Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1274

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The Legendary Man -The crystal is naturally the work of Seboxia.

Jonathan casually tossed the crystal to Joshua, who was standing beside him.

“You said he would be useful, so I saved him for you. This crystal is linked to the restraining barrier within
him. If it shatters, he will be devoured by the insects and die.”

After his speech, Jonathan no longer paid Stellario any mind. Instead, he turned his head to look in Neil’s

“Since we aim to form an alliance, Neil, we must ensure the complete sharing of resources and
information. We need to understand what we are up against and what we have at our disposal.”

Neil glanced at Joshua in the distance at those words, then called toward the courtyard.


As Neil’s shout echoed, two figures vaulted over the wall and landed in the tiny courtyard. Each one held
a jade slip and an Eight Trigrams Plate in their hands.

Upon their arrival, the two cultivators busied themselves with setting the formation.

They inserted two delicate jade slips into the Eight Trigrams Plate, which looked like cartridges in a game
console. Surrounding the pair of Eight Trigrams Plate were piles of spirit stones. Suddenly, in the semi-
open space of the small courtyard, two phantom images slowly materialized.

Projecting Formation!

This was one of the ancient formations recorded in the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

Its initial development was for the large sects to teach their numerous disciples their cultivation methods
which, however, have long been lost to the outside world.

It looked as if two images had appeared in midair and projected onto a screen.

One was an enormous, meticulously-labeled map, and the other was densely filled with texts.

Jonathan and the others would have been able to decipher some of the simpler sentences contained
within these ancient scripts, but the lengthier text left the onlookers utterly bewildered.

Among them were Merilyn, the aborigine, and Joshua, a descendant of the White family, who were
frowning at the information.

“How did this happen?” Merilyn said in disbelief.

Stellario reached out to steady the trembling Merilyn, while his other hand continued to stuff food into his
mouth without so much as a pause.

“W-We can’t win…”

Merilyn, terrified, tried to stand up, but Stellario held her down firmly.

“Don’t panic. Tell us what is written there,” Joshua said slowly after turning to look at Jonathan.

“The four great families of Yannopolis that have flourished over two thousand years now boast numbers
exceeding half a million. Though there are distinctions based on clan lineage, they are not allowed to
practice God techniques to prevent rebellion from those of branch lineages. The number of God Realm
cultivators in Yannopolis, too, must exceed one hundred thousand. According to Neil’s estimate, the total
number of cultivators he can currently gather is only eight thousand four hundred.”

Jonathan gaped at Neil and shuddered.

Though perhaps others only know that there was no hope to face a hundred thousand foes with only ten
thousand strong, but for Jonathan, who was accustomed to leading troops into battle, this was an
overwhelming revelation.

The entire small world was divided into four levels of management: Yannopolis, the Outer City, thirty-six
managing villages, and seventy-two subordinate villages.

The four-tier management system could be described as pressure being applied at every level. The
small world in its entirety had power and force highly concentrated.

Considering the circumstances, Neil had surprisingly managed to conceal over eight thousand followers
of the God Realm.

Simply put, many might not understand the horror within.

To put it another way, it was as if Yaleview, under Wilbur’s iron-fisted rule, managed to harbor an
organized resistance of seventy thousand.

Even if they dispersed and took up various hiding places, it was a fundamentally impossible task.

How on earth did Neil manage to do this?

Neil looked at the group, chuckled, and once again picked up a bottle of white wine.

“Obviously, my people alone can’t breach Yannopolis. That is why I’m asking what kind of assistance you
can provide us.”


Jonathan furrowed his brow, calculating the combined strength of himself and his allies.

The temporary alliance that he had formed consisted of allies with divergent goals.

Neil’s, Joshua’s legacy, the opportunities coveted by myself and people like Stellario, and the paths we
have left behind.

No two of the smorgasbord of cultivators gathered together were aligned.

Even at this moment, even if we could unite all the people from the Mallory and Hansley families, the
addition of twenty to thirty cultivators to this scheme would still be far too thin. It would be easier if we
could bring in the Eastern Allied Army. With their heavy firepower, a hundred thousand opponents be
d*mned. We can wipe out a million if we can keep our distance.

While Jonathan’s thoughts were drifting, Joshua’s voice suddenly echoed in his ear.

“We have several hundred in the God Realm and dozens in the Divine Realm.”

Unless they were all top-notch cultivators like Jonathan, who can take on dozens with a myriad of
methods up his sleeve, the hundreds of Divine Realm cultivators would find it difficult to make a
significant impact in a war of this scale.

However, it was a different story when it came to the dozens of Divine Realm cultivators.

Even a deity like Seboxia, though unable to harness Pryncyp of Strength in the small world, could take
on a hundred by himself if he was to truly fight for his life.

Even without Seboxia’s method of storing Pryncyp, one could still effortlessly preserve one’s life in the
face of divine attacks.

Indeed, a squad composed of dozens of Divine Realm cultivators posed a significant threat to the four
vassal families once they entered Yannopolis.

“How many Divine Realm cultivators do you have? Where are they?” Neil asked as he leaped over to
Joshua’s side, his gaze intense as if he wanted to devour the latter.

Jonathan and the others were also looking at Joshua with similarly bewildered expressions.

Aside from the fact that the Whitley family had been annihilated, the number of cultivators in the Whitley
family who had attained the Divine Realm were fewer than ten even before their downfall.

The Whitley family is now completely scattered. Where can we find dozens of Divine Realm cultivators?
Has Joshua gone mad, or is this an act he’s putting on?

However, Joshua was incredibly calm. He brushed Neil’s arm off casually and took two steps back. Then,
he answered indifferently, “Not yet, but there will be.”

Neil glared at Joshua. “What exactly are you saying?”

Jonathan seemed to have realized something as he observed the two of them. He gaped at Joshua,
looking thunderstruck.

“Surely you’re not referring to those powerful old geezers from the small world, are you, Joshua?”

“Yes. Them.” Joshua nodded in response.

That answer confused Jonathan and the others even more.

“Are you sure they will follow your command?” Jonathan asked instinctively as he regarded Joshua’s
confident demeanor.

Joshua, however, turned to look at Kathleen and Stellario.

“Out there, any one of these Divine Realm cultivators could crush me but in this little world, they have no
choice but to obey my commands. What I’m proposing is a conspiracy, a way to avenge the Whitley
family against the eight clans. It’s about time you paid back some of your debts!”

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