Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1276

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The Legendary Man -Tactics

No one truly knew the extent of Neil’s influence.

Even though there were thousands of cultivators hidden in the mountains outside the small courtyard,
they were certainly not the full extent of Neil’s backup plan.

The moment Joshua set the plan, Neil immediately disseminated all the information.

What Neil could do was to spread that news to the sixty villages south of Colstrax in the small world.

According to the analysis of Jonathan and others, those cultivators who entered the small world might
randomly appear in the remote wilderness.

However, the arrangement of Yannopolis and one hundred and eight villages followed a certain logical

As long as those cultivators did not perish, they would eventually pass by those nodes and discover
those villages.

By then, they would receive that information and launch an attack on Yannopolis.

Neil set off to arrange the dissemination of information. Meanwhile, Joshua didn’t idle either. He walked
up to Stellario.

“Stellario, stop hiding. It’s time to contact the Mallory family.”

At that moment, the few people in the courtyard were essentially under house arrest by Neil. Jonathan
and the others had originally planned to rest and recuperate there while waiting for the right

Unexpectedly, Joshua blurted out such words without any reason.

Jonathan slowly straightened his body and looked toward Joshua.

“Joshua, what do you mean?”

“I mean what I said in the literal sense,” Joshua said to Jonathan.

That statement left Jonathan even more confused. “You’re asking him to contact the Mallory family?
How is that possible? There are no satellites or base stations here, so how could he possibly get in
touch with the Mallory family?”

Joshua looked at Stellario with a cold gaze.

“There are many things that only we, the disciples of respectable families, know. The nine respectable
families are the top Chanaean clans that have withstood the test of time, evolving over two thousand
years through trials and tribulations. According to what you’re saying, if we were in an era without cell
phones, our families would be scattered and disorganized when we go out on missions? Among the
respectable families, each clan has its own unique secret language. It allows us to quickly establish
contact with our kin. These are the exclusive secrets of the eight families.”

Upon hearing Joshua’s words, Jonathan looked at Stellario with a peculiar expression. “So… from the
very beginning, you were never really lost, were you? So, you’ve been lying to me all along? Ha! Now I
realize that making a move on you was indeed a wise decision!”

Hearing the back-and-forth between Joshua and Jonathan, reminiscent of a well-rehearsed duet,
Stellario could only clench his fists and grit his teeth as he glared at Jonathan. “Jonathan, you’re full of
cr*p! I’ve been lying to you all along? It’s you who messed up my plans, all right?”

At that moment, Stellario looked at Jonathan with such intense hatred as if he wanted to tear him apart
and swallow him whole. “Jonathan, do you have any idea that before I ran into you, I had already
received a message from Florian? I also agreed that after catching the queen bug in Mount Boisvista, I
would follow the guide to meet up with them, but you f*cking imprisoned me. After four transmissions
within three days, even our family’s method of communication was completely severed. Do you have
any d*mn idea how much trouble you’ve caused?”

Stellario spoke, and surprisingly, he began to stride toward Jonathan, appearing as if he was ready to
fight the latter to the death.

“Um…” Jonathan kept stepping back, his lips twitching as he waved at Joshua. “Crush it! Hurry up and
crush the jade pendant!”

Looking at Jonathan’s demeanor, Joshua couldn’t help but feel a headache coming on.

No one expected that Jonathan, by sheer accident, would disrupt the plans of the Mallory family,
forcibly kidnapping their future successor.

However, Joshua was somewhat speechless seeing Jonathan’s flustered retreat. How on earth did
such a person become the boss of Asura’s Office? Asura’s Office really couldn’t produce a better

In the small courtyard, chaos reigned. Stellario, the child forced into disappearance, ultimately couldn’t
defeat Jonathan and was ruthlessly suppressed once again.

Then, despite his reluctance, under the threat of Joshua, Stellario had no choice but to start casting his

As the spell was cast, a wisp of extremely faint black smoke dissipated into the air from the tip of
Stellario’s finger.

Those were the Mallory family’s messenger parasites, specifically used for transmitting information.

That type of parasite was extremely sensitive to the spiritual energy fluctuations of the Mallory family
members. It could clearly sense the location of the Mallory family members from a great distance and
deliver the information it carried to them.

Meanwhile, Kathleen, standing nearby, had no choice but to cast a spell as well. However, her method
was unique as she took out a talisman.

As the hand seal was drawn, the talisman rose, transforming into a streak of fire before vanishing into
the horizon.

“My magic can only locate the members of the Henderson family within a certain range. If they are
beyond that range, I’m powerless,” Kathleen said lightly.

Joshua smiled faintly upon hearing that. “That’s already enough.”

On the side, Hayden carefully whispered to Joshua, “Joshua, we have no idea what information they’re
passing along. These people wouldn’t be plotting some scheme against you, would they?”

Joshua looked at Stellario and Kathleen, then let out a chuckle. “Now that’s what I call a transparent
strategy. Even if they know my entire plan, they can only follow my lead. If one is always hesitant and
overly cautious, then these cultivators would not have attained their current cultivation level.”

Joshua was playing mind games. Yet, those who entered the small world weren’t without their own

The cultivators from the eight respectable families and six sects, who were originally transported
randomly into various corners of the minor world, were now gathering in the directions they had agreed

Although some might suffer some injuries during the process, once the forces fully coalesced, they
were enough to turn any village in the small world upside down.

Atop the mountain ranges, a figure with a backpack was swiftly running. That person was none other
than Caleb.

As the representative of the most mysterious Gray family, Caleb rarely made public appearances. Right
before entering the small world, he was still struggling with his university courses.

Whenever that young cultivator appeared in front of everyone, he always had the demeanor of a sunny
student, giving off the boy-next-door vibe.

But now, there was a hint of madness in Caleb’s eyes.

A kraken swiftly swam behind him, leaving a trail of broken trees and shattered rocks in its wake,
painting a picture of an apocalyptic scene.

In the blink of an eye, Caleb swiftly threw chunks of emeralds, embedding them into the surrounding

Gazing at the cliff ahead, Caleb quickened his pace even more. Without hesitation, he shattered the
edge of the cliff with his foot and leaped forward.

The kraken roared toward the sky, charging at Caleb like an arrow released from its bow.

In mid-air, Caleb slowly turned around, his fingers moving subtly. “Trap formation, Corpse Binding

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