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Chapter 1270

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The Legendary Man -As Neil spoke, everyone’s gaze instantly turned toward Joshua.

The greatest legacies in Joshua’s hands were nothing more than the three magical items of the Whitley
family: Hailstorm Fan, Formation Crusher, and Troop Summoner.

While those three magical items were indeed powerful, their effectiveness was largely dependent on the
external environment, where high-level cultivators were scarce.

In that small world, although spiritual energy was abundant, cultivators could use the three magical items
without worrying about depletion.

However, similarly, due to the abundance of spiritual energy, the high-ranking cultivators there were also

With the right cultivation method, even a dog could break through to God Realm.

That situation had turned the three magical items into something useless.

Of course, if one could harness the Pryncyp of Strength as the source to drive the three magical items,
they could definitely unleash immense power.

However, the problem was, in that small, isolated world, it was impossible to sense Pryncyp.

Therefore, Jonathan and the others were somewhat puzzled, wondering what exactly Neil wanted.

At that moment, Joshua also took out the three magical items that those in the outside world had
yearned to possess for ten years.

“All I’ve inherited from my great-grandpa are these three magical items.”

Kathleen’s heart was filled with indescribable excitement as she looked at the three magical items in front
of Joshua.

Those were the treasures the eight respectable families all desired and fought over. It was a pity that
they were currently in the small world. Otherwise, she would do whatever it took to snatch at least one
piece and run away.

Jonathan picked up Formation Crusher, examining it from both sides, then promptly handed it over to

“What’s the use of you taking this thing?”

“Why do I need these?” Neil reached out and pushed Formation Crusher aside. “What I want is the White
family’s formation spell.”

Jonathan looked at Joshua and asked, “Formation spell? What on earth is that?”

At that moment, Joshua appeared somewhat bewildered, gently shaking his head.

Looking at Joshua’s expression, Jonathan was momentarily unable to discern whether Jonathan
honestly didn’t know or if he was putting on an act.

“What formation spell? I really don’t know about this,” Joshua said with an innocent look on his face.

“Back then, the eight respectable families suddenly turned against the Whitley family. Even though the
Whitley family had sensed something amiss earlier and had sent me, their hidden card, out in advance,
we were still caught off guard by the eight respectable families. When my great-grandpa passed these
things on to me years ago, he only briefly instructed me to be patient and endure. He also gave me this
ancient book. That’s all.” As Joshua spoke, he took out an ancient, severely damaged book. “What is
recorded here is everything I just shared with you. Over the past decade, I’ve read this book inside and
out countless times, yet I’ve never come across any formation spell.”

Before Joshua could finish his sentence, Neil had already snatched the ancient book from his hand.

With his spiritual energy supporting the ancient book, Neil quickly scanned through its contents. After a
few moments, he casually tossed the book onto the table.

“Impossible! The White family would’ve surely passed down the formation spell. Even though this small
world is incredibly intricate, in essence, it’s nothing more than a space similar to a formation. For a space
to function, it must adhere to certain Rules. The White family members possessed the skill to master
these Rules. After the four vassal families betrayed the White family, they seized control of Yannopolis,
but their usurpation of power was merely accomplished through brute force. They never truly gained
control over this small world.”

Control the small world? Jonathan was slightly taken aback by Neil’s words and immediately turned his
gaze back to Joshua.

Jonathan mused. If I have the means to control this small world, will I reveal it? Absolutely not! So,
whether it’s an act or genuine ignorance, there’s no way Joshua is going to let anything slip.

The cooperation between both parties had reached a stalemate.

Neil watched the silent Joshua for a long while before he slowly rose to his feet.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. It will also save me the trouble of going all out. Now, I can
comfortably remain as the Grand Commander. Although I don’t have the carefree life of the four families,
this is already sufficient for me. You all need to think this through. After all, the chaos portal only allows
for one-way transmission. If you want to leave, it’s actually quite simple. All you need is for someone
from the White family to take control of the formation, and you can open the inner and outer doors of the
small world at any time.”

As Neil spoke, he turned and headed toward the small courtyard outside.

“I’m giving you a day to think it over. If the answer isn’t what I’m looking for, then you hold no value to
me. Whatever you do, don’t leave the courtyard unless you can counter the formation that has been in
place for two thousand years and the thousands of God Realm cultivators outside.”

As Neil spoke, he was about to walk out of the gate, but Seboxia’s avatar appeared silently in front of
him. “You still owe me ten Flaming Trees.”

Neil looked at Seboxia with gleaming eyes.

Neil pointed at Joshua and said with a hearty laugh, “The Flaming Trees are in the heart of Yannopolis.
Even if you kill me now, I can’t give it to you. If you want the Flaming Trees, you have to ask him.”

With his hands clasped together, Seboxia hesitated for a moment before he finally decided to disperse
his form and return to Jonathan’s side.

Neil left, and Hayden moved closer to Seboxia. “Sir, why didn’t you finish him off?”

Seboxia shook his head slightly. “I can only threaten him with his life, but for this man, life and death
have long been irrelevant. Such a person cannot be threatened.”

The courtyard fell silent, with only the faint sounds of eating piercing the quiet. No one spoke.

After a good half hour, Jonathan finally leaned on the low wall and looked toward Joshua. “Joshua,
what’s your plan?”

Joshua frowned and said to Jonathan, “What are you saying?”

“At this point, it’s no fun to keep up the act,” Jonathan said with a chuckle. “We’ve jumped out of the
frying pan and into the fire. It’s clear that Neil is no pushover. If you keep clinging on to the information
stubbornly, we’re all going to end up dead.”

What Jonathan said was frightening, but his nonchalant demeanor made it seem like he didn’t care at all.

It was not that Jonathan was pretending to be calm but that he was truly unafraid.

Even though he was surrounded by thousands of God Realm cultivators at that moment, Jonathan had
Seboxia as his trump card for support.

Putting everything aside, just the massive coffin of Seboxia alone was enough for the two of them to
level the formation outside.

Therefore, Jonathan really wasn’t anxious.

However, Hayden and Kathleen were not so composed.

Seeing Joshua remaining silent, Hayden couldn’t help but lean in closer to speak.

“Joshua, you should consider us too. I, the talent that the Zink family has painstakingly nurtured, have
been protecting you since the eight respectable families hunted you. We share a bond as thick as blood.
You can’t just stand by and watch your friend die before you, right?”

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