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Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: Unpredictable Background

It was really Chu Tian’s doing!

Seeing that Chu Tian didn’t quibble or even directly admit that Li Niannian was released by him, Xia Mo slowly nodded.

Although Chief Zhang didn’t admit it when she was in the Chief’s office, Xia Mo could still guess that Li Niannian was released by Chu Tian.

Because yesterday, Xia Mo felt an indescribable feeling from Chu Tian, signaling that he was about to make a significant move.

As expected, within a day, Li Niannian was forcefully released without guilt.

Not only that, but when she was in the office, from Chief Zhang’s performance, Xia Mo could also feel that the power behind Chu Tian’s exposure was absolutely terrifying!

The police chief of Haicheng City, who was at the level of Zhang, was actually so obedient. He was even a little afraid. What kind of background did Chu Tian have?

“Is he just an elderly friend?” Xia Mo asked, “What’s your background?”

What kind of background?

Seeing Xia Mo’s curious expression, Chu Tian smiled and said, “Sister Xia, are you that curious?”

“A little.” Xia Mo said, “Tell me. I don’t tell anyone; I’ll definitely keep it a secret for you, okay?”

“This…” Chu Tian laughed and said, “It’s not that I can’t say it, but Sister Xia, if you let me kiss you, I’ll tell you.”


Xia Mo rolled her eyes with a smile and said, “You’re right?”

“Well… five minutes.”

“I’ll kick you to death!” Xia Mo smiled as she kicked Chu Tian and said, “Five minutes of kissing; there are still quite a few requests.”

“That can’t be helped.” Chu Tian smiled and said, “That’s the price. Anyway, we won’t force a deal.”

“Cut!” Xia Mo pouted and said, “Then, how much did it cost?”

Spend money?

Chu Tian smiled and shook his head, saying: “No money spent, money for this kind of people. In their world, there is no need for money.”

Didn’t need money?

Hearing Chu Tian’s response, Xia Mo couldn’t help but be taken aback.


Was there really such a background?

Xia Mo understood that when Chu Tian mentioned not needing money, he was referring to individuals who hold high positions within the government or security apparatus. These individuals operate in a realm where money is no longer a driving force, as their actions and responsibilities are tied to national security and destiny. They operate on a different level altogether.

Does Chu Tian know such a powerful man?

His background is so deep and unpredictable.

You’re bragging, right?

Just as Xia Mo was about to probe further, Li Niannian came running over joyfully, saying, “Sister, Chu Tian, let’s go! Sister wants us to come back quickly.”

“Alright.” Chu Tian smiled. “By the way, Xia Mo, do you have any other plans for the evening? If not, why don’t you join us for dinner?”

“Big meal? Then I can’t miss it.” Xia Mo smiled, “But you go back first. I have to take care of some things, so I will come to you after work.”

“Well, you must come then.” Li Niannian said happily, “Tonight, we will not be drunk or return.”

“No problem.” Xia Mo said, “Then I will come to you after work. You go back first.”

“Sister Xia.” Chu Tian said, “We’ll head back now.”

Xia Mo waved at each other. Chu Tian then asked Li Niannian to leave.

“Sister Nian, tonight is all about you. What do you want to eat?”

“Really? You really want me to make the decision?”

You must make the decision. No one will work tonight. Sister Nian was in charge.

“Giggle… okay, let’s go home first.”

Looking at Li Niannian happily holding Chu Tian’s arm to leave, Xia Mo stood at the police station door, first unable to stop smiling, then back to the police station.


It was four-thirty in the afternoon when Chu Tian and Li Niannian returned to their rental house. Li Sisi and Bai Xiaochun had been waiting for them at home. The four of them locked eyes, witnessing Li Sisi’s tearful expression and Li Niannian’s joyful smile. Li Sisi embraced Li Niannian tightly, but suddenly, her demeanor changed. She forcefully pushed Li Niannian on the sofa.

The slap was raised, and Li Sisi slapped Li Niannian directly on the buttocks, making a loud slap, hitting Li Niannian and screaming.

“Ah! It hurts! It hurts so much!” Li Niannian cried out.

Seeing this scene, Bai Xiaochun stared, ran directly to Chu Tian’s side, and hugged his arm.

So cruel!

Li Sisi slap down until the smacking of Li Niannian covered his buttocks with a wailing, then let her go.

Li Niannian cried from the sofa up and said: “Sister, you hit me why ah.”

“I’ll beat you to death!”

Li Sisi’s mouth twitched, and tears streamed down her face. “You damned girl,” she said, “Why didn’t you tell me when you went back to the rental house?”

Looking at the tears flowing out of Li Sisi’s face, Li Niannian suddenly giggled, then hugged Li Sisi again and said: “Sister, I love you!”

Li Sisi puffed, suddenly broke into laughter, and said, “Does it hurt?”

“Well, it hurts.”

“Pain is right! You were a brainless girl! I hope this teaches you a lesson about memory. That Zhou Kang person, do you really think he’ll change? If nothing had happened, who would know if he would have killed you?”

“I’m sorry, sis. I know I was wrong,” Li Niannian apologized.

After some time, Li Sisi released her grip on Li Niannian, who then looked at Bai Xiaochun. The four of them exchanged glances and smiled before embracing each other as well.

“You big baby,” Li Niannian hugged Bai Xiaochun and said with a smile, “I haven’t seen you in so many days. Did you miss me?”

“Yes, I did, Sister Nian,” Bai Xiaochun replied. “You scared me to death.”

“I’m sorry.” Li Niannian said, “It’s all sister’s fault.”

“It’s fine, as long as you’re okay, Sister Nian.”

After Li Niannian and Bai Xiaochun hugged each other, Chu Tian smiled and said, “Well, we definitely need to have a good drink tonight. Nian, what do you feel like eating?”

“Hmm… how about hot pot?” Li Niannian pondered for a moment and smiled. “Didn’t you bring some delicious hot pot ingredients from your mother-in-law? Let’s have hot pot tonight!”

“Sure.” Chu Tian said, “Then eat hot pot. This way, I go to the bar to get a box of red wine to go, then go to the supermarket to buy some beef and mutton, later Xia Sis also come.”

“I’ll go with you.” Li Sisi said, “Yesterday, the bar just arrived a new batch of red wine. I drink quite well, and you don’t know where.”


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