Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1280

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The Legendary Man -The Terrifying Arrow

As the woman spoke, Eva’s gaze grew piercingly cold.

She looked down at the supposed envoy lying at her feet, bound up tightly by the long cord of the
magical item.

Without hesitation, she let go of the sharp blade in her hand, driving it straight through the cultivator’s

“Trying to play tricks in front of me, huh? You’re courting death!”

Eva stepped on the weapon, firmly pinning the envoy to the ground.

Right then, a streak of azure light flashed from the doorway and pierced through the space behind Eva.

Behind her, a white-haired elder clad in a pristine robe reached out and lightly tapped the glowing

The azure orb shattered and dispersed, coalescing in mid-air to create a peculiar arcane array.

As the arcane array took shape, Finnley’s voice unexpectedly echoed from within. “I’m Finnley
Salladay, and I’m currently with Wilbur. He wants to form an alliance with us. Let’s go.”

Eva turned her head to look at the old man.

“Grandpa, where’s Finnley? We’re just waiting for the two of them now. That brat is always a step

As Eva was speaking, she noticed the elderly man across from her had a murderous look in his eyes.

“Wilbur! You must have a death wish!”

The elder gazed at the arcane array in his hand, and with a surge of spiritual energy coursing through
him, he forcefully lifted the entire roof of the room.

Eva had never seen her great-grandfather this furious before. She promptly gathered the nearly
dissipated magic array into her hand.

Just one glance was all it took for her eyes to widen in astonishment.

“Finnley and the others are dead…”

Eva’s words left the remaining disciples of the Salladay family in shock.

However, they could tell that it must be true, or else Gregory wouldn’t be this enraged.

The Salladay family had a rather unique communication method.

Since the Salladay family was second only to the Whitley family and was renowned as the mightiest
among the eight families, they naturally harbored concerns about becoming the target of the other
seven families.

As such, they made numerous adjustments to guard against potential infiltrations and intelligence

This included the addition of a second set of alterations to their formation methods.

According to the message just relayed by Finnley, the changes in the formation clearly indicated that he
had already met his demise.

Moreover, the message he transmitted was directed straight to Gregory. Finnley’s goal was clear—to
lure Wilbur to Gregory’s side and let the latter seek vengeance on his behalf.

Suddenly, a sharp bird’s cry pierced the air.

The disciples of the Salladay family looked up, only to see dozens of enormous birds swooping down
from the sky.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Subsequently, a group of God Realm cultivators descended from the flying beasts, shattering chunks of
bluestone upon landing. Slowly, everyone began to rise to their feet.

“Sir, these are all outlanders! Please save me!” the cultivator that was pinned to the ground by Eva
cried out to the envoys.

Eva glanced down at the envoy, then raised her foot and firmly pressed it onto the back of the long

The long sword that was originally lodged in the cultivator’s shoulder was knocked down, cleaving off
the envoy’s head.

Blood gushed from the severed carotid artery of the decapitated body and sprayed onto Eva’s combat
boots, staining them a vivid shade of crimson.

“Perfect timing. I’ve been itching for a fight with nowhere to vent. Before Wilbur arrives, you bunch of
sc*mbags can serve as our warm-up.”

With a fierce shout, Eva dashed forward and kicked The Hundred Beasts behind her into the air.

Guided by her spiritual energy, The Hundred Beasts spiraled into a hundred-foot-long scroll mid-air.


Eva clasped her hands and leaped into the air. From the scroll behind her, the figure of a ferocious tiger
tore through the confines of the painting and charged out.

Furthermore, in a matter of moments, a relentless stream of savage beasts burst forth from the scroll,
instantly transforming the previously pristine street into a chaotic wasteland of debris.

Meanwhile, behind Eva, the remaining disciples of the Salladay family wasted no time in dispatching
the captured divine messengers. They then soared into the air one by one before seamlessly
integrating themselves into the ongoing battle.

As for Gregory, who was brimming with spiritual energy, he stood at the center of the battle formation.
With each strike, he sent a divine messenger flying.

It didn’t take long for all seven cultivators from the Salladay family to completely overwhelm the dozens
of God Realm cultivators.

While the battle was ongoing, on the mountainside overlooking the village, Wilbur was perched atop a
rat, peering through a spyglass, taking in everything unfolding below.

While the secret communication methods of the eight families are indeed mystical, they do have their
limitations. These spells derived from Pryncyp could only detect individuals sharing the same bloodline
within a range of a few dozen kilometers. Once one of them strays too far, beyond the reach of their
kin’s aura, the spell will quickly dissipate, returning to the cosmos. The reason why Finnley’s spell could
be transmitted swiftly was because both parties were situated at the very edge of the communication’s

Wilbur had raced all the way there, and upon seeing a village, he exercised caution. Standing atop the
mountain, he first assessed the situation below.

Surprisingly, it was precisely this habit of caution that ultimately saved his life.

Watching Gregory’s swift and efficient moves, which sent one cultivator after another tumbling to the
ground, Wilbur’s expression quickly grew grim.

At the moment, the members of the Salladay family were acting like they were pumped with adrenaline,
treating their adversaries as if they were mere targets to be obliterated.

It was obvious that they had been thoroughly provoked.

If I’m right, something must have gone awry when the disciple of the Salladay family was delivering the
message earlier. It seems that these major families are really being cautious.

Wilbur dismounted from the rat’s back, took a deep breath, and reached into his storage ring to pull out
a palm-sized, emerald-green wooden rod.

His spiritual energy surged throughout his body, converging into his left palm before gushing forth and
being absorbed by the small rod.

Once the small rod had absorbed enough spiritual energy, it began to slowly expand.

The scene was akin to the budding of willow branches in spring. The two ends of the small rod
continued to elongate, gradually transforming it into a longbow.

Wilbur extended three fingers on his right hand and placed them lightly on the non-existent bowstring of
the longbow.

However, as he exerted pressure while drawing the bow, a tangible emerald-green string materialized.

He crouched and braced himself, gritting his teeth as he slowly drew the longbow in his hand.

The runes on the longbow continued to glow, and gradually, a beam of light took shape.


With a furious roar from Wilbur, accompanied by drops of blood, the arrow made of light vanished from
his sight without a sound.

The longbow disappeared as well, transforming back into a small wooden rod once again.

Wilbur stored it away and then proceeded to apply some medication to his right hand’s fingers.

“Is this thing truly intended for human use? Its power seems a bit excessive. If I were to fire a few more
arrows in quick succession, my fingers might just explode.”


As Wilbur murmured to himself, a muffled sound emanated from the distant village.

The deafening noise originated from the direction where the Salladay family and the envoys from
Yannopolis Outer City were clashing in combat.

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