Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1277

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The Legendary Man -Unanimous Direction

Crack! Crack! Crack!

As Caleb whispered, the emerald stones he had inserted into the mountainside shattered one after
another on the mountain he had just passed.

Spiritual chains made of solidified spiritual energy, without any warning, began to entwine themselves
around the kraken.

In front of that several dozen meters long kraken, those spiritual chains as thick as an arm were pitifully

Although it managed to entangle the body of the kraken, it only contained the kraken for less than half
a minute before it broke apart in all directions.

For Caleb, the time it bought was already enough.

With a wave of his hand, a black arrow as thick as a thumb shot out from his sleeve cuff, piercing
directly into the gaping mouth of the kraken.

And on that black arrow, there was also a thread as sturdy as a strand of hair attached to it.

In the midst of the air, at the very moment when the kraken winced in pain, Caleb had already swung
back up on that thin thread, returning once again to the top of the cliff.

Although the kraken was terrifying, it couldn’t fly. In its pursuit to kill Caleb, the kraken even leaped
toward the edge of the cliff, plunging straight down the precipice.

Caleb gathered the fine threads from his arm into his pouch, then deftly pulled out three javelins from
his storage ring and stuck them into the edge of the cliff. After that, he quickly dashed toward the back.


Beneath the cliff, the roar of the kraken echoed, its sound growing from distant to near, as if it was
swiftly ascending.

Caleb was perched on an ancient tree, gently pressing the remote control.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three thunderous explosions echoed, and with those three spears as the boundary, the entire cliff was
completely shattered. Millions of tons of boulders crashed down below.

The furious kraken’s angered roars eventually turned into a wail of despair.

Caleb landed lightly on the ground, looking at his wristwatch and calculating the time.

“I can’t believe this beast wasted ten minutes of my time!”

As he spoke, Caleb reached into his storage ring and pulled out a black box, which was about the
same size as the backpack behind him, and hung it on the nearby tree trunk.

Picking up his phone, Caleb quickly started to configure it and made a call.

“Hey, Great-grandpa, can you hear me clearly? No worries, no worries. I just ran into a snake, which
held me up for a few minutes, but it’s all sorted out now. Well, you see, I major in information
engineering. I have five small base stations here, and they will be installed as soon as possible. Don’t
worry, I’ll join you as soon as possible.”

Caleb hung up the phone, then immediately looked around.

“If we only maintain the most basic short-wave communication, a base station every fifteen kilometers
is sufficient. The mountain over there seems to be just the right distance away.”

As he spoke, Caleb once again started to run wildly toward the cliff edge.

With a bold leap, a number of mechanisms sprung out from the front sides of Caleb’s backpack,
transforming it into a glider.

In Caleb’s hands, two objects appeared, resembling iron rods.

Upon flipping the switch, two small thrusters were activated.

Just like that, Caleb soared into the sky, rushing toward the distant mountain peaks.

From the very beginning of its establishment, the Gray family had been renowned for its mastery of the
art of mechanisms.

The tactics employed in combat are endless and ever-evolving, and the myriad of overt and covert
attacks make it impossible to defend against everything.

As society progressed, the Gray family was far from old-fashioned. Under the leadership of successive
generations of family heads, the descendants of the Gray family were completely at the forefront of
many fields.

The Gray family, a colossal entity, monopolized more than half of Chanaea’s cutting-edge technology

This was the family that stood at the forefront of everyone, the first in the world to fully integrate martial
arts and technology.

However, due to the Gray family’s adherence to pacifism, they seldom ventured out into the world.

From the last time they plotted against the Whitley family, it became evident that these people posed a
threat second only to the currently most powerful Salladay family and Osborne family.

There were even rumors that the Gray family was the strongest among the eight families.

However, no one could verify those rumors.

On the banks of Colstrax, Wilbur was sitting on a giant rat, feeling the terrifying spiritual pressure
emanating from the depths of the water.

“If I can swim to the other side from here without dying, I might truly break through and reach Divine

Upon hearing Wilbur’s words, the mouse trembled all over, scared as if it were a baby weighing over
one and a half tons.

Wilbur gently patted the mouse’s body with his hand when he felt its fear.

“Rest assured, I won’t kill you as long as you faithfully serve as my mount.”

Laughing, Wilbur lightly leapt to the ground and began walking toward the rear of the mouse.

On the tail of a mouse, a few cultivators, who were all bloodied, were tied to a spiritual rope.

These people were all captured by Wilbur, and were dragged for tens of kilometers before they finally
arrived here.

There was a total of thirteen people, all tied up with ropes.

Among these people, there were blond-haired, blue-eyed Epeans, as well as aborigines dressed in
animal skins, and even some with Chanaean faces who were clearly outlanders.

However, at that moment, those people were hanging by a thread, their vitality nearly drained. Being
dragged for tens of kilometers had cost them more than half their lives.

Seeing Wilbur approaching, everyone instinctively tried to move away.

A Chanaean cultivator gritted his teeth and asked Wilbur, “Wilbur… What are you trying to do?”

This person was from the Salladay family, and had previously met Wilbur together with Eva. The two of
them have had some interactions before.

He didn’t expect to encounter Wilbur in the small world and get captured after being defeated.

Wilbur had always been incredibly good at keeping his abilities hidden.

Wilbur looked at the person from the Salladay family and chuckled as he replied, “I told you before, I
want the secret communication technique of the Salladay family.”

Upon hearing this, the man sneered. “Heh… Will you spare me if I give you the secret technique?”

Wilbur gently shook his head and said, “No, but I can grant you a peaceful death without pain.”

The descendant of the Salladay family was quite straightforward. Upon hearing this, he simply laughed
and asked, “If I can’t even trade it for my life, why should I tell you?”

“Then you can die.”

Holding the cultivator from the Salladay family, Wilbur casually tossed him in front of the enormous rat.

“Take your time eating, don’t gulp it down all at once.”

Although the mouse had gained spiritual awareness, it could only perceive some basic emotions at

To fully comprehend the meaning of human language, it would require a considerable amount of time.

The rat lifted the cultivator, tilting its head back to start chewing. The man only had time to let out a
single scream before he was completely silenced.

Several people looked up, and all that was left in front of the rat was a twitching arm. Their faces were
filled with unparalleled fear.

Another nobleman from the Salladay family looked at Wilbur with a ghastly pale face. The moment their
eyes met, the man shuddered all over.

“I’ll tell you everything I know!”

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