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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 123: Sending out the beggar free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 123: Sending out the beggar

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Chapter 123: Sending out the beggar

Looking at Luo Piao's smile, Chu Tian quickly reached out and shook his hand. He said with a smile, "Hello, Director Luo, your Xiang Piao Group's name is like a few years ago. I liked to drink your Xiang Piao White Milk Tea."

"Really?" Luo Piao said with a smile. "It is an honor to have these two as our Xiang Piao Group Vice Presidents."

"Hello, guys."

Seeing this, Chu Tian shook hands with the other two men.

"Mr. Chu, please have a seat."

After shaking hands with the three of them, Luo Biao made another gesture of invitation.

"Director Luo, please."

Chu Tian also made a gesture of invitation. Only then did the five of them take their seats. Li Niannian also sat beside Chu Tian.

"Well, Mr. Chu," Luo Piao said, "let's order first. How about chatting while eating?"

"There's no need to be so troublesome." Chu Tian said, "Director Luo, this meal is not cheap. Let's talk first."

"No, no." Luo Piao said with a smile, "It is just an ordinary meal; just as the time also arrived at dinner time; let's eat while talking; just a meal does not mean anything."

"That's fine." Chu Tian said, "Then let Director Luo arrange it."

"Alright." Luo Piao smiled as she looked at the bodyguard standing at the door and said, "Wei, tell them to prepare that set meal of 580,000."

Wei nodded his head and reached directly for the machine at the door. He pressed it a few times.

Soon, in the room, an inconspicuous small door opened.

Three tall waiters came in from the elevator and placed a tableware set in front of Chu Tian's group of five. In addition, each of them had an apron.

They didn’t have to move during the whole process; the waiter helped them as if they were disabled people who could not care for themselves.

He was just about to feed them.

"If something is discovered, then the taste will change."

"That's right." Luo Piao said with a smile, "People nowadays are very materialistic. The university experience would not be so real if they found out."

Chu Tian nodded and said, "That's the case, but I'm still very curious." How did Director Luo know that the milk tea shop and bar were mine?"

"Oh, we just called and asked." Luo Piao smiled and said, "Two days ago, I watched a short video and discovered that there was such a popular milk tea shop. Then, we called the industry and commerce department, but in the end, they told us."

"That's right." Luo Piao continued, "Mr. Chu, do you have any hobbies?"


Time passed in a flash, and in the blink of an eye, it was 7:30 p.m.

At the end of the meal, Luo Piao said: "Mr. Chu, we see you this time, mainly for your White Milk Tea Shop?"

"White Milk Tea Shop?" Chu Tian frowned slightly.

"Yes." Luo Piao said, "We have already drunk your White Milk Tea Shop. The taste is magical and can be said to be a kind of enjoyment, so your milk tea should have a unique formula."

"Yes." Chu Tian smiled and said, "Exclusive formula."

"Then I wonder if Mr. Chu is willing to transfer this exclusive formula." Luo Piao kept going.


"Yes," Luo Piao said. "Our Xiang Piao Group is very interested in your white milk tea, so we want to buy out your exclusive formula."

Buy out?

When Chu Tian noticed Luo Piao and the other two vice presidents staring at him, he thought for a moment and said, "The meaning of buying it out is that the white milk tea will be yours from now on, right?"

"Of course, you can continue to operate your current shop, but you can not open any more branches. If you leak the formula to others, then our Xiang Piao Group can sue you for the crime of disclosing trade secrets."

Holy shit!

It was a little pretentious!

He hadn't even said whether to sell, but she had already started talking about the prosecution.

It was as if they were going to get it for sure.

Chu Tian smiled and said, "Director Luo, let me ask first: if you buy it out, how much do you plan to buy it out?"

"One hundred million! "

Luo Piao confidently stretched out a finger and said with a smile: "Mr. Chu, don't worry; our Xiang Piao Group can not be said to be rich, but we are not stingy with the things that we like. Mr. Chu should be satisfied with the price, right?"

Very satisfied?

Holy shit!

Where did she get her mother's confidence from?

One hundred million will be spent to purchase his own Xiang Piao milk tea.

When she was born, her head was on the ground.

Seeing Luo Biao full of confidence, Chu Tian smiled and licked his lips, saying: "Director Luo, 100 million is indeed a lot, not a small amount of money, but I think you may be wrong about one thing."

"Oh?" Luo Piao frowned and said, "Mr. Chu, what is it?"

"You want to buy my Xiang Piao milk tea recipe for one hundred million. You seem to be sending out the beggar."

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