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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 192 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 192

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Chapter 192: Mysterious bitch

3:40 PM!

In Haicheng Police Station, Xia Mo was holding a file. She had just arrived in front of the chief’s office on the third floor. Before she could enter, the office door opened, and a woman came out.

She had a sweet appearance and wore a pair of glasses. Her figure was also well-proportioned. She had a high ponytail; her head was held high, and her chest was puffed out. She looked very elegant.

It was Elder Sun’s’ female secretary.

The two of them looked at each other. They smiled and greeted each other. Then, the secretary left in high heels.

It wasn’t until she saw the secretary off that Xia Mo couldn’t help muttering, “She’s so beautiful. Who is it? Why haven’t you seen her before?”

As she spoke, Xia Mo walked into the Chief’s office.

Looking at Chief Zhang, who was frowning as he sat behind his desk looking at the computer, Xia Mo said, “Chief, this is the case file of a 35-year-old man sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at Baize Hotel a few days ago. The case has been transferred to the prosecutor’s office for prosecution. We’ve closed the case here. Take a look. If there’s no problem, we’ll fill it.”

Chief Zhang frowned and nodded, saying: “Oh, put it here. I will see.”

Xia Mo placed the file on the table and said, “Chief, is there anything else? Then I’ll go back first.”

“Hey, wait.” Director Zhang said, “Xia Mo, you go and put that Li Niannian, hurry up and release.”

Ah?” Xia Mo was taken aback. “Let go, let go of Li Nian?”

“Does our police station have a few Li Nian? Chief Zhang said, “It’s Li Niannian who stabbed Zhou Kang to death. Hurry up and release her.”

“Uh…” Xia Mo frowned. “Chief, is there anything new in the case?”

“Yes.” Chief Zhang said, “I just received an anonymous video recording of Li Niannian being forced by Zhou Kang. She did kill Zhou Kang in self-defense, so he closed the case and let her go.”


Close the case directly?


Xia Mo was dumbfounded. “Uh, Chief, can I watch this video?”

“Of course.” Chief Zhang said, “Come here.”

Xia Mo came to Chief Zhang’s side and looked at his computer.

The video played, from entering the door to chatting, to forcefully pressing Li Niannian on the sofa until Zhou Kang was stabbed to death.

After all the videos had been played, Xia Mo frowned and said, “Chief, this…this video seems to be fake, right?”

“What fake?” Chief Zhang glared at her and said, “This is so real. It’s already 200%. Let me tell you, don’t talk nonsense. This video is real. As for you, just go close the case and let Li Niannian go. There’s no need to worry about Zhou Kang’s case. If Zhou Jiancheng dares to cause trouble at the police station, just lock him up and don’t get used to him.”


Hearing what Chief Zhang said, Xia Mo seemed to understand something. “So, Chief, who is Chu Tian looking for? Was his strength so strong? Have you been stunned?”

“Tsk.” Chief Zhang clicked his tongue and frowned. “What are you looking for? What do you mean? This is evidence. Li Niannian is acting in self-defense. If we’re policemen, can’t we return justice?”

“Alright, this case will be settled immediately. Then, we’ll seal the case and quickly go and get Li Niannian out. Don’t keep her locked up.”

Xia Mo bit her lips and smiled. “I understand, Chief. I’ll do it now!”

After saying that, Xia Mo left the office happily.


Fifteen minutes later!

Inside the police station, Li Niannian excitedly grabbed Xia Mo’s hand and said happily, “So, Xia Mo, I’ve already been proven to be acting in self-defense. I won’t be in trouble again, right?”

“That’s right.” Xia Mo and Li Niannian came out of the police station while laughing. “Now that the police have confirmed the evidence, you did kill Zhou Kang out of self-defense. So, it’s over. You’re fine.”

“Then, will the Zhou family agree?” Li Niannian said worriedly, “I heard that Zhou Jiancheng brought someone to the police station last night to kill me.”

“Go to heaven.” Xia Mo glared at her. “If he dares to touch your finger, call me directly. Don’t call the police. Call me, and I’ll arrest him.”

“Hehe… that’s great.” Li Niannian smiled happily and said, “It’s good to have a good sister as a policeman. Then you have to protect me in the future.”

“Of course.” Xia Mo said, “Actually, you should have called me first from the start. I…”

Suddenly, Xia Mo stopped before she could finish her sentence.

Because the police gate was accompanied by a taxi, and Chu Tian stepped out of it.

Seeing Chu Tian, Li Niannian smiled happily and let go of Xia Mo at once, and ran over: “Chu Tian!”

He gave Chu Tian a tight hug, and Li Niannian happily raised her head. She looked into Chu Tian’s eyes and said, “Chu Tian, I’ve been proven innocent. I’ve been released!”

“Is that so?” Chu Tian said in surprise, “Sister Nian, then, you’re fine.”

“Yes, it’s fine. The police have cleared my name.” Li Niannian excitedly nodded, then happily buried her head into Chu Tian’s chest.

“That’s great.” Chu Tian happily hugged Li Niannian and said, “Sister Nian, what did I say? You will definitely be fine. How is it? Did I say it correctly?”

“It’s none of your business.” Li Niannian smiled and let go of Chu Tian. “It’s all thanks to Xia Mo’s help. I have to thank Xia Mo.”

“Uh… Don’t.” Xia Mo smiled wryly. “I really didn’t help much this time. If you really want to thank me, thank… some mysterious bitch.”

“Some mysterious bitch?” Li Niannian was confused. “What do you mean, Xia Mo?”

“You’ll find out in the future.” Xia Mo smiled mysteriously and looked at Chu Tian. “Is that so, Chu Tian?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Chu Tian smiled and said, “Time will prove everything. Sister Nian quickly calls Sister Sisi. She’s about to go on hunger strike.”


As if she had just remembered, Li Niannian quickly took out her phone and said, “I haven’t called Sister yet. She must be worried about me.”

Seeing Li Niannian running to the side to make a call, Xia Mo came to Chu Tian’s side and said, “So, who are you looking for? He actually managed to suppress our Chief.”

“Hey, an old friend.” Chu Tian smiled and said, “The literal meaning is a friend who is quite old.”

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