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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 140: He Is Really Wandering free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 140: He Is Really Wandering

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Chapter 140: He Is Really Wandering

Time passed slowly. Sun Nana opened her eyes to the dark path behind Haicheng Medical University.


With a thud, Sun Nana first pressed her hand on her head before struggling to get up.

She was sitting on the ground, with one hand rubbing her head and the other supporting her on the ground. Her eyes were blank, she looked around as if she had lost her memory.

Suddenly, as she thought of something, she shuddered and woke up.

Quickly getting up from the ground, she looked around in panic. She shouted, "Chu Tian?"

"Chu Tian??"

"Chu Tian??"

After shouting three times, there was no response from Chu Tian. Sun Nana quickly took out her phone from her bag and called Chu Tian.

"Jingle Bells ……"

When she heard a cell phone ringing in the green belt not far from her, her eyes widened in fear.

Seeing the green belt coming from the bell, she first gulped before walking with a trembling body.

Very quickly, when she saw that there was only a phone under the green belt and Chu Tian was not there, Sun Nana let out a sigh of relief. Chu Tian was not there; she quickly picked up the phone.

Seeing that the caller ID on her phone was "Sun Nana," Sun Nana hung up and called the police.

After the call was answered, she pondered and sobbed, "Officer, I want to call the police. One of my classmates was kidnapped.”

At the same time,

At Haicheng Police Station, Xia Mo, who was on night duty, was sitting in front of a computer while drinking tea. She was reading the case file when the office door abruptly opened and a policeman entered.

They looked at each other for two to three seconds before Xia Mo frowned and said, "What's wrong? speak, why are you silent?"

The policeman suddenly smiled and said excitedly, "Captain Xia, there's a case. Sun Nana said that one of her classmates was kidnapped.”

Xia Mo rolled her eyes, put down her teacup, and said, "What are you laughing about? I thought it was something good to do."


The policeman chuckled and followed Xia Mo out of the office.


Ten, twenty at night!

Behind Haicheng Medical University, Sun Nana sat on the curbside, frowning at her phone screen.

The phone interface was the dialing interface.

Sun Nana's finger stopped above the contact marked "Xiaochun." After thinking for a while, she exited the dial interface.

Forget it!

She decided not to tell Bai Xiaochun.

It was pointless to tell her whether or not Chu Tian could be saved.

Furthermore, if Chu Tian was to be rescued and find out that Bai Xiaochun didn't know that he had been kidnapped and did not even worry about him, then he would definitely be disappointed.

On the dark side of the road, Sun Nana had just thought of this when she suddenly heard the whistle.

Sun Nana turned her head to look. She saw two police cars, one in front and one behind. They were quickly activating their sirens and flashing their lights. Then she stood up and waved at the police car.


The two police cars pulled alongside Sun Nana after the abrupt stop.

The car door opened, and Xia Mo, who was wearing a police uniform, walked out of the car first.

Sun Nana.

Xia Mo frowned when she saw that the woman who called the police was Sun Nana. "Sun Nana?"

Is she the policewoman from last time?

Sun Nana clearly recognized Xia Mo. She curled her lips, and tears flowed out.

"Woo… Sister Police!"

As she hugged Xia Mo, Sun Nana burst into tears.

"Forehead ……"

Xia Mo patted Sun Nana's back and comforted her, saying, "Sun Nana, do not be afraid. It's already safe now. Calm down and tell me what happened."

Sun Nana sobbed as she released Xia Mo. She wiped away her tears and cried, "Yes, it's Chu Tian. He is kidnapped. He is the guy you saw last time."


Chu Tian was kidnapped.

Hearing Sun Nana's words, Xia Mo's eyes widened.

How could Chu Tian and Sun Nana come to this dark place?

Could it be…


This guy!

He had told her in the bar that Sun Nana was not a good woman. It seemed that Sun Nana had seduced him.

Her girlfriend was so beautiful, and her body and looks were much better than Sun Nana's, yet he…

No matter what age a man was, they were all the same.

Xia Mo frowned. "When did this happen?"

Sun Nana choked and said, "I was looking at my phone. It was 8:30 p.m. Then, within a few minutes, three masked men suddenly ran over from behind. They covered our mouths with a towel. Then we fainted."

"Team Xia."

When a policeman walked over with a towel, Sun Nana had just finished speaking. "Look."

"It is the strong ether; as long as it is inhaled, two or three seconds can cause people to be unconscious; quickly look around to see if there are any other clues," Xia Mo said as she rushed to open the distance, frowning.

After saying that, Xia Mo looked at Sun Nana and continued, "Sun Nana, other than that, what else did you see?"

"Also, there was a van." Sun Nana said, "There was a van that followed from behind. It was the silver-gray type."

"Have you seen the number plate?"

"No." Sun Nana shook her head.

Xia Mo nodded and said, "Little Liu, call the bureau immediately. Call up all the surveillance cameras nearby. The time is between 8:30 and 8.40 tonight. Find a silver-gray van."


Xia Mo looked at Sun Nana and said, "Sun Nana, come with me to the bureau first. There are some things I need to understand."

"Okay." Sun Nana nodded and followed Xia Mo into the car.

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