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Chapter 1272

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The Legendary Man -After taking a thorough look at everything in the courtyard, even Neil,
who had long known the truth about the small world, began to feel a sense of curiosity about the outside

After all, Neil knew that the small world was connected to the outside world, but even though it was
connected before, that was still over two thousand years ago.

At that time, the historical progression of Chanaea had just reached the year 220 AD.

Even though Neil mastered the family’s heritage and was well aware of the records and traditions left
behind from that time, the outside world was still at a primitive stage.

In fact, because of excessive spirit possession by cultivators, the spiritual foundation of the outside world
had already begun to decline.

Within the small world, however, the spiritual foundation was still balanced because of its relative

Back then, the small world was truly a paradise.

It was a place where everyone who entered felt reluctant to leave.

With the White Family at the helm, the people in the one hundred and eight villages prospered. There
was no war or strife, and it was truly a haven away from the world.

Even though unforeseen events occurred later, Neil’s ancestors faithfully passed down the truths they
had received about the world from the White Family, generation after generation.

That was precisely the reason that Neil had always assumed the outside world to be a barren wasteland.

Yet today, as he looked around the courtyard, he finally understood that every world operated by its own

Although the spiritual foundation of the outside world had crumbled, making it unsuitable for cultivation,
humans had not given up on other means of survival.

When one failed to travel on foot, they made use of horses and cars.

People invented lamps when they could not see in the dark.

The course of history in the world beyond the small world was no longer solely at the mercy of

What was once referred to as a peculiar artistry had now begun to stand on its own as an outstanding

Now, many things had become treasures of the nation.

Some ammunition could easily take out cultivators of the God Realm and even those of the Divine

The small world, despite its vast expanse, could be turned into a barren wasteland with just one special

Everything, absolutely everything, had quietly changed with the passage of time.

And this made Neil realize that Joshua would never covet the position of governor.

The outside world, one dominated by the power of science, was the world that Joshua yearned to live in.

At that moment, Neil also decided to form an alliance with Joshua.

“Since we’ve decided to form an alliance, things will be easier now.”

Jonathan chuckled as he looked at Joshua and Neil.

“We can each take what we need. What we need is to leave this small world and return to the main world

“Joshua, you must reclaim the true heritage of the Whitley family. After that, the decision of the small
world’s formation will be handed over to you.”

Jonathan looked at Neil and said with a smile, “As for you, just be at ease and continue living as a royal
in your little world. When the time comes, we can reconnect our two worlds.”

Jonathan continued, “We can offer you a variety of goods and technology, and in return, you can provide
us with spirit stones and medicine. Rest assured, we will need your care and attention in the future.”

“Sure, sure,” Neil said, laughing heartily as he patted Jonathan on the shoulder. “Just for the drinks
you’ve treated me to today, we’re bound to become the best of friends.”

The two shared a hearty laugh. However, in Jonathan’s heart, he had already started contemplating how
many troops and heavy weaponry he would need to deploy in Delisgar Ridge to completely seal off this
chaos portal.

It was no small joke. The small world had one hundred and eight villages, which roughly housed over
three million Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

Moreover, once these people mastered the cultivation methods, a vast majority of them were destined to
become God Realm cultivators.

So many God Realm cultivators would overwhelm not only Chanaea but potentially even the top ten
nations in the world.

Across the whole of Chanaea, there were eight respectable families, more than a dozen secret sects and
their numerous affiliated families, and independent cultivators like Jonathan.

Even with all their forces combined, they would be no match for a thousand God Realm cultivators.

Such strength was already enough to keep countries such as Remdik, West Region, and Jetroina at bay.

It was easy to imagine that the strength of other nations might slightly surpass that of Chanaea, but they
absolutely would not exceed it by a large margin.

But once the chaos portal to the small world fully opened from the inside out, that would unleash three
million cultivators to the main world.

Their power was enough to trample the entire world and turn the whole land into Neil’s back garden.

How could Jonathan possibly let such people enter the main world?

Even as he slung an arm around Neil’s shoulders, Jonathan was already contemplating setting up a
disease quarantine zone in Delisgar Ridge.

The moment Jonathan noticed signs of people from the small world causing trouble, he would
immediately release a harmful biological agent.

The use of biological warfare was an extremely dangerous tactic. Its most recent application was at
Northern Crimson Prison, orchestrated by Karl and carried out by the Eastern Army’s special operations

The virus that was released at that time was later analyzed and identified as a variant of a neurotropic
virus, capable of rendering people defenseless in a short period of time.

Afterward, the reconstruction of Northern Crimson Prison took place. It took more than a month to
thoroughly detoxify the ruins of Northern Crimson Prison, a process that was truly terrifying.

For these cultivators, who had been isolated from the outside world for over two thousand years, there
was no need for measures quite so extreme.

The outside world didn’t just settle down with simple technological improvements two years ago.

Including the Repetition viruses and one’s own antibodies, those would be great advantages if a war
were to break out against the cultivators in the small world.

Hayden watched as Jonathan, Joshua, and Neil took turns toasting and drinking in front of him.

They were on the brink of going to war, yet now the three men were freely discussing trade opportunities
between the two worlds.

The drastic change in the attitudes of these three people was simply hard to accept.

Hayden glanced at Kathleen beside him and suddenly realized that the people from the eight respectable
families he had always feared seemed to be much more reliable than Jonathan and his two companions.

Moving closer to Kathleen, Hayden handed her the drink he was holding.

“Why aren’t you chatting with them? Now that this trade route is open, doesn’t the Henderson family
want a slice of the pie?”

Kathleen looked at Hayden with a cold gaze. She noticed that although Hayden was speaking to her, his
eyes were firmly fixed on her chest.

Upon seeing this, Kathleen gently brushed her hand over her shoulder. The silky smooth garment she
was wearing slipped down a notch, revealing a large portion of her chest.

Of course, Kathleen was still wearing undergarments inside. Previously, on the square platform of
Ascension Peak, she even bathed in a swimsuit under the gaze of countless people.

The current scale of indecency posed no difficulty for Kathleen.

“Kiddo, would you like to find a secluded place? I’ll let you have a better look.”

Upon hearing Kathleen’s words, Hayden subconsciously nodded. However, he quickly realized his
mistake and hastily retreated.

But this time, he tripped over a stool and landed squarely on his backside.

Kathleen looked up, only to find Jonathan, Neil, and Joshua all looking at her.

She suddenly put on a bashful expression.

“If you all keep looking at me like this, I’m really going to start feeling embarrassed.”

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