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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 151: Luo Dawei is here free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 151: Luo Dawei is here

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Chapter 151: Luo Dawei is here

Time flashed by, and in the blink of an eye, it was four in the afternoon!

In front of the police station in Haicheng, two black Mercedes-Benz cars stopped at once.

The car door opened, and two bodyguards in suits got out of the car first, and then, a man who looked to be in his fifties also got out of the vehicle.

The man had a majestic face, with his head thrown back, and his hair was shiny.

It was the chairman of the Xiang Piao Group, Luo Dawei!

Behind Luo Dawei, a skinny man with glasses and a briefcase jumped out of the car.

As the man followed Luo Dawei out, he said, "Boss Luo, don't worry about the police station. If the elder Miss is charged with kidnapping and murder, then, according to the rules, you cannot meet her even if she's a family member. Do not worry, I'll negotiate with the police."

Luo Dawei furrowed his brows as he strode towards the police station. "You mean, I don't even have the right to see my daughter?"

"Uh, boss Luo." The man said, "According to the law if the elder Miss is charged with these crimes, I'm afraid the police cannot let you meet her. Only a lawyer can."

As he strode towards Luo Dawei, he stopped. He took a deep breath before looking at the man and saying, "Lawyer Xing, I don't care what you do. My daughter must come out."

"Don't worry." The man smiled and said, "I will definitely do my best. However, before that, I need to meet with the eldest Miss first. I need to understand. So, please keep calm, Boss Luo. If you cause a commotion at the police station, I may be denied permission to meet with the eldest Miss. This is bad news for the young lady.”

Luo Dawei stared at Lawyer Xing's eyes for three to four seconds before saying, "Forget it. I would not go in. I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself, so I'll just wait outside in the car."

Lawyer Xing smiled and said, "This is the best. Boss Luo, please wait outside first. I'll see the young lady."

Then; he carried the briefcase in his hand and walked into the police station with his head held high.

"Hello, Comrade."

In the lobby of the police station, a policeman happened to pass by and saw lawyer Xing coming in. He walked straight over and said, "Is there anything you need help with?"

Lawyer Xing smiled and said, "Hello, I'm Miss Luo Piao's lawyer. My name is Xing Taizheng. This is my lawyer's certificate and power of attorney."

While talking, lawyer Xing opened the briefcase in his hand, took out a folder, and handed it to the male policeman.


The male policeman took it with a frown. He opened the folder and took a look, then looked at Lawyer Xing, and said, "Lawyer Xing, right? Please wait for a while, I'll go and talk to our director."

"Okay." Lawyer Xing nodded with a smile.

The male police officer took the folder in his hand and went upstairs in quick steps.

Soon, five minutes later, a gray-haired policeman, dressed in a straight uniform, with three policemen, came down the stairs.

Looking at each other, the old policeman sized up Lawyer Xing from head to toe before saying, "Hello, I'm the chief of the police station, surnamed Zhang."

"Hello, Director Zhang."

Lawyer Xing quickly reached out and shook Chief Zhang's hand with a smile. "My surname is Xing, Xing Taizheng, and I'm the lawyer entrusted to Miss Luo Piao. I need to see my client right now. Chief Zhang, please make arrangements."

Chief Zhang frowned and nodded. "Where's Boss Luo? Didn't he come?"

"There he is." Lawyer Xing smiled and said, "He is waiting in the car outside. Boss Luo is a little emotional now. He's more irritable, so… I hope you understand that he won't come in."

"Oh, I see."

Chief Zhang looked at the two black commercial vehicles outside the police station and turned around. "Xiao Liu."


"Take Lawyer Xing to register." Chief Zhang said, "Then I'll arrange for Lawyer Xing and Ms. Luo Piao to talk."


Xiao Liu looked at Lawyer Xing and said, "Lawyer Xing, come with me.”

Lawyer Xing nodded with a smile and left the police station hall with Xiao Liu.

Five minutes later!

After Xiao Liu came out of an interrogation room, he took out his phone and dialed a number. "Hello, Captain Xia, are you awake?"

"Just got up." Liu said, "Then you quickly came to the police station, Luo Piao’s lawyer arrived, and the two met."

"Well, okay, then you should hurry over."

After saying that, Xiao Liu hung up the phone and turned to look behind the interrogation room.


Four thirty in the afternoon!

In front of the police station, Xia Mo was dressed in a sports suit. After she rode the car over, she parked it and walked into the police station.

In the office, as soon as Xia Mo entered, Xiao Liu stood up and greeted her by saying, "Captain Xia, finally you're here."

Xia Mo nodded." What's the situation now?"

"I don't know." Xiao Liu shook his head helplessly and said, "The lawyer has been in for half an hour and hasn't come out yet."

"Where's Zhang Wei?" Xia Mo said, "It's Luo Piao's father. Didn't he come?"

"He's here." Xiao Liu pointed out the window and said, "He is waiting in the car outside. If I haven't come in, I won't be able to see him."

Xia Mo thought for a while and said, "The two commercial vehicles at the door, right?"

"Yes." Xiao Liu nodded, sighed, and said, "Team Xia, I don't think there's a chance. Although we know in our hearts that Luo Piao certainly can't get away with it, at present, we cannot clean up her at all. This lawyer doesn't look like a good thing and does not know what bad idea he is giving to her."

Xia Mo frowned and took a glass of water. "There's not enough evidence. There's really nothing I can do about it."

In the office, just as Xia Mo finished speaking, suddenly, there were two knocks on the door, and then it was half opened.

Lawyer Xing stood outside the door and said with a smile, "Comrade Liu, my client Luo Piao wants to talk to you."

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