Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1279

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The Legendary Man -The Salladay Family

“Don’t worry.” With his eyes squinted, Wilbur looked at the cultivator from the Salladay family and
laughed. “I may look a bit intimidating, but in reality, I’m quite easy to get along with.”

Wilbur’s words were surprisingly gentle, but paired with the massive, fierce scar on his face, it
somehow gave off a sense of absurdity.

At that point, the people of the Salladay family also had no other choice. Even an ant cherishes its life,
let alone a full-fledged human being.

Feeling the spiritual energy within him rapidly recovering, the cultivator from the Salladay family formed
a seal with both hands. Subsequently, a palm-sized, intricate, arcane array slowly took shape in front of

“I am Finnley Salladay, currently with Wilbur. He wants to form an alliance with us. Let’s go.” After
uttering a few simple words, the cultivator from the Salladay family gently touched the arcane array in
front of him with his right hand.

Under this single touch, the arcane array quickly disintegrated, then transformed into countless glowing
lights that flew forward.

The moment the firefly shot out, the people of the Salladay family felt a chill in their hearts, followed by
their entire bodies being enveloped by a strange warmth.

That was the illusion brought on by a belly full of blood.

Looking down, Wilbur had already plunged the dagger into the person’s circulatory system.

“You promised us…” The people of the Salladay family stared with wide eyes, speaking in disbelief.

“I’ve agreed.” With a dagger in hand, Wilbur forcefully twisted it, completely shattering the man’s
circulatory system. “It’s my fault for not keeping my word. I apologize to you.”

As Wilbur spoke, the man’s eyes slowly closed, and he ultimately collapsed weakly to the ground.

Watching the direction where the light had just faded, Wilbur pulled out a pistol from his pocket. He
then started firing continuously at the remaining few people.

Even as those people pleaded incessantly, claiming they could help Wilbur connect with their families,
Wilbur did not show the slightest hint of hesitation.

Surveying the bodies strewn across the ground, Wilbur methodically removed their storage rings, one
by one.

Those individuals were renowned cultivators of the God Realm, each with their own reputation. Any
one of their names, if called out, represented the cornerstone of major powers.

At that moment, however, in front of Wilbur, all they could do was meet their end.

With a casual gesture, Wilbur tossed those people in front of the rat, saying, “All of these can be

The rat sniffed at the bodies with its nose. Seeing that Wilbur made no objections, it began to feast

Although rats were omnivores, it was extremely rare for them to taste such delicious human flesh.

Those were God Realm cultivators, so their bodies had been tempered by spiritual energy through
years of constant practice.

It was the same principle as how humans enjoyed eating some precious spirit animals.

The bodies of several people were quickly devoured completely by the enormous rat.

Seeing the rat still eagerly licking the blood-stained dirt on the ground, Wilbur chuckled. “Haven’t had
enough to eat yet? If you let me ride on you, you’ll have endless flesh and blood for you to feast on.”

Wilbur spoke as he flipped over to sit on the rat’s back, then pointed in the direction where the light
from the arcane array in the hands of the Salladay family’s cultivator had disappeared.

“Let’s go. We’ll head that way.” Wilbur gently patted the rat, chuckling as he spoke.

The rat touched the ground with its four paws, transforming into a grey phantom that vanished into the

Meanwhile, in another village, a few members of the Salladay family were heartily devouring chunks of
beast meat, their feet resting on the unrecognizable figures of several beaten individuals.

“So, this is what you call an envoy?” Eva said with some uncertainty.

The Salladay family consisted of nine members. After entering the small world, they all scattered. Apart
from the two who were killed, the remaining seven had now fully regrouped.

These seven cultivators, consisting of one Divine Realm and six God Realm, entered the small world,
where they could be said to be unstoppable. Even when they arrived at Tillydrone Village and
encountered the envoys from the Outer City of Yannopolis, they showed no restraint. They even
directly defeated those people, leaving them bloodied in front of everyone.

Across from Eva, a woman holding a dish was trembling, completely stunned by the scene unfolding
before her eyes.

For these villagers, the envoys from the Outer City held power over their lives.

However, these individuals had just appeared all of a sudden and trampled all over those envoys upon
the first encounter. That was why the villagers were terrified.


The woman carefully placed the meat in her hand onto the table, intending to retreat, but Eva reached
out and grabbed her wrist.

“What are you afraid of? These people have already been subdued, and you are also a cultivator. How
can you be so timid?” Eva questioned.

“Cultivator?” The woman looked at Eva nervously. “Aren’t we all cultivators?”

Uh… Upon hearing the woman’s words, Eva was taken aback, soon realizing she seemed to have
overlooked many things. In the outside world, every cultivator who manages to reach Grandmaster
Realm has undoubtedly endured countless hardships. Even for those born into respectable families,
despite having ample access to potent medicinal resources, breaking through to the Grandmaster
Realm remains an incredibly challenging feat. Therefore, in the outside world, every reputable cultivator
has a strong Cor. In this small world, cultivation can be done rather easily. Aside from the authorities
controlling the cultivation methods for those above the God Realm, one can freely cultivate any
techniques below the Grandmaster Realm. In essence, anyone can be a cultivator of the Grandmaster
Realm. It’s because their spiritual energy is abundant. Reaching the Grandmaster Realm is merely a
matter of time for them. Moreover, due to the stagnation of technology, the minds of the people in this
small world are incredibly pure, without too many other thoughts. Therefore, when these people
practice, each of them has clear thinking, and everything is so natural.

Thinking about that, Eva couldn’t help but feel a twinge of envy toward the aborigines there as she
reflected on the hardships she endured during her cultivation in her younger years.

“Forget about it. It seems like nothing I say to you will make sense. How about this? We’ve heard about
these so-called envoys committing terrible acts against you before. Today, I’m giving you a chance to
kill them with your own hands. What do you say?” The words of Eva were spoken with terrifying

However, those words gave the villagers standing outside quite a start.

The woman who was serving their meal was even more frightened by Eva’s words. She dropped the
plate in her hand and, astonishingly, stepped forward with her left leg to bow to the people in front of
her. “Please, I implore you all, do not proceed in this manner. If these people were to die, our entire
village would face severe repercussions.”

“Just now…”

The woman spoke, pausing slightly at this point, then looked at the imprisoned divine messenger on
the ground as if she were afraid of something. “Just now, I saw all the divine messengers crushing their
communication emeralds as they were being defeated. I’m sure that from Yannopolis, someone must
have already been dispatched to come here. You guys better run while you can!”

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