Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1262

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-The moment vitality flickered within the eyes of the reanimated corpses behind him, a
peculiar force abruptly rent Stellario’s hands, disrupting the seals he was forming.

Among the cultivators of Chanaea, an inherent division existed between those aligned with
righteousness and those drawn to darker paths. The Mallory family stood out as one of the most
prominent factions straddling this line between the two.

The Mallory family didn’t fall completely into either the realm of goodness or malevolence. While their
techniques were undeniably perilous and ruthless, the Mallories had, over recent generations, adopted
a considerably more restrained and reserved approach.

After all, the entirety of the social structure had evolved over millennia. However, there was a specific
cause for why the Mallory family was driven into seclusion within Centum Mountain in Yorksland by the
other respectable families.

Nonetheless, they were far from being malevolent. They never proactively sought to inflict harm upon

Countless individuals who unwittingly strayed into the Mallory family’s territory found themselves
unable to forget the experience long after departing. Some were so captivated that they even risked
their lives to become a part of the family.

Furthermore, whenever someone found themselves embroiled in trouble, the Mallories always stepped
in to help resolve the issue.

Consequently, throughout centuries, the public’s opinions of the Mallory family had perpetually
remained a blend of praise and criticism.

In an effort to maintain their standing, the Mallory family had consistently instilled discipline in their
descendants, dissuading them from acting recklessly.

Nevertheless, the decision to refrain from rash actions was always a choice rather than an obligation.

As the major clans of Chanaea underwent changes in power, the boundaries of influence for the
remaining prominent clans became more distinct. The Mallory family’s large-scale endeavors also
dwindled in frequency over time. Eventually, their presence became a rarity beyond the confines of
Yorksland, but that didn’t mean they’d given up on some important traditions that were passed down in
the clan.

And now, Stellario was employing one of the most reviled techniques among the Mallory family’s
forbidden techniques—the Corpse Manipulation Technique.

A dozen or so afterimages streaked past Stellario’s side. Those who had been previously deceased not
only came back to life at this moment but also exhibited a swiftness that surpassed their prior

While alive, humans’ physical speed and agility are subject to numerous constraints, including factors
like muscle strength, explosive power, and one’s inherent endurance limit.

However, at this moment, these resurrected corpses were free from any pain or discomfort, entirely
unburdened by concerns about whether their limbs could withstand the strain or not.

Although, at this velocity, it was highly probable that the muscles and bones of these reanimated
corpses would be entirely torn asunder within a short duration, their current speed was more than
sufficient under such circumstances and distance.

The cultivators surged toward the crowd at breakneck speed. Though their movements appeared
disorganized, their velocity was simply too swift to be easily countered.

Screams of anguish reverberated in the surroundings, and before the aboriginal cultivators could react,
they were successively assailed.

Merilyn arrived at Stellario’s side.

“Stellario, these people…”

“They’ve been infested by corpseworms,” said Stellario, gritting his teeth.

“Corpseworms exist in only two states: one being sealed, the other being awake,” Stellario explained.

“When the seal of these corpseworms is removed, they stimulate their host to seek sustenance,
gathering the extensive energy required for their own reproduction. Those who are active become their
new targets for parasitism.”

Countless types of insects and beasts inhabited the small world, but Merilyn had never heard of such
terrifying insects.

Upon hearing Stellario’s words, she immediately looked around nervously.

“If that’s the case, we…”

“We’re safe,” Stellario reassured her. “The fragrance emitted by that yellow pill is the very thing that
corpseworms detest the most. It poses a significant threat to them, so they won’t target us.”

Stellario stepped forward with Merilyn in tow.

“Corpseworms are highly contagious,” he continued. “When a living individual is parasitized, their
vitality is swiftly sapped, transforming the body into a breeding ground for the worms. If a corpse
becomes infected, it results in what you’re seeing right now. The deceased are revived, and they
rampage, attacking anything in their path.”

At this juncture, the peak of Ascension Peak was in a state of complete turmoil.

The contagion carried by the corpseworms was exceedingly potent. Even the most minor contact with
these reanimated corpses could lead to the transmission of worm eggs.

Even in the absence of a lethal injury, those insect eggs would swiftly bore into the cultivators’ bodies
and start absorbing nutrients.

Exterminating these corpseworms, while not exceptionally challenging, still demanded some degree of

And amidst the distraction, those cultivators driven by the corpseworms would seize the opportunity to

As this cycle persisted, approximately twenty to thirty cultivators found themselves transformed into
new corpses in a brief span of time, causing the number of the undead to swell once more.

Meanwhile, the cultivators in the rear, uncertain about the fate that had befallen their comrades,
hesitated to advance. They opted to expend their spiritual energy by casting spells to combat the
reanimated corpses instead.

At that precise moment, on a narrow path from the other side, a stout man, panting heavily, ascended
to the summit of Ascension Peak and entered the arena.

Due to Stellario’s tricks and the chaos he had incited among the aborigines, the flustered victims only
spared the burly man a brief glance before they stopped paying him any attention.

Some even shouted at the burly man, asking him for help.

At this moment, the burly man was also vigorously waving his hand in their direction.

As the burly man arrived at the square’s center, he heaved a sigh of relief. Then, with a swift leap, he
snatched one of the seals from mid-air.

His action stunned everyone present.

These seals were specifically prepared for eight outlanders and were not something they could touch at

Before Stellario and his group arrived, some among them had been unable to resist the temptation to
touch the seals. However, the moment they made contact, they were promptly repelled by the
formation, catapulted a considerable distance, and tumbled down Ascension Peak.

Since that incident, no one had dared to covet those seals. Surprisingly, this burly man managed to
effortlessly grasp one in his hand.

“What in the world?” someone questioned aloud.

“What?” The burly man holding the seal spoke indifferently. “Nothing to see here. I can survive now.”

As the burly man spoke, an astonishing transformation overtook him. The flesh on his face started
peeling off relentlessly, with sizable chunks dropping incessantly.

What was revealed behind the flesh was not the sinews and bones of a burly man, but a face smeared
with blood.

The man let out a long sigh of relief. “I thought it would be difficult, but turns out, all it takes is a simple
disguise to get the seal, haha…”

The bloody figure was still continuously shedding pieces of flesh from its body.

Meanwhile, Stellario also recognized the woman who took on the form of the burly man.

It was Kathleen, the only woman among the eight outlanders in this arena.

She was a woman of charm, but her act of killing someone then peeling off their skin and attaching it to
herself as a disguise was rather nauseating.

An aboriginal cultivator lunged at Kathleen with a knife, but before he could reach her, a protective
shield materialized, thwarting the cultivator’s weapon.

Kathleen waved the seal in her hand, and surprisingly summoned a large bucket of water to start
washing off the blood stains on her body.

“Go ahead and continue your fight. I’m quite enjoying the spectacle.”

Kathleen, only in her underwear, casually watched the drama unfold, showing no intention of lending a

Stellario merely chuckled.

“All right. Today, I’ll give you a good show!”

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