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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 161: Arresting Luo Dawei free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 161: Arresting Luo Dawei

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Chapter 161: Arresting Luo Dawei

Inside the rented house, after a burst of cheerful playing around, only Li Sisi and Chu Tian were left.

Bai Xiaochun and Li Niannian went to the White Milk Tea Shop.

Because today was Friday, and in addition, Chu Tian's case on this side had not yet been concluded, so Bai Xiaochun took two consecutive days off, which coincidentally includes Saturday and Sunday.

On Chu Tian's side, they naturally had to wait for the progress of the police investigation.

Li Sisi sliced an apple and handed it to Chu Tian, saying, "Chu Tian, Luo Piao was released today. Sister is actually quite worried about you. I know you're not satisfied with this result, but you must remain calm and not act impulsively. Don't do anything foolish and turn yourself into a criminal."

Chu Tian smiled and took a bite of the apple, saying, "Sis, you're thinking too much. I'm very open-minded about this. If Luo Piao can really escape, then she's lucky. I definitely won't do anything foolish, but she probably doesn't have much of a chance."

"Okay, as long as you're okay with it," Li Sisi sighed and said, "Life is like that, full of ups and downs. Just like me, for so many years, in the eyes of others, I have always been an open-minded woman. Before that day, if I said I was still a young lady, no one would believe me."

Chu Tian chuckled and said, "Sis, I believe you. Nobody knows this better than me. I know you were still a young lady before that day, heh."

Li Sisi chuckled and kicked Chu Tian lightly, saying, "Go ahead and eat your apple! I need to catch up on some sleep. Wake me up at noon and we'll go to the hotel to get the car, then we'll go talk to Lawyer Zhu again."

"Okay, sis, don't lock the door. I'll stay with you after finishing the apple. I'm also a bit groggy," Chu Tian said.

"Oh no, what if the Big Baby comes back while we're still sleeping?" Li Sisi said worriedly.

"It's okay, she won't come back. She's having a great time playing with sister Nian right now. The two of them are complete novices, playing games together every day and losing terribly, but they're still extremely happy," Chu Tian reassured Li Sisi.


Eight forty in the morning!

In an office at the Haicheng Police Station, Xia Mo returned with an excited look on her face, and Xiao Liu quickly greeted her with a smile, saying, "Captain Xia, did you manage to obtain the arrest warrant?"

Xia Mo didn't say a word, but instead happily presented the arrest warrant.

Xiao Liu excitedly clenched his fist in excitement and said, "Captain Xia, I'll arrange for officers to go with us right away and arrest Luo Dawei."

"Hey, wait a minute."

Xia Mo stopped Xiao Liu and said, "Change into casual clothes. The chief said that Luo Dawei is a well-known person, no matter what. Save his face and change into casual clothes. Don't wear police uniforms."

"Understood." Xiao Liu smiled and said, "I'll arrange it now."

After speaking, Xiao Liu left the office directly.

Ten minutes later!

Xia Mo led a team of plainclothes police officers and went directly to the Rongwei Hotel.

Nine thirty in the morning!

At the Rongwei Hotel, inside a presidential suite, Xia Mo showed the arrest warrant to Luo Dawei, who was standing in front of her. She said, "Luo Dawei, you are now under arrest for suspicion of kidnapping and murder. The Haicheng police are lawfully arresting you. This is the arrest warrant. Come with us."

Quietly looking at Xia Mo standing in front of him and a group of plainclothes police officers following behind her, Luo Dawei remained silent for about six or seven seconds. He then took a deep breath and looked at his bodyguard next to him, saying, "Xiao Zhou, go find Lawyer Xing and tell him to come to the police station to see me."

After speaking, Luo Dawei took the lead and walked out, while Xia Mo did not handcuff him or take any other measures. They left the hotel together.

Ten twenty in the morning!

As soon as Xia Mo happily walked out of the entrance to the Haicheng Police Station, she took out her phone and dialed Chu Tian's number.

"Hey, Chu Tian, what are you doing?"


"Wow, you're driving? It's okay. Let me tell you some good news. Luo Piaopiao has confessed, and not just her, Luo Dawei has also admitted guilt," said Xia Mo with excitement over the phone.

“Hehe, I'm so great, actually, the main reason is not me. Someone anonymously reported it, I don't know who it is. This report was crucial.”

"Don't worry, we have solid evidence against both Luo Dawei and Luo Piao. They won't be able to escape," replied Xia Mo confidently.

"Okay, I'll tell the appointed lawyer Zhu Cheng about the current situation of the case."

"Oh, come on, don't mention it. A fancy dinner tonight? How big is it? If it's not small, forget it. I may not even wake up tonight. I haven't slept since. I have to go back and rest now."

"Haha…alright, alright. Eating hotpot is not exactly a feast. You are being stingy. Anyway, call me tonight. If you don't call me, I won't wake up for sure."

"Hey, wait a minute, don't hang up yet, Chu Tian, what kind of car are you driving? Why is it so noisy? What's going on?"

"Sports car? What kind of sports car? And how did you even manage to get it?"

Suddenly, before Xia Mo could finish her sentence, she seemed to have thought of something and was stunned.

Blushing a bit, Xia Mo hastily said, "You jerk, I really thought you were driving. Okay, okay, hurry up and drive your car, I'm hanging up."

After hanging up the phone, with a smile on her face, Xia Mo looked at her phone and muttered, "What a jerk! Driving around in broad daylight like that. He really has nothing better to do. I'm working hard over here and all he treats me to is a spicy hot pot. What a stingy guy!"

After finishing her call, Xia Mo smiled and put her phone away. Then she got on her electric bike and left the police station.

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