Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1264

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Accompanied by an agonized scream, Stellario heavily crashed onto the platform.

The elixir field was the foundation of a cultivator. At that moment, Stellario’s elixir field had been pierced
by a long spear, and the spiritual energy within his body was rapidly dissipating.

Just now, Stellario single-handedly faced over a hundred aboriginal cultivators and managed to slay
them all using his spells. Such a feat could indeed be described as earth-shattering and unparalleled.

A significant depletion of spiritual energy had left Stellario, who was already at the end of his tether,
even more drained.

At that point, having suffered such a heavy blow, he no longer had any strength left to resist.

He lay on the ground and watched the dark red blood slowly seeping out of him.

There was nothing but despair in Stellario’s eyes.


Watching the bare feet that had walked up to him, Stellario’s voice was almost trembling.

Ever since he entered the arena, he had faced life and death several times. Now, the seal was just
about ten meters above him, but he would never have the chance to get it.

The person who stepped forward was none other than the kind-hearted Merilyn.

He didn’t understand why that was happening. “You saved me, but I also protected you. I don’t
understand. I am truly sincere toward you. Why must you act this way.”

Upon hearing that, Merilyn slowly crouched down and then took the black dagger, which represented
the Mallory family’s legacy, from Stellario’s book. “As the descendant of the Great Sorcerer, there
should be more to your abilities than this. Perhaps the Divine Realm cultivators in the Mallory family
might have inherited some genuine legacy.”

Stellario, using poisonous insects and deadly toxins, managed to incapacitate over a hundred people in
a short period.

Such an achievement, whether in the small world or outside, was enough to be recorded in the annals
of the cultivation world.

Despite such a track record, at that moment, it was merely referred to as a trivial accomplishment by

Not to mention Stellario, even Kathleen was completely dumbfounded at that moment. How could a girl
from such a small world utter words like these? Besides, she’s just an advanced phase God Realm
cultivator. Moreover, if it hadn’t been for Stellario just now, Merilyn might not have even survived. What
on earth is going on with this woman?

“You’re not Merilyn…”

“Seboxia!” Stellario roared in anger, while Kathleen, upon hearing the name of Seboxia, instantly
leaped backward, creating a distance of several tens of meters between her and Merilyn.

The eight respectable families had long begun investigating the origin of Jonathan’s extraordinary
combat power. Increasingly, the evidence pointed to the possibility of an old monster residing within

Especially on the previous Battle of River Onxy, the fierce battle between Jonathan and Quintus
against Ivanov further confirmed that speculation.

With so many spies from the eight families within the Eastern Allied Army, identifying Seboxia’s identity
wasn’t too difficult.

Especially since Seboxia’s identity was legendary. He was the powerful figure who established
Seboxiasm, the world’s largest religion.

Someone who should have died sixteen hundred years ago suddenly reappeared and was now
attached to Jonathan. Naturally, that would draw everyone’s attention.

How could such a person not instill fear in Kathleen?

Merilyn looked at Stellario on the ground, her gaze as calm as ever.

With her hands clasped together in front of her chest, Merilyn finally uttered those classic words once

“You are wise, Mr. Mallory, but sadly, our karmic connection has come to an end. I will now help you
transcend, guiding you toward rebirth in the ultimate bliss.” Seboxia spoke, raising his hand and swiftly
striking toward Stellario’s head.

Kathleen stood at a distance, not daring to step forward. All she could do was watch Stellario meet his
tragic end.

At that point, Stellario also chose to accept his fate.

The path of a cultivator must eventually come to an end. It was just that for him, Stellario, that small
world was his final destination.

A surge of spiritual pressure descended, and Stellario closed his eyes without putting up any struggle.

The pain he had anticipated did not come. Stellario opened his eyes, only to find a seal had fallen in
front of him, blocking Seboxia’s attack.

And behind Seboxia, the man who called himself Neil had appeared once again.

“An expert who can utilize the spiritual energy form is rare.” With a cheerful grin, Neil strolled over to
Stellario. With a light tap in the air, the seal in front of Stellario fell into the latter’s hand.

“I like your performance. You can live on.” Neil spoke to Stellario in a casual manner as if discussing
something of little importance.

Neil, the Grand Commander of Yannopolis’ South Outer City, was the actual person in charge of the
entire Outer City.

At that place, he was the “God” who ruled over everything.

Neil stood up and looked at Seboxia. “I am quite fond of this little girl. Would it be possible to spare her

Seboxia’s Spirit Possession Technique was incredibly domineering. When using Jonathan’s body, he
needed to negotiate with the latter out of fear that it might harm Jonathan’s Anima.

However, occupying Merilyn’s body, Seboxia clearly didn’t have the patience to give him a heads-up in

Looking at Neil, Seboxia gave a slight smile.

Then, he took a step forward, and a figure emerged from Merilyn’s body. The man held spiritual beads
and was draped in a white robe, radiating a jade-green glow.

Merilyn fell to the ground as if on cue while Seboxia stood by, lightly stomping the ground with his foot.

“You’ve watched enough of the show. It’s time for you to step on stage.” As Seboxia spoke, the few
people lowered their heads to look at the ground beneath their feet.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A series of cracking sound rang out.


With a booming sound, Jonathan and Hayden sprang out from beneath the square platform, landing
steadily beside Seboxia.

“You guys…”

Stellario was momentarily taken aback as he gazed at the spirited duo but quickly understood the ins
and outs of the situation.

“Ha! Jonathan, you sure are cunning!”

“Don’t say it like that,” Jonathan said, looking at Stellario, whose cultivation was ruined, and waved his
hand. “I really did block the pursuers for you at that time. It was you who chose to abandon me, wasn’t

Upon hearing that, Stellario let out a cold laugh but chose not to argue further.

Meanwhile, Jonathan’s gaze fell upon Seboxia.

“Hey, Seboxia, didn’t we agree? We’ll sound out his true intentions before I show up to wrap things up.
You’ve exposed yourself now, making things difficult for me.”

Seboxia, on the other hand, was unfazed. “We can’t sound anything out. His current appearance is just
a transfiguration in this arcane array. Even I pose no threat to his existence.”

That was the first time Jonathan heard Seboxia admit that he was at his wit’s end.

Looking at Neil, Jonathan wore a face full of curiosity. “I really want to know, what exactly are you
planning? What is it about Stellario and me that you are interested in?”

As Jonathan spoke, he lightly leaped up, picked up a seal, and then handed it over to Neil. “We’ve
been given a chance to survive. Isn’t it time you revealed your true intentions?”

Neil took Jonathan’s seal in his hand and immediately turned to Stellario with a hearty laugh.

“I’m not killing you because someone is interested in you. That person’s family name is Whitley.”

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