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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 165: The Four Beauties Gathered free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 165: The Four Beauties Gathered

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Chapter 165: The Four Beauties Gathered

"Hey, Xia!"

At 6:30 PM, Xia Mo walked past the gate of her residential district while wearing her casual sportswear when she spotted Chu Tian standing a small distance in front of her. He was waving at her with one hand.

Xia Mo greeted Chu Tian with a bright smile and said, "What do you have in your hands? Stop hiding it. Show me quickly."


Chu Tian chuckled and revealed the hand hidden behind his back. He was holding a bouquet of fresh and vibrant flowers that were in full bloom.

"Oh my, flowers too!" Xia Mo exclaimed with delight.

Xia Mo took the bouquet from Chu Tian and sniffed it with delight. She asked, "Mmm, it smells lovely. Are these roses?"

Chu Tian said he wasn't sure whether the flowers were roses or not. He explained that he had picked them from the flowerbed in the residential area because they looked pretty.

"You picked them from the flowerbed in the residential area?" Xia Mo repeated in surprise.

Xia Mo giggled and playfully kicked Chu Tian and said, "You naughty boy! I thought you bought them. No wonder they still have so many leaves."

"The flowers will look charming as long as they look fresh," Chu Tian chuckled. "It's not just me picking them. Many others have also taken some from the flowerbed."

Xia Mo chuckled and pursed her lips, commenting on Chu Tian's lack of manners. She then sniffed the flowers again and asked him where they were going to get hot pot.

Chu Tian explained that they were going to a large hot pot restaurant in the city area, which he had visited twice before and that he found to be delicious. He then asked Xia Mo if the outing would cause any delay in her work.

"It won't. I had two consecutive night shifts, so I have two days off now," Xia Mo said. "By the way, how was your meeting with Lawyer Zhu?"

"It went well," Chu Tian said. "I think we don't need to  appear in court anymore."

"Why not?" Xia Mo asked curiously. "Lawyer Xing is a very capable and honest person."

Chu Tian acknowledged Xia Mo's point by saying, "I know." He then explained that the main reason for meeting with Luo Dawei was because he had approached him, wanting to obtain his letter of forgiveness.

"Oh, I see," Xia Mo responded.

Xia Mo nodded in understanding and asked, "So, did you agree to it?"

Chu Tian confirmed that he had agreed to Luo Dawei's request temporarily, but he had not written the letter yet. He added that he would wait until Luo Dawei compensated him before he writes it.

Xia Mo chuckled and asked, "How much money are we talking about?"

"A billion," Chu Tian said.

"One hundred million?" Xia Mo's eyes widened in surprise. "That's, that's a lot of money!"

"Sure," Chu Tian laughed, "Even if it's eighteen million, I won't take it seriously. If someone wants my letter of forgiveness, they'll have to offer something valuable. Can I really write it for just anything?"

"Oh my god," Xia Mo exclaimed, "One hundred million, you are making a killing!"

Chu Tian laughed and questioned the profitability of the situation. He clarified  what Luo was at stake in exchang for his life. He added that since Luo Dawei had approached him on his own accord and showed a willingness to change, he felt obligated to give him a chance. Chu Tian remarked that he could not go all out and kill Luo Dawei.

Xia Mo smiled and rolled her eyes, "So, when will the money be deposited?"

"Well… it's hard to say," Chu Tian shook his head and said, "But it should be within these two days. Luo Dawei doesn't have that much cash on hand. He has to sell a villa to gather enough money. He said he'll sell it cheaply. I didn't expect that. As the chairman of the fragrant drift group, he couldn't even come up with one billion."

"That's normal," Xia Mo said, "Luo Dawei can definitely come up with the money. He's worth several hundred billion. But even if you have a lot of money, you usually don't have enough cash on hand. Most of it is invested in real estate, funds, financial products, stocks, and so on. Just wait for it. He's definitely more anxious than you are."

Chu Tian nodded and said, "That's right. I'm not in a hurry anyway. Whenever he gives me the money, I'll write it then."

Xia Mo held the flower bouquet in her hand and sniffed them again, then asked, "Hey, by the way, Chu Tian, I almost forgot to ask you, what's your relationship with Sun Nana now? Are you lovers?"

Chu Tian replied, "Not really,"

"Then what were you two doing in that secluded place so late at night?"

Chu Tian smirked and explained that his intention was simply to have a friendly outdoor sparring match with Sun Nana, who had been his classmate.


Upon hearing Chu Tian's words, Xia Mo chuckled and kicked him, saying, "Why are you so fickle, Chu Tian? Honestly, don't mess with Sun Nana. She's not a good woman. Sister Xia and I have encountered all kinds of people at the police station, and I could tell right away that she’s not a good person. Your girlfriend is so much better than her in terms of looks and figure. Xiao Bai beats her in every way."

"You're with Xiao Bai anyway. Don't flirt around with other women.  Xiao Bai is really a good girl with long legs and a beautiful face. She attracts so many people. Oh, and what car were you driving at noon today? It definitely wasn't Xiao Bai's, right?"

"Hey…" Chu Tian grinned and said, "It wasn't Xiao Bai."

"I really want to strangle you."  Xia Mo couldn't help but roll her eyes upon seeing Chu Tian's smirking face and said, "Seriously, you need to show self-control in the future. Xiao Bai is really a good girl. Don't mess around with other women."

"Okay, I'll listen to you, sister Xia," Chu Tian laughed, "I'll show some restraint in the future."

"Pfft!" Xia Mo sneered and muttered, "With that smug smile, I don't believe you’ll show restraint. By the way, where’s Xiao Bai?"

"Oh, Xiao Bai, Sisi, and Nianian are waiting at the entrance of the community with us." Chu Tian said. "Let's have a good time together tonight."

"Then let's go quickly," Xia Mo said, "Don't let Xiao Bai and the others wait too long."

Soon after Xia Mo and Chu Tian left the community, they saw Xiao Bai, Li Sisi, and Li Nianian waiting at the entrance.

Xiao Bai had her hair tied up high and was wearing denim shorts that reached to the end of her buttocks and really showed her white sneakers, a belly-revealing vest. The outfit really showed her beauty.

Li Sisi wore oversized sunglasses with a floor-length jumpsuit and silver crystal sandals, giving a mature and sexy vibe.

Li Nianian wore a white shirt with a black bodycon skirt and sky-blue high heels, exuding a professional and sexy female secretary feel.

Seeing Chu Tian and Xia Mo come out, Xiao Bai happily ran over, hugged Chu Tian's arm, and said with smiling face, "Sister Xia."

"Yeah, Xiao Bai looks really beautiful today," Xia Mo smiled.

"It’s nothing," Xiao Bai smiled, "Xiajie Jie is the beautiful one."

"You have a sweet mouth," Xia Mo said.

Li Sisi came over with joy and said, "Now that we're all here, let's go. The car has arrived."

"One car?" Xia Mo said, "Can the five of us fit?"

"No problem," Chu Tian said, "Xiao Bai can sit on my lap, and I'll hug her. Then we can fit."

"Okay, let's go. I’m really hungry."

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