Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1275

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The Legendary Man -Upon hearing Joshua’s words, both Stellario and Kathleen stood up.

Those two individuals were representatives of their respective noble families. After Joshua’s identity was
exposed, other scions might think that Joshua was just a street rat being hunted by his own family.

However, only people who frequently spent time on the road and interacting with other factions knew
how terrifying Joshua was.

In a span of ten years, how could Joshua, a member of the Whitley family, not be suspected by people
from the eight respectable families?

Yet, over all those years, Joshua had never given away the slightest hint.

If Joshua had more time to manage the Yaleview Army, he wouldn’t have nurtured Wilbur. If he had no
interest in joining forces with the Salladay family to seize power and usurp the throne, he would’ve kept
hiding the truth.

Perhaps he would’ve even devised a magnificent plan to rope all eight respectable families into his

It wasn’t easy to put on a convincing act of shamelessness under the watchful eyes of countless people
from the eight respectable families.

It required more than mere acting skills.

Over the course of ten years, Joshua first ingratiated himself with the eight respectable families. His
intent was to gain their trust, take control of the Yaleview Army, and secretly expand his power.

He was a frighteningly cunning man.

At that moment, Joshua was actually planning to set up another scheme to trap everyone from the eight
respectable families.

No one could predict what he would do.

Kathleen looked at Joshua coldly and said. “Joshua, I advise you to restrain yourself a bit. The fact that
you’re alive today is a mercy granted by the leaders of the eight respectable families. The small is
opened, yet those who have entered have yet to return. The chaos portal in the small world must have
gathered the great cultivators from the eight respectable families. If you really set a trap for the eight
respectable families inside, I promise I’ll kill you the moment you step out.”

At that moment, Joshua revealed a big, broad smile. “Kathleen, are you still lost in the fantasy that the
eight respectable families can single-handedly rule Chanaea? If my plan doesn’t succeed, all these
outsiders who have entered the small world will die. And if our plan succeeds, Neil will be able to secure
his position as the ruler of this small world. When the time comes, I will borrow a few hundred Divine
Realm cultivators from Neil in the small world. When that happens, do you think I will still fear your so-
called great cultivators from the eight respectable families?”

Joshua’s words made both Kathleen’s and Stellario’s expressions turn cold.

Indeed, if things were as Joshua said, regardless of success or failure, Joshua would be invincible.

Stellario performed hand gestures, but just as he was about to make a move, he saw that Joshua had
already lifted the jade pendant.

“Stellario, I’m keeping you around because you’re useful. Don’t mistake that as your indispensability in
the grand scheme of things. Try moving one more time. I dare you.” As Joshua spoke, he gently exerted
force with his hand.

Stellario’s spiritual energy dissipated instantly, and he seemed to have all his strength drained, kneeling
on the ground.

Seboxia grasped the Pryncyp of Life, and the Cursed Seal he created with his spell connects with
someone’s life source.

At that moment, that jade pendant truly represented Stellario’s life.

Off to the side, Kathleen was not under the control of Joshua. However, a sniper rifle was already
pointing at Kathleen’s forehead. The one holding it was Hayden.

Up close, the speed of a cultivator far surpasses that of a sniper rifle shot.

However, Kathleen understood that the actions of Hayden and others were merely to clarify their own

The eight respectable families they represented had no connection whatsoever with Jonathan and his
companions. In fact, it could be directly stated that both sides were in a hostile relationship.

As Kathleen said, it didn’t matter if those people wouldn’t target the eight respectable families. The
families would surely be besieged once they stepped out of the chaos portal.

How could they possibly not support Joshua?

Jonathan chuckled as he looked at Stellario and said, “This matter is settled, then. You may object, but
know that we can take your lives at any moment.”

At that moment, the most bewildered one was probably Merilyn, who was watching everyone from the

For her, life could be described as extremely simple. The first half of her life was dedicated to
overthrowing Yannopolis.

However, suddenly, the chief, whom she had always regarded as a beacon of faith, turned out to be a
spy sent by Yannopolis.

Additionally, her world became a small world, existing as an entity attached to the main world outside.

Even the friends whom she once trusted with her life had turned against each other, ready to strike at
any moment.

For a moment, Merilyn was at a loss as to who to believe and could only stare blankly at the people in
front of her. Her eyes were devoid of any spark.

At that moment, Joshua also began to draw on the massive map using his spiritual energy.

In the location of Yannopolis, Joshua drew a large circle using his spiritual energy.

“The so-called overt strategy is a scheme that makes the inevitable unavoidable. Rather than
exhaustively devising traps to capture these old geezers, it’s better to tell them the truth.”

Neil, standing to the side, frowned as he looked toward Joshua. “Are you suggesting that we inform them
of our plan, making it clear that without your help, they can’t escape this small world?”

Joshua shook his head with a sneer upon hearing that. “There’s no need to make it so complicated. We
only need to figure out how to tell them these three points. First, there are no Divine Realm cultivators in
this small world. Second, within Yannopolis, there exists a great medicine that prolongs life and
replenishes vitality. Third, the White family returns from exile to reclaim their family’s inherited divine
weapon. As long as the old geezers receive these three points, I can guarantee they’ll band together and
launch a frenzied attack on the Yannopolis. We don’t even need to offer any explanations. When the time
comes, all external forces will want to get a piece of the action in Yannopolis. We can take advantage of
the chaos they’ve created to make our move.”

Neil looked at the large circle Joshuas had drawn around Yannopolis, a hint of hesitation flashing in his

After all, Joshua was talking about the lives of many Divine Realm cultivators.

Such a hastily conceived plan, devoid of any semblance of strategy, was indeed a bit suspect.

“If your plan succeeds, it’ll only be because all the experts you’ve brought in from outside are fools,” Neil
said lightly.

At that moment, Joshua pointed at the unsightly faces of Kathleen and Stellario across from him. “Look
at their reactions. This plan is absolutely foolproof.”

Jonathan’s gaze on Joshua was filled with seriousness. This guy has an overly thorough understanding
of human nature.

Divine Realm cultivators who could be sent into the small world generally met two conditions.

Firstly, their cultivation had been stagnant for a long time.

Secondly, their lifespans were limited. Even if they didn’t enter the small world, there wasn’t much time
left for them.

For them, what they desired most was nothing more than the elixir of longevity and divine weapons.

Joshua’s scheme was overt and targeted those cultivators’ desires.

As such, those cultivators would absolutely attack Yannopolis.

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