Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1271

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The Legendary Man -Joshua was speechless as he stared at Hayden, who was hugging
him and chattering non-stop. I’m well into my thirties, for heaven’s sake. What on earth did I do in my
past life to encounter this buffoon?

Looking at Kathleen beside him, Joshua slowly began to speak.

“Stop talking to me about those bonds of affection. As she said earlier, it seems your family also took part
in the action that destroyed my family!”

Hayden was momentarily stunned by Joshua’s words, then he chuckled and slung his arm around
Joshua’s shoulder. “Let the older generation handle their own affairs. We can’t possibly have me
dragging my grandparents out for you to chop up, can we? Let’s talk about our feelings for each other.
That’s the purest form of revolutionary friendship. You can’t deny what happened or turn your back once
you’re in a small world.”

Seeing Hayden’s annoying demeanor, Kathleen couldn’t help but shift away.

“All right. Stop messing around. Let’s get serious.”

Jonathan interrupted Hayden, saying. “Joshua, what exactly are you planning to do? Whether you’re a
descendant of the White family or a remnant of the Whitley family, once we enter this small world, we’re
all mice in a trap. I understand you. If I were the one holding a key that controls a part of the world, I
wouldn’t reveal it either. However, right now, if you don’t want to reveal this key, it’ll be utterly useless in
your hands.”

At that point, Jonathan stretched out his arm and yawned lazily. “Joshua, if I’m not mistaken, that key of
yours only works in a specific location, such as Yannopolis!”

Narrowing his eyes, Joshua looked toward Jonathan, then let out a long sigh.

“Neil is right. You’re not exactly likable. You’re too good at figuring out what others are thinking.” Joshua
lit a cigarette for himself, then fell silent, simply puffing out clouds of smoke one after another.

As the last of the cigarette burned out, Joshua slowly raised his head. “Will you believe me if I say I don’t
have formation spells?”

“No.” Jonathan shook his head slightly.

Upon seeing that, Joshua could only helplessly shake his head. “I truly don’t have the formation spell
right now. However, once we enter the governor’s residence in Yannopolis, I’ll have a way to get it.”

Outside the courtyard, Neil, who had already left, reappeared and began to speak. “So, you’re saying
that you can only give me the formation spell after we break into Yannopolis?”

Hayden sneered and said, “Didn’t you leave? Have you been eavesdropping? That’s rather tasteless of

Without any hesitation, Neil walked over to the table. He picked up a few bottles of strong liquor from the
floor and put them into his storage bag before turning his attention to Joshua.

Neil said, “What you’re saying right now is hard to believe. Once we breach the city, we’ll be in a full-
fledged war with the four major vassal families. How can I be sure that you will hand over the formation
spell to me? How do I know you’re not using me to distract their attention and merely treating these
people as bait?”

Everyone turned their attention to Joshua and Neil.

It was a debate about what should come first.

What Neil desired was the formation spell. Once he gained control of the fundamental power of that
small world, Neil would surely lead his people to declare war on Yannopolis.

In that case, once Joshua obtained the formation spell, he would no longer have any use for Neil. It was
highly likely that Neil would directly kill a few people.

Joshua’s requirement was that they must first wage war against Yannopolis before they could obtain the
formation spell.

That way, the danger would lie with Neil.

In the world of cultivators, the sole driving force was self-interest.

If economists from the outside world were to comment on the cultivators’ way of doing things, they would
bluntly call the latter group madmen.

After all, cultivators would do anything if the reward was ample enough, even if there was only a ten
percent chance of succeeding.

Cultivators would pour in for great benefits like moths to the flame.

At that moment, the benefits laid out before the two of them were enormous.

What they needed at that moment was a reason that would convince the other party.

Joshua looked at Neil. “I’ve no idea how long your clan has been preparing for this day, Neil. Such, I
know it’s almost impossible for me to convince you with only words. However, consider this. My family
has been thriving in the outside world for two thousand years. Does the White family’s ancient grudge
still hold any significance to me? Or should I ask, does this little world still hold any importance to me?
Even if I covet the treasures of this small world, once I take over the Yannopolis, the four major vassal
families will definitely not tolerate me. If I want to seize power, you won’t allow me either. How could I
possibly stand firm without any foundation?”

The moment Joshua finished speaking, Hayden stood. “Joshua, I will always support you!!”

A few stared at Hayden as though they were looking at an idiot.

Yet, Neil shook his head. “What you’re saying is very sincere, but it’s not enough to move me. Back in
the day, the White family reigned supreme in Yannopolis. They were hailed as immortal and everlasting.
Their methods were numerous and varied. I only know that this formation spell is the most fundamental
aspect of the survival of the small world. However, I really don’t know what its actual function is. I can’t
be sure that you won’t use it against me.”

Joshua waved his hand lightly in response.

Above the ground, countless things kept falling down, such as mobile phones, military GPS trackers,
firearms, bullets, burgers, and pots.

One by one, items fell to the ground, quickly filling up half of the small courtyard.

“These are the products of the outside world. I admit that the cultivation resources in the small world far
surpass those in the outside world countless times. However, it’s precisely because of that the small
world has maintained its appearance from thousands of years ago. Outside, technology rules the world.
Do you really think that I, as a modern person, will stay here to play king because of a trivial two-
thousand-year-old feud?”

As Joshua spoke, he grabbed a bottle of white wine from the side, crushing it forcefully. Instantly, the
aroma of the wine filled the entire courtyard. “If you wish to have a bottle of wine, you’ll have to wait for
months or even years for a great one. Meanwhile, in the outside world, this kind of wine can be mass-
produced. The amount made in a single day is enough to last you a lifetime. We hail from two different
worlds. What you treasure may not hold any value in my eyes.”

Neil looked at the modern products on the ground, his eyes sparkling.

No one knew what he was thinking.

Jonathan looked at the items on the ground. Any one of them was the result of thousands of years of
human history.

For Neil, those things were absolutely a devastating impact.

At that moment, Neil was like a child on the beach picking up seashells. He continuously gathered things
from the ground, trying to understand them.

After a good half hour, Neil finally began to speak, his eyes still fixed on the video playing on his phone.
“I want to declare war on Yannopolis, but I don’t have enough people.”

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