made others think that it was her friend who paid someone to prevent her from deleting the article.

And at the end of the video, Yin Peizhi posted the voice recording when Fang Xiaolian told her about her husband's nonexistent affair.

Yin Peizhi apologized once again to Yu Qi and Ning Sung for slandering their name. She hoped that Yu Qi, Ning Sung, and all of the citizens would forgive her for everything that she had done. Once people read this, some of them understood Yin Peizhi's position. They understood that she was trying to help an old man. However, some people thought Yin Peizhi was too stupid to believe everything that her friend told her without even bothering to check the truth. She just wrote the article and posted it. They also thought that Yin Peizhi agreed to help Fang Xiaolian for some money. Yin Peizhi knew not all people would be on her side. She understood that. She already told Fang Xiaolian that she would make Fang Xiaolian pay for what she had done. Yin Peizhi posted a picture of Fang Xiaolian telling the citizens that this was the woman in the recording. Automatically, Fang Xiaolian became famous. She had been condemned by many citizens about this matter.

Someone even humiliated her using her look.

"What? This is the woman? I thought she would be beautiful."

"Yeah. How about Guo Zhengsheng went after a woman like this?"

"Even my mother is more beautiful than her."

"Well, she was indeed suitable for someone like Guo Zhengsheng. Don't you think so?"

"Hahaha... The commenter above, you are really funny." "I just met with this woman earlier. She came to our nail salon."

"Wow, she still has the audacity to go out?"

"Well, maybe at that time, she still did not know that the news had exploded like this." "Yeah, since she was doing her nails, she could not hold her phone."

This time, Fang Xiaolian paid attention to the news. She exploded when she watched the video Yin Peizhi posted, explaining everything. Yin Peizhi pushed all of the blame on her. Yin Peizhi even posted the picture of her.

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