Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1266

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Jonathan turned his head to look at Neil behind him.

Flaming Tree was a divine tree capable of reviving the dead and healing the gravest of injuries. If there
really were ten of them, then Joshua’s current injuries would be nothing. Even if his injuries were more
severe, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Seboxia probably wanted it to harness the pure life force within it.

However, Flaming Tree held more importance to Jonathan.

Back in Summerbank, Jonathan acquired Summerbank Abyss’ formation plate after eliminating
Vladimir and his disciple.

But within the Summerbank Abyss, Flaming Tree, one of the formation foundations of the Four
Symbols Formation trapping the ancient beast, Joselle, had withered entirely due to the excessive
exploitation by Vladimir and the others.

In other words, the Four Symbols Formation was missing a formation foundation. Although it could
temporarily seal Joselle, it was not as sturdy as it used to be.

If it weren’t for the eerie white fog outside, she would likely have gotten out a long time ago.

At present, although she was still trapped, Jonathan knew that as long as she was given time, she
would undoubtedly be able to shake the unstable formation foundation and free herself.

The only solution was to find another Flaming Tree to supplement the formation foundation of the Four
Symbols Formation.

The formation was already in place. It was merely a matter of replacing one of the formation
foundations, and it should be quite an easy task.

The tricky part of the matter lay in the Flaming Tree itself.

It was a rare treasure of the universe. Even in ancient times, it was an incredibly precious thing.

With it being a miraculous healing elixir capable of reviving the dead, the moment all cultivators laid
eyes on Flaming Tree, they couldn’t help but yearn to extract every drop of its juice.

They would never allow such a unique tree to go untouched.

All along, Jonathan had always believed that it was an impossible task to accomplish.

But upon seeing signs of Flaming Tree again in that small world presently, Jonathan was inexorably
shocked inwardly.

While Seboxia was skeptical about Neil’s claim, he did not hesitate but turned around and entered the
thatched house to start treating Joshua’s injuries.

Meanwhile, Jonathan walked over to Neil.

“Were you serious about having ten Flaming Trees, Buddy?”

Neil settled into the rocking chair beside him, stretching languidly before lying down on it.

Eyeing Jonathan and the others, he took off the hip flask at his waist and poured the liquor into his

“Why would I lie to you all?”

Despite his nonchalant demeanor, Jonathan wasn’t annoyed.

Instead, he sat on a nearby bluestone and chuckled softly.

“I just don’t understand it. Even if you had just one Flaming Tree, it would be enough to heal Joshua.
But all there’s in the house right now is mere saplings. What you said doesn’t matter much, but that
bald guy inside is not someone to mess with. If he heals Joshua but doesn’t see the ten Flaming Trees
you mentioned, it might be difficult for you to explain things to him.”

Neil wiped the liquor from the corner of his mouth, the look in his eyes as he stared at Jonathan
gradually turning icy cold.

“As I said earlier, why should I explain myself to you? He’s just a Divine Realm cultivator. In this small
world, none of us can connect with Heavenly Pryncyp. We’re all the same here. Why would I owe him
any explanation?”

His words had Jonathan stiffen slightly.

At the same time, the look in his eyes as he studied Neil also carried a trace of wariness.

Back when Stellario and Neil had a duel in the underground dungeon in Outer City, the latter wiped the
floor with the former.

Both Jonathan and Stellario assumed that it was due to the suppression of the formation in Outer City.

But from the look of things then, that was seemingly not the case.

The fact that the man standing before them could casually speak of Seboxia’s Divine Realm cultivation
and not take it seriously at all made it clear that he definitely had the capability to back it up.

Most surprisingly, he was clearly aware that the world he was in was within a small world.

Judging from his expression, there wasn’t the slightest hint of surprise on his face either. It was as
though he had known it all along.

Hmm, how could he behave thus? Even if he learned about the truth from Joshua, he shouldn’t be this
calm and composed.

As Jonathan scrutinized the man before him, his guard heightened even more.

From the moment he appeared, he has been acting in such an unpredictable manner that he’s almost
impossible to figure out. Who exactly is he?

At that precise moment, a trembling shriek rang out from within the thatched house.

Jonathan turned and saw a burst of vibrant green life force from the thatched house. The green glow
flickered slightly before everything returned to its usual tranquility again.

“Where… Where am I?”

Joshua’s voice came from inside the house.

At the entrance of the thatched house, Seboxia had already emerged, clutching the completely
withered Flaming Tree sapling.

“This one doesn’t count,” Seboxia said, casually tossing the sapling to Neil.

While treating Joshua earlier, he casually devoured Flaming Tree in an instant. Right then, he tossed
the waste onto the ground. It swiftly turned into dust and scattered with the wind.

“I want the ten Flaming Trees right now.”

With a hearty laugh, Seboxia walked over to Neil and voiced that demand.

Neil looked up at Seboxia before bursting into hearty laughter and shaking his head.

“I don’t have them right now.”

“Our meeting in this small world is indeed fateful. It would be best not to make such a joke

Seboxia clasped his hands together, his entire person radiating an unusual sense of humility. However,
Jonathan turned to look at Hayden upon seeing that. Almost in concert, both of them reached into their
storage rings.

Neil was something else. Even after learning about Seboxia’s cultivation level, he remained fearless
and confident. As such, he was definitely no easy prey.

Moreover, Seboxia’s current state indicated that he was about to make a move.

Even though Neil had saved them, Jonathan was still more inclined to trust those he had formed an
alliance with outside of the small world.

Perhaps Neil was an exceedingly important figure, but if the man threatened their lives, he would not
hesitate to kill him.

“Thinking of starting a fight?” Neil asked coldly, his eyes fixed on Seboxia and the others.

“You’re merely courting death!”


The rocking chair under Neil shattered with a loud crack.

At the same time, Hayden swung his saber at the broken rocking chair.

Jonathan, on the other hand, slashed backward with Heaven Sword in hand, treating the long sword
like a saber.

Seboxia, who was between them both, was the most direct. As he stood in place, two arms suddenly
emerged from his back and clenched into fists. Without any warning, he threw two punches behind him.

It was precisely when those two punches shot out that Neil’s figure appeared right behind him.

At that moment, the reactions of Jonathan and the others clearly showcased the gap in capabilities.


With a muffled thud, Neil was sent flying.

He smashed right the thatched house where Joshua currently inhabited.

The gleam of a blade swiped at him, and the shadow of a sword flashed by.

Hayden’s and Jonathan’s attacks both missed by a hair’s breadth.

As Neil tumbled through the air, figures clad in animal skins leaped into the courtyard from outside and
joined the trio.

Jonathan turned and looked around. In the small courtyard, dozens of cultivators came into sight, and
many others materialized on the hillside in the distance.

Casting his eyes as far as he could see, he saw a great crowd of no less than hundreds of people.

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