Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1263

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-As Stellario spoke, his hands were busy forming new hand seals.

Necromancy and Pestilex inherently subverted the natural order. Upon release, it would initially harm
the user and subsequently bring death to others.

As Stellario cast his spell, it felt as though an external force was attempting to force his hands apart.

Even the areas where his hands made contact unexpectedly emitted an unceasing plume of blue
smoke, tinged with a faint scent of meat, generating an extraordinarily horrifying spectacle.

Kathleen stood at the center of the square platform, appearing nonchalant as she wiped her body
clean. However, her gaze remained steadfastly fixed on Stellario.

Among the eight respectable families, the two most mysterious ones were the Gray family and the
Mallory family.

These two prominent families seldom showed themselves. Aside from the decade-old siege against the
Whitley family, the surviving members of the six respectable families had scarcely witnessed the
disciples of these two families engage in action.

Despite their current predicament of being trapped within this enclosed realm with no means of escape,
they all recognized that, regardless of the vastness of this small world, their true battleground was
beyond its confines.

The war between Asura’s Office and the eight respectable families was inevitable, but once they
stepped out of this small world, Asura’s Office would not be their only enemy.

The alliance among the eight esteemed families was far from being genuinely reliable.

The evolution of respectable families in Chanaea commenced over two millennia ago, boasting an
unbroken lineage that extended back for hundreds of years before that.

As time progressed, however, three hundred years ago, only nine families persisted, one of which was
the Whitley family, comprising fifteen branches in total.

And presently, the Whitley family, which had once controlled half of the expansive Chanaea territory,
had been utterly eradicated.

Phoebus Sect of Summerbank, once an immortal lineage, had also undergone a profound
transformation, reduced to a mere husk reliant on offerings and donations for survival.

When the small world opened, only six of the formerly fifteen secret sects showed up. Furthermore, the
strength and number of the cultivators they deployed were not even as formidable as those of the eight
respectable families.

Every factor was proclaiming to the world that the evolution of Chanaea’s entire cultivation realm had
deviated onto a weird, deformed crossroad.

The opening of the small world would signify a momentous turning point.

All the eight respectable families were thinking about seizing this opportunity to complete the final

At this juncture, any alliances or unions appeared exceedingly fragile when confronted with the entirety
of Chanaea.

Meanwhile, Kathleen wished nothing more than to strip Stellario bare and thoroughly examine the
trump card of this prodigy in whom the Mallory family had placed such high hopes.

By doing so, in the event of wars in the future, she would be able to employ a strategy of single-point
attack to suppress the Mallory family on a broad scale.

Stellario’s face reddened as he found himself facing dozens of God Realm cultivators, his hands
already charred.

His forceful spellcasting was exceptionally potent. The reanimated corpses had now utterly
relinquished their sanity, each one madly attacking their former comrades.

While the corpses grew even more frenetic, the remaining aboriginal cultivators had managed to shake
off their initial panic. They began deploying long-range spells one after another to keep the rampaging
undead at bay.

“There are insects within these corpses! Expand your spiritual fields to protect yourselves!” Finally,
someone had discerned the flaw in the Corpse Manipulation Technique. While the concept of
controlling the deceased may have appeared novel to the aboriginal cultivators, there was always a
method to fathom the intricacies of any spell.

Upon hearing that instruction, the rest of the aboriginal cultivators began to unleash their spiritual field
one after another.

Successive layers of spiritual shields unfurled, effectively barricading the parasites from entering.
Within the spiritual field, which could be seen as an extension of their bodies, everyone finally got a
sense of what these parasites looked like.

However, at this very moment, a cruel smile crept up Stellario’s lips.

“The legacy of the Mallory family cannot be countered by a mere shield. Destroy!” Following Stellario’s
command, those under the influence of the corpseworms all leaped high above the crowd’s heads.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With each muffled noise, the bodies exploded one by one in mid-air.

In an instant, it was as if a shower of blood had cascaded upon the square platform at the summit of
Ascension Peak.

Under the protection of the seal, Kathleen stared blankly as pieces of flesh continued to fall from

How could these bodies self-destruct when they don’t even have a shred of spiritual energy? Stellario
is controlling those bugs to self-destruct, causing the corpses to explode. But these bugs can’t
penetrate the spiritual fields of these people at all. What is the point of doing this?

To her surprise, moments later, the aboriginal cultivators began grimacing, as though they were in
severe agony.

“The blood can contaminate our spiritual energy! Quick! Retract the force field!” someone shouted out
before sealing their own acupoints and continuously consuming magical herbs to protect themselves.

However, it was too late.

One after another, the aboriginal cultivators collapsed. Stellario’s hands trembled slightly, and tiny
insects suddenly materialized around the scorched skin of his palms, a result of the spell’s backlash.

The tiny insects voraciously gnawed on Stellario’s hands, completely consuming all the charred, numb

Subsequently, they surged upward like a stream, morphing into a black substance resembling a glove,
which encased and shielded Stellario’s hands.


On the side, Merilyn was gasping heavily, pointing at her own throat.

Stellario tossed a black pill into her mouth.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you die.”

He then turned his head to look at Kathleen in the center of the square platform before promptly
extracting the black blade from the ground and walking toward her.

“We’re allies, yet all you did was stand here watching me fight. You’re not very reliable,” he said.

Kathleen had finished cleaning herself by then. The blood on her body was thoroughly cleared off, once
again revealing her fair skin.

Clad in a silk nightgown, Kathleen unabashedly displayed her stunning figure.

“What are you talking about, Stellario? You’re still perfectly fine even though I didn’t help you, right? But
I am genuinely curious about how many cultivation methods your family possesses. I’m not going to
take orders from you without something in exchange. Let’s find somewhere quiet to have a good chat.
What do you say?” As Kathleen spoke, her body was almost pressed up intimately against Stellario’s.

Despite so, Stellario could sense that, although Kathleen appeared unrestrained, she was actually
keeping a good distance from him.

The material of the nightgown she wore, in particular, was unquestionably exceptional. If he attempted
to make a move on Kathleen, he would likely fail.

The trust that had been established among the Henderson, Leeson, and Mallory families had always
existed in an unstable balance. Now, this single small world was enough to completely shatter that


“Kathleen, once we get out of here, let’s find ourselves a large room with a king-sized bed by the sea.
Then, I’ll tell you everything. I’m just afraid you won’t be able to handle the truth after hearing it!”

Laughing sinisterly, Stellario leaped forward, reaching out to grab one of the seals, but at that precise
moment, a spear thrust out without warning from behind him, piercing directly through his lower

Kathleen stared expressionlessly at the person who had made a move.

The person was none other than Merilyn.

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