Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1261

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-Hayden fixated his gaze on Jonathan, who stood opposite him, appearing somewhat

After a considerable period of time, he couldn’t resist the urge to give Jonathan a thumbs up,
exclaiming, “D*mn! Mr. Goldstein, you guys are really something. You and Joshua are more cunning
than the next. So, you staged this whole act just to have Stellario scout the path for you?”

Upon hearing those words, Jonathan raised his beer and promptly tilted his head back to take a long

Such intricate plotting was definitely viewed as cunning if used on comrades or allies. However, when
applied to others, it transformed into a strategic approach.

Furthermore, what Jonathan desired extended beyond just these things.

From the moment the beacon materialized above his head, Jonathan was acutely aware that the
disheveled man who had attempted to recruit him the previous day, and who had transformed into an
illusion to announce the rules today, likely possessed the means to monitor the entire arena.

Considering the circumstances surrounding the extermination of the hidden-wing insects through
separate, controlled burns in various regions, it became evident that the disheveled man possessed not
only the ability to monitor every area but also the freedom to manipulate changes in the entire
formation at will.

The realization that his every action was under constant surveillance weighed heavily on him. The
sensation of being both watched and manipulated was undeniably unsettling.

Most importantly, based on the man’s attempt to recruit Jonathan the previous night, it was clear that
despite his outwardly unbridled demeanor, this man always left Jonathan with the distinct impression

that he was anything but ordinary.

To say the least, in comparison to the other aboriginal cultivators he had encountered, this man was
undeniably far more dangerous.

Hence, he wanted to see what the man’s reaction would be after realizing his disappearance.

At the same time, Stellario and Merilyn had reached the summit of Ascension Peak.

What lay before them was an immense square, measuring three hundred square meters in width.

Right at the center of the square, eight seals hovered in mid-air.

“Eight? That should be the qualification to leave this arena.” Stellario fixed his gaze on the seals in the
distance and spoke in a low, resonant voice, but he refrained from venturing into the square.

That was because the square was populated with clusters of cultivators, some seated while others
stood, scattered throughout. There were easily over a hundred of them.

These individuals had all arrived at the peak well in advance, gathering as cultivators with the sole
purpose of anticipating the arrival of Jonathan and his companions.

“One hundred and thirteen people.”

Stellario nonchalantly consumed a few Spirit Rejuvenating Pills and let out a long, concerned sigh.

“The odds aren’t in our favor.”

Following his words, successive waves of spiritual energy swiftly coalesced above the square,
gradually taking on the form of that disheveled man.

“Stellario Mallory, you truly live up to my expectations. You’re the first to arrive, and you’ve certainly
made me quite a fortune,” remarked the disheveled man.

Stellario fixed his gaze upon the disheveled man, reaching for the small knife at his waist. He allowed a
trickle of his own fresh blood to seep out and be absorbed by the blade.

“Did you orchestrate this grand spectacle?” As Stellario asked that question, he held the palm-sized
black knife, and his fresh blood was swiftly absorbed by it, as though the blade were a sponge.

Following that, he assumed an unusual stance.

Nourished by the fresh blood, the small knife started to grow at a rapid pace. In a matter of moments,
the once petite knife had metamorphosed into a saber nearly as tall as a person.

With the saber held before him, Stellario cast a cold and unyielding gaze upward at Neil, the disheveled

“What’s your name? I believe I should at least know who is responsible for subjecting me to such a
harrowing near-death experience, shouldn’t I?” he asked.

“My name is Neil, the Grand Commander of the entire South Outer City of Yannopolis,” Neil said with a

“Once you secure the seal in the center, you will inevitably encounter my true self, and you will also
acquire the privilege for complete transcendence. Allow me to witness the genuine prowess of a
legendary outlander. Spare no effort,” Neil declared.

Upon concluding his statement, he turned to address the aboriginal cultivators who stood behind him.
“If you desire to attain the qualifications to become envoys, then eliminate him.”

Following that, his figure faded away.

The aboriginal cultivators, one after another, charged toward Stellario as if they had gone mad.

“Stand aside. A battle of this magnitude is far beyond your capabilities,” Stellario roared, then launched
himself into the air with several jet-black, fur-covered claws bursting forth from his back.

With a swift slash of the saber in his hand, Stellario skillfully severed the weapon of a cultivator who
stood before him.

The moment the two came face-to-face, one of the claws on Stellario’s back had already pierced
through the cultivator’s throat.


Stellario yelled, observing as the wriggling insects on the claw, guided by the path of fresh blood,
burrowed their way into the cultivator’s throat.

He then pivoted and began to walk away, once more wielding his saber to deliver a slashing strike to
the side.


Merilyn, standing behind Stellario, intended to lend a hand but was startled before she could even say
a word.

Behind Stellario, the cultivator he had previously killed astonishingly staggered back to his feet.

Even though Merilyn was a God Realm cultivator, she was momentarily taken aback by the eerie sight
of someone seemingly rising from the dead.

However, at this very moment, Stellario appeared oblivious to Merilyn’s warning, simply focusing on
advancing forward without so much as a glance backward.

More and more aboriginal cultivators across from them began to take notice of the anomaly occurring
behind Stellario.

“Their lives should have already been extinguished! They should be dead!” someone shouted loudly.

Those who recognized the supposedly deceased individuals started to call out their names.

Nevertheless, regardless of how loudly they shouted, those who had risen from the dead appeared
utterly unresponsive, akin to lifeless wood.

And in the midst of this bizarre scene, stood Stellario, who was at this moment gradually turning
around, his body soaked in blood.

He was a cultivator who specialized in parasite utilization. Direct combat had never been his strong

At this critical moment, confronted by an onslaught of dozens of adversaries, Stellario had engaged in
only a few skirmishes. Despite managing to eliminate nearly twenty individuals consecutively by
leveraging the deadly claws protruding from his back and the sharp saber in his grasp, he was already
teetering on the brink of exhaustion.

Nevertheless, at this juncture, he remained at the edge of the arena, hardly having shifted an inch.

If Jonathan were present, given his capabilities, he likely would have secured the seal by this point.

For reasons he couldn’t quite comprehend, Stellario found himself involuntarily thinking of Jonathan.

Realizing his own musings, Stellario erupted into hearty laughter.

“Now I know how Jonathan was capable of developing a massive force like Asura’s Office in such a
brief period. Undoubtedly, he possesses an indescribable personal charm,” Stellario acknowledged as

he laughed out loud, and in a swift motion, he flung a glass bottle with a backhanded throw.

“Merilyn, take the pills and keep your distance.”

Merilyn seized the glass bottle without a moment’s hesitation, shattered it, and promptly ingested the
yellow pill contained within.

Stellario followed suit, swallowing the yellow pill. Upon doing so, his body started emanating tendrils of
unusual spiritual energy.

“Parasitic Slaughter, Control Removal!”

While Stellario executed intricate hand seals, it seemed as though a certain form of constraint
surrounding him had been unlocked.

The lifeless bodies that stood behind him, one after another, astonishingly exhibited a glimmer of vitality
in their eyes.

However, anyone who dared to observe these seemingly reanimated corpses up close would discern,
within the pupils of these lifeless eyes, semi-transparent minuscule entities ceaselessly coursing within.

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