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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 164: Selling the Villa to Collect Money for Compensation free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 164: Selling the Villa to Collect Money for Compensation

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Chapter 164: Selling the Villa to Collect Money for Compensation

Twelve years of foundation…

After hearing Chu Tian's decision, lawyer Xing pondered before speaking, "Mr. Chu, based on your understanding of the situation, I'll be honest with you about my intentions."

Lawyer Xing opened his briefcase and took out a file. He opened it and pulled out a piece of paper, which he handed it over to Chu Tian.

"Mr. Chu, in fact, Mr. Luo and Miss Piao have come to a profound realisation of their mistakes. They regret their actions and are remorseful for the harm they have caused you. Here is a letter of apology from both of them. Please take a look," Lawyer Xing said as he handed the letter to Chu Tian.

Chu Tian took the letter but didn't bother to read it. He casually put it aside and said, "Hmm, I can tell by reading between the lines that Mr. Luo and Miss Piao are sincere. They have indeed realised their mistakes, especially shown by the parallelism in the sentences. It's exceptionally well-written and full of literary charm. And the handwriting is also beautiful, clearly indicating that Mr. Luo personally wrote it, exuding the aura of a big boss with every stroke."


You didn't even take a glance, and you are already talking about the letter?

Alright then!

Upon seeing the ‘hypocritical' demeanour of Chu Tian, Lawyer Xing had a rough idea in his mind.

Lawyer Xing smiled and said, "Yes, this apology letter was indeed personally written by Mr. Luo. So, Mr. Chu, I'll be honest with you about why I am here. Mr. Luo has indeed recognised his mistakes and feels genuine remorse for his actions."

"So, he hopes that Mr. Chu can give him a chance to reform, and he is willing to compensate you for the physical and psychological harm he has caused you," Lawyer Xing continued.

Chu Tian nodded and said, "Oh, my lawyer already told me about it. In simple terms, you're asking for my forgiveness."

"Exactly," Lawyer Xing continued. "We really hope to obtain Mr. Chu's forgiveness. We truly regret our actions. We promise to start a new relationship and never engage in such behaviour again. We hope Mr. Chu can give us a chance."


Chu Tian furrowed his eyebrows and said, "As the old saying goes, a person is not a sage who can do any wrongdoing they wish. He knows what is wrong and wants to change it. If Boss Luo and Miss Piao really realised their mistake, then I, Chu Tian, am not someone to take it for granted."

"But, this incident has indeed caused me a great deal of harm. I'm not lying that when I sleep during the night and during my naps, all I could see in my mind were scenes of being chased by someone. It was truly terrifying."

"I think that I might have developed some psychological trauma from this incident. I need to find a good psychologist and undergo proper treatment. Otherwise, my mental health could deteriorate and cause bigger issues in the future."

"Sigh, I don't know how many years it will take to treat my mental trauma, and I have no idea how much money it will cost during this period. As an ordinary person like me, I don't have deep pockets like Mr. Luo. How will I live in the future? I'm so worried."

Got it!

I understand now!

It's all about money!

Lawyer Xing nodded with a smile and said, "Mr. Chu, I'm here on behalf of Mr. Luo and Miss Piao to discuss this matter with you. I understand that this incident has surely caused you a great deal of harm, and it's only right for us to compensate you voluntarily. So, Mr. Chu, you name your price. How much money would  you need to forgive Mr. Luo??"

"Ah, it's really embarrassing to talk about money," Chu Tian said with a smile. "I'm not someone who thinks about money all the time. This… I, Chu Tian, am not someone who is greedy for money."

"I understand," Lawyer Xing said, once again smiling. "Mr. Chu, you don't seem like a person who is motivated by money. However, this is our sincere intention, and I hope Mr. Chu can give us an opportunity to make amends."

"Well, I see." Chu nodded, feeling a bit hesitant. "If Mr. Luo insists on making a kind gesture, then I can't refuse. Otherwise, it would seem like I'm not respecting Mr. Luo. So, go ahead and tell me, how much does Mr. Luo want to offer as compensation?"

"Five hundred million?" Chu Tian was taken aback by the amount. "That's a significant sum. Mr. Luo must really want to make amends."

Five hundred million?

Chu Tian furrowed his brow and said, "That's a lot of money. Mr. Luo is being too generous. With that amount, I could probably find a reasonably-priced psychologist and cover my therapy expenses."


Got it!

Five hundred million was not enough!

Lawyer Xing thought for a moment and said, "Mr. Chu, can I ask how much you've found out about the approximate cost of your psychological therapy?"

"How about a billion?" Chu Tian said. "I just consulted a friend who is knowledgeable in psychology during lunch today. He said my condition is extremely severe and very difficult to treat. If I want a complete recovery, it would cost at least one billion."

"Oh, I didn't expect the cost of psychological treatment to be so high. It's really troubling. Where can I get so much money?" Chu Tian sighed. "These doctors nowadays are so money-oriented, asking for so much money. Who can afford such high costs of treatment?"

"Well," Lawyer Xing smiled and said, "The cost of treatment is indeed not cheap. Let me give you some information, Mr. Chu. In the short term, Mr. Luo can only come up with a maximum of eight hundred million. This is truly his limit. What do you think? Is this price acceptable?"

"Well," Chu Tian said, "That's not a bad idea. Since Mr. Luo wants to make amends, he might as well cover my entire psychological treatment cost. He won't miss those extra two hundred million, right?"

"Sure, that sounds reasonable," said Lawyer Xing while nodding. "I'll go talk to Mr. Luo and update you on any news. I'll contact you by phone next."

"Thank you," Lawyer Xing said with a smile. They both got up and as they walked towards the door, Xing expressed his gratitude again. "I appreciate your understanding, Mr. Chu Tian. We'll be in touch soon." After this, he left the room, and Chu saw him off at the door.


"One billion?"

"It needs to be given this afternoon at four o'clock."

Inside the Sea City Police Station, Luo Dawei furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at Lawyer Xing and said, "He is not willing to compromise at all?"

Lawyer Xing shook his head and said, "A fixed price. Chu Tian's intention is very clear. It must be one billion. Otherwise, he will not sign off on the dismissal.."

"One billion…" Luo Dawei furrowed his brows and mused for a while before saying, "Mr. Xing, here's the deal. Give my wife a call and ask her to sell the villa in Yue'er Bay as soon as possible. I spent a total of about three hundred and thirty million on buying and renovating that villa."

"Tell her not to worry about the loss, even if she sells it for just two billion, as long as there's a buyer, sell it directly. We need to quickly come up with the one billion. This guy, Chu Tian, is unpredictable. We must obtain his signature as soon as possible. Otherwise, he might change his mind," Luo Dawei said anxiously.

"Alright," Lawyer Xing Lawyer said with a nod, "I will take care of it immediately. I also think that Chu Tian is very unpredictable. The sooner we settle this, the sooner we can have peace of mind."

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