Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1265

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-“The surname is Whitley?”

Upon hearing this, Hayden could not help but exclaim in surprise.

“I knew that Joshua…”

As Hayden was speaking, he was abruptly silenced by an unseen force. Looking up, he saw Neil
across from him, his gaze as cold as ice, seemingly ready to strike at any moment.

“You’re out of line. Should you dare to spout nonsense again, I’ll kill you now.”

The initially cheerful Neil seemed like a completely different person at this very moment, his whole
body exuding an aura of murderous intent.

This sudden change truly gave Hayden quite a scare.

Seeing that Hayden and the others had fallen silent, Neil lightly tapped his foot, and the shattered parts
on the square platform surprisingly restored themselves after a moment of shaking and blurring.

Then, a series of flickering formation markings continuously lit up on the ground, gradually converging
into a massive arcane array.

“These individuals have emerged victorious in this competition by securing the seals. For the remaining
two outlanders, the rules of survival remain unchanged. As for the rest, if you wish to become envoys
of Yannopolis, proceed with the previous rules. I will return in a day to collect those who succeed. This
time, we only need fifty people!”

As Neil’s words fell, a flash of white light appeared before Jonathan and the others, then vanished at
the summit of Ascension Peak.

On top of the towering mountain, a radiant white array of light was in full effect.

Several figures appeared. It was Jonathan and his group.

Over the past few days, Jonathan had been using the portal formation a bit too frequently. By now, he
had thoroughly adapted to the discomfort of spatial transformation.

Even while teleporting, Jonathan still had the leisure to observe the formation markings of the portal
formation under his feet.

“Outside the teleportation circle, there’s a trap formation, a killing formation, and an illusion formation
layered above each other. You sure are careful,” Jonathan remarked with a chuckle while cross-
referencing the formations in the ancient books.

He gazed around and looked slightly surprised as he saw beyond the extending peaks.

“I thought you were going to send us back to the dungeon,” he commented, chuckling lightly.

“I’ve told you. I have a friend who is interested in you,” Neil said lightly. Immediately after, he waved his
hand, using his spiritual energy to guide Merilyn and Stellario forward.

Seboxia had already returned to Jonathan’s body. He, Hayden, and Kathleen started down the
mountain following Neil’s footsteps.

Along the way, they passed by innumerable formations.

Is this even a mountain anymore? This is clearly hell!

Even with Neil leading the way, the three people behind him trod carefully, fearing that one wrong step
could lead them into an irretrievable disaster.

“Mr. Goldstein, when he mentioned someone surnamed Whitley, do you think he was referring to
Joshua?” Hayden carefully asked as he trailed behind Jonathan.

“I think so,” the latter replied while staring at Neil’s back.

“Only this can we explain why they showed us mercy. But what I can’t figure out is why Joshua spared
Stellario. Logically speaking, he should want to kill Stellario.”

Jonathan and Hayden felt completely relieved upon hearing Neil mention that he had a friend with the
surname Whitley.

The possibility of the person behind this not being Joshua was simply too low, given that they could still
hear this surname across two worlds, and that person had Neil spare Jonathan and the others.

Compared to the relief of the two, Kathleen, who was following behind, felt much more grim.

Unlike the others before her, she earned her qualifications through her own merit in the arena.

For her, it would be better to fall into the hands of the aboriginal cultivators than to confront Joshua.

After all, if Neil, who set the competition rules, did so out of personal will, then his decision to keep her
must serve a purpose.

Even if he coveted her beauty, it was still a form of value.

In the realm of the cultivators, being valuable meant one could live.

Now that the person likely behind all this could be Joshua, how could she not panic?

The eight respectable families conspired to wipe out the Whitley family back then, slaughtering over
thirty thousand people. Joshua had endured such a deep-seated hatred for ten years to seek an
opportunity for vengeance, and Kathleen’s only value to Joshua was to vent his anger!

This was from a public standpoint. As for the private… When Joshua was in Yaleview acting as a pawn
for the eight respectable families, they used countless methods to test the depth of his abilities.

Kathleen herself went to great lengths to humiliate Joshua.

Based on that past incident, if Kathleen were in his place, she would kill her.

It was clear the extent she had driven him to, and now, she could only reap what she had sown.

After trekking for about ten minutes through the terrifying mountain path filled with formations, they
finally spotted a uniquely designed courtyard in the distance, located halfway up the mountain.

Neil quickened his pace before leaping up and vaulting over the high wall of the small courtyard in a
single bound.

Following closely behind, Jonathan was a beat slower. However, he did not even glance at the wide-
open door. Instead, he leaped into the courtyard right after Neil.

Even his figure and trajectory were identical to that of Neil in mid-air, demonstrating an extreme level of

Neil stood in the courtyard and cast an amused glance at Jonathan, who landed behind him.

“You really are as cautious as Joshua said you were.”

As Neil spoke, he waved his hand, pushing Stellario and the unconscious Merilyn to the side.

“Help stabilize their injuries. I want them alive.”

Two figures emerged from the nearby thatched house and caught the pair before entering the house
once more.

Neil looked at Jonathan. Then, he extended his hand toward the main house ahead.

“Joshua is inside. Go ahead.”

Upon hearing this, Hayden was about to go in, but he was stopped by Jonathan’s outstretched hand.

“Let me do it.”

The latter took a deep breath and then, without any hesitation, walked toward the thatched house.

At this stage, it’s meaningless to doubt Neil as long as he isn’t a psycho. If he seeks to kill me, he’ll
surely do it in the arena. There’s absolutely no need to go through all this trouble to lure me and others

With a forceful push, Jonathan opened the wooden door and intently gazed inside the house.

After guessing it was Joshua, Jonathan had imagined many scenarios of their reunion, but never had
he thought it would be like this.

In the spot directly facing the door, a small tree swaying with fiery red leaves was now on the verge of

Beneath that small tree lay a man missing an arm and a leg, his body covered in herbal poultices. It
was none other than Joshua.

Seboxia suddenly appeared beside Jonathan.

“I can’t believe this person is still alive despite sustaining such severe injuries. He possesses immense
luck and a great destiny.”

“Save him,” Jonathan said lightly.

“He is the main key to completely unraveling the mystery of this small world.”

Upon hearing this, Seboxia pressed his palms together and looked toward Neil outside.

“Mr. Goldstein, saving him isn’t difficult for me, but I want this Flaming Tree.”

Neil glanced at the nearly withered small tree in the room about half a person tall. After a moment of
thought, he gave a slight nod.

“As long as you can save Joshua, even ten trees wouldn’t be an issue, let alone one.”

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