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Chapter 1269

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The Legendary Man -Neil was being blunt, but at that moment, it left Joshua at a loss for

Indeed, the White family was once betrayed by the four vassal families, forcing them to flee far beyond
the small world. Even if they were to return, it should be after a period of recuperation and recovery.

But now, Joshua was the only member left in the Whitley family.

Even if Neil were to wage war against Yannopolis with schemes and strategies that have been in the
making for two thousand years, would it still be considered an attack from the Whitley family?

Why should thousands of people die for Joshua’s sake when he had emerged several generations after
the betrayal?

Hayden turned to Kathleen standing beside him.

“Look. This is all because of you eight families. If you had destroyed the Whitley family, we wouldn’t be in
such a predicament right now.”

Upon hearing this, Kathleen rolled her eyes at Hayden.

“Who do you think you are? Don’t forget, two God Realm cultivators from the Zeigler family also
participated in the war that annihilated the Whitley family years ago. Do you really believe that you’ve
suddenly become the embodiment of justice? In the conflicts between the great clans where interests
always come first, there’s no such thing as right or wrong and good or evil.”

Joshua stared at Neil wordlessly.

In the end, he hung his head in helplessness.

“He’s right. The Whitley family no longer has the right to bring up the past. We’ve been cut off for two
thousand years. We’re not worthy, nor do we have the strength. Neil had risked a lot to get me out of the
Outer City of Yannopolis. I already owe him a great deal.”

He bowed slightly at Neil as he spoke.

“Neil, you’re right about what you said, but I still want to ask you for a favor.”

Neil gave Joshua a look before he took a seat on the rocking chair.

“Well then, why don’t you tell me about it? And what’s in it for me if I help you?”

“Do you have no shame?” Hayden raised his voice at Neil. “Your two families have shared a bond that
spans two thousand years. Hasn’t the Yarnell family also upheld this bond for two thousand years?”

Neil sneered at Hayden.

“Kid, I figured you were all in it together, so I brought you here out of respect for you. If you continue to
provoke me, I’ll have you buried here.”

Neil emanated spiritual energy as he spoke.

Jonathan and the others knew Neil well enough to know that he wasn’t joking.

“What exactly do you mean? Please clarify so we know how to work together.”

After a long silence, Jonathan, who was sitting by the side, finally spoke up.

He had been observing Neil’s reaction ever since Joshua started recounting the history of the Whitley

Even though Neil appeared indifferent, Jonathan could clearly sense a faint spiritual sense emanating
from Neil.

It clearly showed that he didn’t want to miss out on any detail of what Joshua was saying, even going so
far as to capture Joshuan’s body language.

Hence, Jonathan could conclude that Neil was definitely not as he appeared to be.

Joshua would definitely be of great use to him.

Neil looked at Jonathan before turning to Seboxia, who was standing next to him.

“I don’t like you, you’re too good at reading people’s minds.”

Neil’s words left Jonathan at a loss.

Even though he was good at strategizing, he would never be able to beat Joshua when it comes to mind

A man who single-handedly played the eight great families for a decade. Just the fact alone was enough
to put many on their guard.

At that moment, Joshua looked surprisingly sorrowful and desolate. He bit into the beef to vent out his

D*mn it. I’ve been used by Joshua again.

Jonathan couldn’t help but sigh in exasperation as he watched Joshua acting like an idiot.

He was sure Joshua could sense Neil’s spiritual sense since he could. Joshua must also know that Neil
wasn’t his average Joe, yet he had waited for Jonathan to speak up.

He was probably feigning weakness to lower Neil’s guard against him.

At this moment, Joshua also lifted his gaze toward Jonathan, and Jonathan instantly understood.

Joshua already knew that Jonathan had seen through his motives, yet he wasn’t worried about being

Because I yearn to escape this small world, I have no choice but to tie my fate with his.


Jonathan chuckled. However, only he and Joshua understood the meaning behind this chuckle.

Jonathan looked at Neil.

“So, since you said I can read people’s minds, that means I’m right, aren’t I? We still have a chance to
collaborate, don’t we?”

As he spoke, Jonathan casually tossed Neil a bottle of strong liquor.

“Drink this, just twist to open. It’s much tastier than the wine you have here.”

As Neil was an alcoholic, he eagerly opened the bottle and took a big gulp.

Even seasoned drinkers dare only to sip it in small mouthfuls as it contains a high percentage of alcohol.

At this moment, Neil seemingly consumed about two hundred milliliters as he gulped it all down.

“Sigh. Good stuff!”

Neil spoke loudly with the wine bottle in hand.

“That’s not good wine…” Hayden murmured.

Alcohol, without a doubt, was a significant tool for rapidly strengthening bonds between men.

Everyone appeared to be genuine friends, at least until the round of drinks was finished, whether they
were merely pretending or not.

Neil sat down next to Jonathan, reaching out to grab a piece of smoked meat from the table and popping
it into his mouth; while Jonathan took out a bag of peanuts from his storage ring with a cheerful smile,
followed by a few bottles of strong liquor which he placed in front of Neil.

“Have it with the food.”

Neil accepted it all without question. His eyes widened as if he had discovered a new world when he
tasted the peanuts.

“Since you want to collaborate, show me your sincerity. Let me see what you can do to help me. That’s
not too much to ask for, is it?”

“Not at all,” Jonathan said with a chuckle. “Friendship is all about mutual benefits, isn’t it? There’s just
one thing I don’t quite understand. Right now, Joshua is the only remaining descendant of the White
family. Even if you join forces with him, the meaning has changed. As for Joshua’s cultivation level, it
doesn’t really play a substantial role in the overall scheme of things. What is it that you desire?”

Neil glanced at Joshua, who paled, and a hint of mockery flashed in his eyes.

“Hehe… I only want two things. First, I want to gain the support of the hundred and eight villages using
the reputation of the White family. And second is the legacy of the White family!”

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