Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1273

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The Legendary Man -Jonathan and Joshua could undoubtedly be referred to as formidable

However, no matter how steadfast they were in their convictions, they were still men.

Kathleen was a charismatic woman who possessed beauty and a great figure.

The coyness and caution she displayed at that moment were incredibly enticing. It stirred up wicked
thoughts in people’s hearts, making them unable to resist the urge to devour her completely.

Just as Kathleen saw it was the right time to strike and was about to continue, an impatient voice

“You’re ugly and skinny as a beanpole. How dare you show your assets like that? Do you have no


Kathleen felt paralyzed as if she was being tied down.

Slowly turning her head toward Neil, she saw strong disdain in his eyes.

“What did you say?”

Kathleen looked at Neil in disbelief and asked.

This time around, Neil threw a long robe over Kathleen’s body to cover her up.

“I’m telling you, you’re unattractive, ugly, and disgusting. Can you please stop flaunting yourself like
you’re some kind of prize? You! You make me sick!”

As Neil spoke, he took another swig of strong liquor as if trying to suppress his nausea, while Kathleen
looked confused.

Ever since Kathleen made her debut among the rich and powerful, she had been known as the femme
fatale of Chanaea.

Even though these were just empty titles, Kathleen was, after all, a girl.

A femme fatale was still a beauty.

Over the years, even though Kathleen had aged, her feminine charm had grown to be more profound,
driving numerous young men from prestigious families to madness.

She couldn’t believe she was being shunned by an uncultured man today.

She refused to accept it.

Naturally, Joshua did not know the beauty standards in the small world.

Upon hearing Neil’s assessment of Kathleen, he immediately responded with a grim expression.

“Neil, wouldn’t you consider her a beauty? This…”

Joshua motioned at Kathleen’s figure as he spoke.

“This figure, doesn’t it stir any thoughts in you?”

“As woodfire?” Neil frowned. “If it weren’t for her unique disguise technique, I wouldn’t have let her live till
this day. You outsiders are so peculiar. Merilyn, the woman who was carried in just now, and now her. It
seems like you all have a preference for ugly women.”

Joshua looked at Jonathan, puzzled.

Jonathan quickly pointed to the house behind him. “Merilyn and Stellario are being treated inside. She…
is also an ugly woman.”

This discrepancy in beauty standards was something Jonathan couldn’t quite explain to Joshua in a
short time. Hence, he decided to go along with Neil’s taste to save himself from the argument.

“Right, Stellario must stay alive.”

Joshua got up and started walking toward the small house as if something had just occurred to him.

“Sir Seboxia, I beg you to save Stellario. We can’t enter Yannopolis without his help.”

Upon hearing these words, Seboxia paused before entering the thatched hut.

Before long, Seboxia’s transfiguration appeared once again, albeit dimmer than before.

“I’m giving you three days. If I don’t see the ten flaming trees you promised me, then I’ll kill all of you.”

Seboxia gave Neil and Joshua a look. Then, with a slight sway, he transformed into streaks of emerald
light and vanished into Jonathan.

It was at this moment that Stellario and Merilyn walked out from the small thatched hut covered in blood.

Judging by the looks of Stellario, his injuries, including his elixir field, should have been healed.

Their spiritual energy gushed out of their bodies.

The two of them sat at the table and started feasting as if they hadn’t eaten for days.

“Jonathan, don’t expect me to thank you for this. You destroyed my cultivation level, and now you’ve
saved me once again. What exactly are you trying to do?”

“I simply want you to behave.”

Jonathan sat down and laughed heartily.

“Do you admit defeat?”

Stellario was no fool. He knew that Jonathan needed his help. since Seboxia had saved him once again.

He had thought this would give him an edge and allow him to speak more assertively with Jonathan.
However, Jonathan didn’t play by the rules at all. He had even started to threaten Stellario.

Stellario looked into Jonathan’s eyes, a hint of a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

“What are you going to do if I say I don’t?”

“Then you must die,” Jonathan said with a hearty laugh.

“Stellario, even though I held your life in my hands before this, you still had a great deal of freedom. I
treated you as a partner and never threatened you with those bugs inside your body. But now, if you dare
to defy me, I will kill you on the spot, letting you die meaninglessly in this small world. Do you understand

Merilyn and Hayden stared at Jonathan in disbelief.

Previously, when the four of them traveled together, they had helped each other out. Jonathan was very
kind-hearted. Whenever anyone was in danger, he would not hesitate to lend a helping hand.

Especially toward the end, Jonathan even fought the hundreds of god realm creatures himself.

Such a sacrifice would move anyone.

But now, it seemed as if Jonathan had become ruthless as he completely disregarded Stellario’s life.

“Mr. Goldstein, what are you…” Hayden hesitated before he spoke up.

If Jonathan decided to abandon Stellario just because he had found a better ally, Hayden would keep
quiet about it. However, he would also need to think about his future.

After all, those who only pursue their interests can abandon their allies at any time. Being devoted to
such people would only put oneself in danger.

Jonathan turned to look at Hayden.

“Don’t forget, when I was covering for everyone, you and Merilyn turned back to help. Stellario was the
only one who stood by the entire time. He was the first to break the alliance!” Jonathan said with a calm

“Since you’ve never cared about my well-being, why should I bother about yours? Hmm?”

Stellario was stuffing food into his mouth as he nodded with a cold smirk.

“This is fair and reasonable. But let’s make it clear. If you ask me to perform suicidal tasks. Well, I’m not
made of clay either. I’ll put my life on the line to take you down.”

Upon hearing this, Jonathan chuckled lightly and reached out. A jade pendant about the size of his palm
gradually formed in his hand.

Upon seeing the jade pendant, everyone was slightly taken aback.

Because the pendant wasn’t made of jadeite.

From its formation to its solid state, it was a piece of crystal forcibly condensed from spiritual energy!

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