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Chapter 1268

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The Legendary Man -As Joshua was recounting these matters, Jonathan and the others all
felt an immense heaviness in their hearts.

The White family and the Whitley family, these two families that spanned ‘two worlds’, their
circumstances were surprisingly similar.

All were in their prime, and all were betrayed by other families.

However, the details in Joshua’s account were somewhat vague. There were many specifics that were
glossed over, and it was unclear whether Joshua did this intentionally or not.

“Joshua, I didn’t quite catch what you said.”

Hayden scratched his head.

“So what you’re saying is, the White family split into two groups. One group escaped and is now what we
know as the Whitley family. As for the second passerby, he was entangled with the rebel forces of the
four vassal families and had completely shut down the chaos portal linking the inner and outer of the
small world.”

“What exactly is this vassal family?”

No sooner had Hayden’s words fallen than Neil, who was leisurely lying on a rocking chair in the
distance, began to speak.

“The Whites the kings, and vassal family serves them. Two thousand years ago, all four vassal families
were subordinates to the White family.”

“They came into this small world with the White family. You can understand their roles as… slaves!”

The moment the word “slave” was spoken, the gazes of Jonathan and the others instantly turned toward
the one who asked the question, Hayden.

Those four vassal families, and the Zink family, The Untouchables, did indeed bear a striking
resemblance to each other.

Not only in terms of positioning but also in what Hayden and his team were doing right now, they were
extremely similar.

Hayden resisted the Osborne family, voicing various grievances. Jonathan and everyone else
unanimously agreed that the Zink family’s resistance was justified and that they should indeed stand up
against them.

The four families of Yannopolis were resisting the White family, namely the Whitley family. Because of
Joshua, everyone subconsciously believed that the four families deserved to die and that the Whitley
family was the rightful lineage.

Even though it was the same situation, two completely contradictory results were obtained due to
everyone’s different statuses.

Sometimes, that was just how things were in this world. It’ was not about right or wrong. It was simply a
matter of differing perspectives.

“Why the hell are you all staring at me? It’s not like I’m against your White family or something.”

Seeing Hayden’s face turn red with fury, Jonathan could only helplessly shake his head.

“Joshua, according to what you’ve said, the chaos portal that connects the small world to the outside
world should appear once every fifty years. Why did it take two thousand years to reappear?”

Joshua shook his head slightly at the news.

“I’m not sure. All I know is that Great-grandpa once said that the Whitley family members visit the
Delisgar Ridge every fifty years to inspect the chaos portal. There was even a time when the Whitley
family sent people to Doveston to lie low for ten years in advance and then waited another ten years
after the time the chaos portal was supposed to open. Even after a full twenty years, the chaos portal
has yet to open. No one knows what happened in the small world, but one thing we can be sure of is that
the White family, which was in the small world, definitely no longer exists. As for the opening of this
chaos portal, I also don’t know the reason. I only found out when I received the signal that the chaos
portal had opened a year ago.”

As Joshua spoke, he subconsciously glanced at the ring in his hand.

At this moment, Jonathan also looked toward the Heaven Sword in his hand.

Before entering the small world, Jonathan had already concluded that the weapon in his hand must have
originated from the ancestors of the Whitley family.

At this point, it was absolutely certain that these weapons and accessories, shimmering with a green
glow, must have some inexplicable connection with the small world.

Having fallen into the illusionary realm several times, Jonathan had once mobilized the entire intelligence
network of Asura’s Office in an attempt to find it.

However, even after searching high and low across the vast expanse of Chanaea, there was not a single
shred of news.

From the looks of it now, the illusionary realm could very well have reflected the small world.

Not far away, Neil saw a few people fall into silence and unexpectedly burst into hearty laughter.

“What’s there to ponder over? The opening of the chaos portal is due to the absence of the most crucial
element in the rule array of the small world, which has started to collapse.”

Neil’s relaxed words immediately drew sidelong glances from several people.

Neil’s personality was very similar to Xavion’s, embodying the type of character that went with the flow in
all matters and believed in no taboos.

While Xavion carried an air of nonchalance about him, Neil, on the other hand, exuded an endless sense
of languor.

“Who exactly is this guy?”

Jonathan watched as Neil asked Joshua a question.

“This is one of the trump cards left by the White family from years ago, the Grand Commander of South
Outer City, Neil Yarnell.”

Joshua looked at Neil, introducing him with a smile.

“The history of the Whitley family that I know of, is all passed down orally by our ancestors. He is the true
inheritor of the White family’s past.”

Upon hearing Joshua’s words, Neil repeatedly waved his hands.

“Don’t say it like that. The one who inherited the legacy of our White family’s ancestors is not me, but my

Neil spoke up from his seat, surprisingly setting down his hip flask with a solemn expression on his face.

“Many years ago, my ancestor saved a young master from the White family in the vast wilderness. That
young master later became an important figure in the White family, and my ancestor became the young
master’s only friend. However, due to their respective statuses, the two of them, despite being
connected, rarely met. It was precisely because of this that they were able to evade the scrutiny of the

four families and carry on the legacy left by the ancestors of the White family. From that day forward, we
began to constantly strategize, expanding our influence, waiting for the return of the White family. We’ve
been waiting until now.”

When Neil spoke these words, his gaze was fixed on Joshua.

Meanwhile, Hayden, on the side was extraordinarily excited.

Looking into Neil’s eyes, the hostility from before was nowhere to be found. Instead, they were filled with

“So, are all these people you’ve gathered here to help Joshua reclaim Yannopolis? I see you have quite
a few people here. Do you have any specific plans?”

Hayden spoke enthusiastically, but Jonathan, on the side sensed that something was off with the

Looking into Neil’s eyes, Jonathan let out a sigh.

“Neil, you don’t really plan on helping Joshua, do you?”

“Why should I help him?”

With a cold gaze, Neil asked Jonathan.

As soon as these words were spoken, Hayden, who was standing nearby, was slightly taken aback.

Meanwhile, Joshua himself was calmly watching Neil without uttering a word.

Neil scanned the few people in front of him.

“My ancestors and the White family’s ancestors were as close as brothers. In the face of such a great
enmity, we should be willing to risk our lives to help each other, and so did my ancestors. Generations
upon generations have been preparing for the return of the White family. But what does that have to do
with me?”

Neil stood up, looked at the few people, and slowly extended two fingers.

“Two thousand years have etched their mark. Whatever favors or whatever grudges, no longer matter.
Do you really think I would care about any sentimentality between our ancestors once it comes to me?”

With a cold laugh, Neil looked at Joshua and said, “Even if I take a step back and strictly follow the team
training, who exactly are you asking me to help? Out of the entire White family, you’re the only one who
can’t even enter Outer City. What a disgrace. Tell me, is there hope for victory?”

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