Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1278

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The Legendary Man -The Collaboration

Wilbur was among the latecomers of the small world.

Unlike other cultivators, Wilbur had endured a series of intense battles before entering the small world,
narrowly escaping death at the hands of cultivators from the eight respectable families’ Divine Realm.

This entire incident began with the opening of the chaos portal to the small world, followed by the
cultivators of the eight respectable families leading their teams into the small world. However, no one
had emerged from it alive until now.

In the past, there had been precedents for the opening of small worlds.

Aside from a few that were similar to the West Region, where small worlds were used as prisons for
ferocious beasts and, once opened, offered few opportunities except for the beasts to escape, and
subsequently be obliterated by the West Region Army with special ammunition, most small worlds were
like private gardens for divine beings.

This was easy to understand. After all, if one possessed the means, opening a small world and
stashing away important people, treasures, or powerful elixirs within it was the safest approach.

Many powerful divine beings knew that after their death, their cultivation methods or even their magical
item would become targets for others.

Therefore, many would exhaust their cultivation base to open a small world before their end
approached, using it as a sanctuary.

This has led to most small worlds having a limited size, typically just a few square miles or dozens of
square miles at most.

The vastness of Delisgar Ridge’s small world exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Because no information about the small world was available, major forces had stationed guards at its

The foreign powers weren’t much of a concern, given the considerable distance from Chanaea. Even if
they arrived in Doveston, they remained passive spectators, causing minimal disruption.

However, the eight respectable families and secluded sects had different intentions.

Despite each of the eight respectable families having their territories within Chanaea, they didn’t
consider themselves subordinate to one another.

However, there was a unique trait among Chanaea’s cultivators—an innate inclination to label
themselves in the face of external threats: “I am Chanaean! I am a master of this land!”

This phenomenon became apparent in Doveston.

The River Onxy campaign had transitioned from an initial invasion into a full-fledged conventional war.

The various factions of Doveston’s allied forces, including the over thirty thousand troops from Yaleview
Army that Wilbur had led out of Yaleview, were now fully integrated under the command of Leslie.

Through her almost unrelenting discipline, this force of over a million soldiers had become a unified

Despite the constantly shifting front lines, they had pushed the enemy back to both sides of the River
Onxy, and there were even hints of a counter-offensive against the Remdik invaders.

However, neither the Remdik nor the Chanaean side had seen a single God Realm cultivator
participating in the war.

All the high-end combat forces of both countries were mobilized and had entered the Delisgar Ridge

When Wilbur entered the small world, it wasn’t just the God Realm cultivators from Remdik who

Jetroina, West Region, West Epea Alliance, and even Anglandur from the other side of Earth had
dispatched representatives as well.

This was a standard rule of the small world.

Although the chaos portal in the small world was divided by territory, the spaces they contained didn’t
belong to any single country or faction.

Of course, if one stumbled upon a small world while keeping it secret, one could potentially gain a
fortune discreetly.

However, as soon as other powers learned about it, the inheritance within became fair game for
anyone and everyone.

Whether one could actually take it away depended on one’s individual strength.

Due to the presence of foreign powers, even the eight respectable families didn’t dare to monopolize
the small world and engage in conflicts with various national-level forces.

However, for Wilbur within Chanaea, the eight respectable families evidently had no intention of letting
him off lightly.

This wasn’t because the eight respectable families were bullying the weak, but because everyone
understood that once the small world issue was resolved, the conflict between Asura’s Office and the
eight respectable families would escalate completely.

By then, Wilbur’s Yaleview Army would be a crucial force capable of significantly restraining Asura’s

So, the eight respectable families wanted to unite with Wilbur, though it was more accurate to say they
intended to coerce him.

Despite Wilbur having earned his place in the Chanaea chessboard, he was perpetually considered a
lower-tier entity compared to the eight respectable families.

Therefore, rather than calling it a union, it was more like manipulation.

How could Wilbur be someone who would be easily manipulated if he had managed to reach his
position at the current time?

So, outside the chaos portal of the small world, a fierce battle erupted between Wilbur and the God
Realm cultivators of the eight respectable families.

Thanks to the presence of various foreign powers outside the small world, the Divine Realm cultivators
of the eight respectable families held back from taking direct action. This gave Wilbur a slight chance to
enter the small world.

Otherwise, with Divine Realm cultivators involved, no matter how skilled Wilbur was, there would have
been no chance of escape.

Then, the current scene wouldn’t have happened.

He nearly lost his life, but he managed to enter the small world.

Once inside, Wilbur witnessed the strangeness of this small world and realized his own insignificance.

At the same time, he recognized the tremendous opportunity this world presented, one that comes
along once in a lifetime.

This world, preserved through the ages, would either make many people achieve greatness or plunge
countless others into the abyss.

Wilbur was confident he would be among the former.

Facing the cultivator from the Salladay family, Wilbur drew his broken sword and said, “Speak up. If you
dare deceive me, I will make you understand what true misery means.”

Sometimes, people could be like that.

When they have companions around, they can draw upon each other’s strength and motivation, even
in the face of hardships. They are less likely to do anything treacherous because they are held
accountable by their peers.

However, when they are all alone, their determination might waver.

All the convictions they hold may not matter as much when there is no one to witness them.

Death hovered as a threat, and stubbornness seemed pointless. Loyalty mattered not at that moment.

Under the threat from Wilbur, the Salladay family’s cultivator revealed the Salladay family’s secret
communication technique without hesitation.

After listening, Wilbur pondered for a moment, then reached out to untie the ropes binding the Salladay
family’s cultivator. “You see, if you had spoken earlier, I wouldn’t have had to drag you for miles.”

Wilbur then said, “Come on, have something to eat to replenish your spiritual energy, and then help me
find out where the Salladay family’s cultivators are. We have a cooperative relationship with your family,

and once we locate them, we can act together.”

The Salladay family’s cultivator looked at Wilbur skeptically.

He turned his gaze to his comrade on the ground, still bleeding from the severed hand, and couldn’t
help but shudder.

Who had ever seen such a brutal form of cooperation?

Who would believe in Wilbur when he had tortured the Salladay family’s men without batting a lash?

Watching the Spirit Rejuvenating Pill in Wilbur’s hand, the Salladay family’s disciple slowly picked it up
and swallowed it.

“Fine, I’ll contact the family for you. Since it’s cooperation, please make sure to spare me.”

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