Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1267

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The Legendary Man -“We’re all on the same side here. Let’s call it quits.” Just as the crowd
in the courtyard started getting hostile at one another, a hoarse voice echoed from within the thatched

“Joshua!” Hayden exclaimed excitedly.

Instantly, everyone turned and stared at the entrance of the thatched house where a figure slowly
emerged. It was none other than Joshua.

Joshua’s left arm and right leg appeared extremely delicate and tender. They had just regrown, thanks to
the life force within him. His skin was as smooth as that of a newborn baby.

He walked toward Jonathan and the others. Afterward, he thrust his upper abdomen and, to everyone’s
surprise, his face turned red as he spat out a storage ring from his mouth.

Joshua reached out to receive the ring, not minding if it was dirty, and casually slipped it onto his own

“Seboxia, thank you for saving my life.” While speaking, Joshua clasped his hands and bowed deeply
before Seboxia.

It was a grand gesture second only to kneeling in the world of cultivators.

Jonathan then looked in the direction of the thatched house. Right then, Neil was coming out of the
house, holding a long halberd that was entirely bright red.

Neil spat out fresh blood from his mouth, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

“So this is the power of Divine Realm? It’s clearly more powerful than God Realm.”

As Neil spoke, he held his halberd horizontally in front of him, his spiritual energy fluctuating, indicating
he was ready to strike at any moment.

With weapons in their hands, Hayden and Jonathan kept their guards up. Meanwhile, Seboxia, who was
standing in the middle, flashed a smile at Neil.

“Mr. Whitley, you still owe me ten Flaming Trees, yet you carry on with such an attitude. This isn’t right.”

Joshua stood up and turned his head to look at Neil, who was behind him, and then cast a glance at

“Flaming Tree?”

“This one.” Jonathan pointed at the dark brown pieces on the ground and said, “Neil agreed to give
Seboxia ten Flaming Trees to save you.”


Joshua turned and stared at Neil, his lips twitching.

The Flaming Tree is an invaluable elixir known for its ability to revive the dead, and Neil had just
promised to give away ten of these precious treasures! What madness is this?

“No worries. You guys don’t actually have any of it. It’s all just empty promises. He won’t be able to
compensate much anyway,” Jonathan chuckled.

At that moment, Joshua shook his head. His expression was dead serious.

“No, Jonathan. You’re wrong. We do have it.”

Upon hearing Joshua’s words, Jonathan was taken aback. At that moment, a glint of shrewdness flashed
across Seboxia’s eyes, which usually appeared placid.

“Where is it now?” Seboxia asked the two softly.

He waved at Neil, signaling him to put down the weapon in his hand.

“Neil, you’re not familiar with what’s going on. If we want to reclaim Yannopolis, these people will be our
greatest allies. We shouldn’t rush into using force.”

Neil looked at Jonathan and his companions for a long time before withdrawing his murderous intent and
returning to his usual calm demeanor.

“Alright, we won’t fight if that’s your decision. I’ll respect it.”

Neil waved his hand, and the cultivators surrounding them one by one leapt up and disappeared into thin

Meanwhile, Neil retrieved a recliner from his storage ring and reclined on it leisurely.

“As much as I respect you, you still need to keep them in check. If they dare to brandish their weapons, I
won’t let them off so easily.”


Upon seeing how Neil blatantly disregarded them, Hayden became so angry that he wanted to confront
the former right away, but Joshua stopped him.

“Hayden, we’re all on the same team. There’s no need for this.”

Hayden looked at Neil icily and made a targeting gesture at him.

The latter chuckled as he casually raised his hip flask at Hayden.

His arrogance instantly ignited Hayden’s rage.

“Darn it! Who do you think you are?”

Hayden was on the verge of striking Neil with his saber, but once again, Joshua intervened, preventing
the attack.

“He has his uses to all of you too. Starting a fight now won’t benefit you.”

From the very beginning, the Zink family had pinned their hopes on Joshua. He was Hayden’s initial
choice to follow.

Even though Hayden was seething with anger at that moment, he still managed to restrain himself in
front of Joshua.

Joshua cast a deep glance at Kathleen, who had been standing by the side all along. He then casually
tossed out a few wooden boxes, offering them as makeshift seats for everyone to sit down.

A few of them who were battling in the arena were experiencing immense exhaustion.

After settling into their seats and confirming that everyone was safe, they began to take food out from the
storage ring to replenish themselves.

Without any hesitation, Joshua asked Jonathan for two large pieces of smoked meat.

“I know you must have a lot of questions right now. Go ahead and ask. I promise to tell you everything I
know,” Joshua said in a cold tone while chewing on the smoked meat.

This fellow has indeed held back information from me. Jonathan thought as he looked at Joshua, who
was sitting across from him.

He and Hayden had inquired about the situation within the small world, but to their surprise, Joshua was
just as clueless as they were. He knew nothing when they asked.

“Sure. Since you want to share, we won’t stop you. Let’s talk about it and everything in the small world.
By the way, is your last name White?”

The question asked by Jonathan was rather vague, but Joshua understood it clearly. At that point,
Joshua was already starting to feel displeased.

After frowning and thinking for a while, Joshua finally put down the smoked meat in his hand, took a
deep breath, and began to speak.

“You’re right, the Whitley family is indeed descendants of the White family from Yannopolis. My return
this time is to reclaim what once belonged to our family.”

As soon as Joshua said those words, the expressions on everyone’s faces varied greatly.

Jonathan’s journey upon entering the small world could be described as extremely exciting. It was during
then that he gradually pieced together a rough idea of what the small world was all about.

On the other hand, Hayden and Kathleen were completely blank. They were totally unable to
comprehend Joshua’s words.

Joshua did not bother to keep anyone in suspense. Instead, he began to recount the history of the
Whitley family.

According to the records of their family history, the ancestors of the Whitley family were the Whites who
ruled over Yannopolis in the small world.

Over eighteen hundred years ago, the White family was betrayed by the other four vassal families from
Yannopolis. Left with no choice, they had to flee from the small world.

Although the small world was separated from the main world, both worlds were still connected through a

To escape their pursuers, some of the Whitley family’s ancestors sacrificed themselves to shield their
clan’s retreat. They forcefully modified the arcane array within the small world, sealing it off entirely.

Some of the Whites who managed to escape the small world changed their last name to Whitley in order
to evade pursuit. They then settled down in Central Land.

Before the ancestors of the White family went their separate ways, they made an agreement to reopen
the entrance to the small world every fifty years as a way to welcome back any White family members
who had escaped.

However, the chaos portal to the small world had never been reopened since then.

To date, it had been exactly two thousand years!

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