Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 148: Luo Piao Free from Crime

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Chapter 148: Luo Piao Free from Crime

"Sister Sisi, I'm going down to open the door."

Seven in the morning!

In the room on the bar's second floor, Chu Tian looked at Li Sisi, who was busy making the bed and couldn't help laughing.

"You wait!"

As Li Sisi hurriedly tidied up, she said, "It's already like this. Wait for me to tidy up before opening the door. What if Big Baby sees it?"

"Hey….." Chu Tian chuckled and said, "Sisi, there's no need to clean up. Xiao Bai already knew."


Li Sisi, who was changing the bedsheets, looked at Chu Tian and said, "Did Big Baby already know?"

"You lied to me!"

Li Sisi hurriedly continued to change the sheets, while saying: "Impossible, the Big Baby definitely doesn't know, you don't lie to me, just wait for two or three minutes, let them wait below for a while, it will be fine."

Seeing this, Chu Tian helplessly smiled and then waited.

Soon, two or three minutes later, when Li Sisi had changed the sheets and tidied up the pillowcase, she hurriedly gathered her hair and said, "Okay, ready, open the door."

Chu Tian smiled again, then came out of the room, and went downstairs with Li Sisi.

Behind the gate of the bar, just as Chu Tian lifted the rolling door, suddenly, a figure threw himself into his arms.

"Boohoo ……"

With both hands tightly hugging Chu Tian, Bai Xiaochun's head was buried in her chest, and she started crying loudly.

Chu Tian smiled, hugged Bai Xiaochun, and said, "Okay, baby, why are you still crying? It's okay, it's all over. Look at me, I'm not doing well. Don't cry, don't cry, be good… …"

Bai Xiaochun gulped and said, “You won't open a White Milk Tea Shop anymore. I don't want it anymore; they're too much of a bully. Sob…"

"Okay, okay baby."

Chu Tian smiled and kissed Bai Xiaochun's hair, and said: "It's okay, be good, don't cry, come and hug your husband, ouch, why did you sink so much overnight, what good food is this?"

"No, it didn't sink, you cheated, Boohoo"

"Haha, who said it's not sinking, it's almost too fat to hold."

"You're lying!"


At the entrance of the bar, Li Niannian saw Chu Tian holding Bai Xiaochun in his arms and went to the second floor. She couldn't help looking at Li Sisi and said, "Sister, Xiaotian is not injured, is she?"

Li Sisi smiled and said, "He is alright, however, he was frightened like a cow."

Li Niannian puffed up a smile and said, "Then why didn't you tell us last night?"

"Chu Tian won't allow it." Li Sisi took a deep breath and said, "It was almost two o'clock in the morning. I'll tell you first thing in the morning."

"Last night, Big Baby and I thought that Chu Tian and Sun Nana were at the place. When I received the call, Big Baby collapsed instantly and was paralyzed. If something happened to Chu Tian, Big Baby probably would be unable to hold on."

Li Sisi nodded with a smile, and said: "Okay, you can go up too, I'll go buy some breakfast, let's have breakfast together."

"Wait a minute."

Suddenly, Li Niannian called Li Sisi to stop and hurriedly plucked her hair.

Li Sisi asked curiously, "What is it?"

Li Niannian smiled and said, "What are you talking about? Really, why did you even get ahead?"


Forehead ……

Li Sisi blushed a little, and said with a smile: "I didn't even notice this bastard."

"Alright." Li Niannian smiled and said, "It's gone."

"Then you go up." Li Sisi said, "I'll go get some breakfast."

After speaking, Li Sisi turned around and went to a nearby breakfast shop to buy breakfast in her cheongsam, while Li Niannian also went directly to the room on the second floor of the bar.


"Are you really not injured? Don't lie to me."

Eight-thirty in the morning!

On the sofa on the bar's second floor, Bai Xiaochun was hugging Chu Tian's arm with red eyes.

"Really not." Chu Tian smiled and said, "Honey, you have asked me hundreds of times this morning, and I really didn't hurt a single hair. Really, why don't we go to the bathroom? I took off my clothes and asked you to recheck them, there is no bruise at all."

"Then, I can't see the internal injuries." Bai Xiaochun's eyes were red.


Chu Tian was at a loss for words, then he fiercely pressed on Bai Xiaochun's head: "You little brat, if you do it again, believe it or not, I will teach you a lesson?"

Bai Xiaochun laughed out loud, then, like a cat, she crawled into Chu Tian's arms.

Seeing this, Li Niannian laughed: "So, Luo Piao can't escape this time, right?"

"I'm sure she won't be able to run away." Li Sisi said, "If she's caught right, can she still run away? Just wait until she goes to jail. No matter how rich you are, in front of the law, the law doesn't accept that."

Li Sisi looked at Chu Tian and said, "Oh right, are you going to find a lawyer to sue?"


Chu Tian frowned, and said, "Sister Sisi, this is a criminal case. Isn't the criminal case handed over to the procuratorate after the public security organ investigates it, and the procuratorate will file a lawsuit in the court?"

"That's a government-appointed lawyer." Li Sisi said, "The level is average. If you are worried, we can find a good lawyer by ourselves. The role played by a lawyer is quite important, and it can greatly affect the verdict."

Chu Tian said, "In that case, let's find the best lawyer in Haicheng."

"I do know one." Li Sisi said, "Especially in handling criminal cases, he is very good. His surname is Zhu. How about we go and meet him later?"

"Sure.” Chu Tian hugged Bai Xiaochun and said, "What is it called Zhu?"

"I don't know about that." Li Sisi said, "I've only heard of him, but I know where his law firm is."

"Jingle Bells ……"

All of a sudden, Li Sisi just said this. A cell phone rang.

It was Li Sisi's phone.

Li Sisi took it out and glanced at it. She picked it up and smiled. "Hey, Xia Mo, have you had breakfast?"

"Well, well, he's all right now."

"Ah?" Li Sisi frowned suddenly, "What do you mean? How could this happen?"

"Oh, okay, okay, okay. Then come over here. We're all in the bar right now. Come straight to the bar."

"Good, good, then I'll see you later."

Li Niannian couldn't help saying, "What's wrong, Sisi?"

Li Sisi glanced at Li Niannian, then looked at Chu Tian and said, "Xia Mo said that the case is not easy to handle, and it is very likely that Luo Piao cannot be brought to justice."

"Ah?" Bai Xiaochun stared, "How could this happen? Didn't you catch a scene?"

"I don't know either." Li Sisi shook her head and said, "Xia Mo will come over later, she will make it clear."

Chu Tian thought for a while, nodded, and said, "Well, I probably know what's going on, but don't worry, Luo Piao won't be able to escape."

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