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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 122: Young Miss of the Xiang Piao Group free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 122: Young Miss of the Xiang Piao Group

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Chapter 122: Young Miss of the Xiang Piao Group


Seeing Li Xiannian's message, Chu Tian couldn't help frowning.

Here comes a big party.

What kind of big party?

Without overthinking, Chu Tian casually replied, "Well, then I'll go after school."

After Li Niannian received a message, Chu Tian sent another message to Bai Xiaochun.

Chu Tian said, "Baby, I'll go to the White Milk Tea Shop after school. Sister Niannian has something to look for, so I might need to see someone. I don't know how long it will take."

Very quickly, Bai Xiaochun returned.

Bai Xiaochun replied, "Well, let's go. It's perfect. I'll return to my dorm after school to pack my things."

Four-fifty in the afternoon!

In the White Milk Tea Shop, when Chu Tian came to the office, only Li Niannian was left.

Seeing this, Chu Tian couldn't help saying, "Hey, Sister Nian, didn't you say there was a big shot? What, did you miss me?"

"It's not me." Li Niannian smiled as she tidied up Chu Tian's short sleeves and said, "She is a big shot. She's the daughter of the Xiang Piao Group. She wants to talk to you but has already booked a place."

"Xiang Piao Group?" Chu Tian thought for a moment and said, "Xiang Piao, White Milk Tea Shop ah?"

"Hmm." Li Niannian nodded, "I was surprised. I did not expect our small White Milk Tea Shop to welcome such a big shot, so Young Master, shouldn't we buy clothes first?"

"No need." Chu Tian said, "Xiao Bai just washed this dress. It's pretty clean. Besides, I don't know her, so why would I buy clothes to show her?"

"Okay." Li Niannian laughed, "If you don't wanna do this, don't buy it."

"That's right." Chu Tian said, "Sister Nian, what's the name of a daughter of the Xiang Piao Group? Why is she here?"

"Her name is Luo Piao." Li Niannian said, "But I don't know what she's doing. She doesn't want to talk to me. She wants to talk to you."

"Huh." Chu Tian smiled and said, "You're damn about putting on a show. You didn't even give me Sister Nian's face. You damn think that everyone treats her like a daughter?"

Li Niannian smiled and patted Chu Tian, saying, "Don't talk nonsense. Maybe I'm looking for you to discuss business. The Roewe Hotel in the downtown area, the best hotel in Haicheng, it's quite grand."

Chu Tian nodded and said, "Alright, for the sake of this hotel, let's meet this old lady. Sister Nian, how can we go there?"

"There's a car." Li Niannian said, "I have a car waiting outside."

"Oh." Chu Tian thought about it and said, "That Bentley by the roadside?"

"Okay," said Li Niannian. "Do you have anything else to clean up?"

"There's nothing left. It's not like I'm on a blind date."

Li Niannian chuckled and said, "Don't call her old lady. She's just 31 years old and not too old."


"She's also an old lady."

Five forty in the afternoon!

In the middle of town, a silver-gray Bentley stopped in front of the Roewe Hotel.

After the door opened and the driver in a suit got out, he hurried to the back seat and opened the door, reaching out to block the door frame.

The action was standard, and the look was also like a professional driver.

When Chu Tian and Li Niannian came out of the car, the driver smiled and said, "Both of you, our Miss, are already waiting. Please come with me."

As he spoke, the driver made a gesture of invitation before leading the way.

Inside the magnificent hotel lobby, one could feel the extraordinary style and luxury as soon as he entered.

Chu Tian said in a low voice, "Sister Nian, this Roewe Hotel is quite luxurious."

"That's right." Li Niannian also said in a low voice, "This is the best hotel in Haicheng. The rooms here are expensive. The average room is over a thousand. What if the presidential suite is over ten?"

Chu Tian nodded and said, "It's really good."

Soon, after arriving in a private room on the third floor, the driver stopped and knocked twice.

Four to five seconds later, the door opened. It was a man in the same suit. He had short hair and eager eyes. He gave off the feeling of being a bodyguard.

The driver said, "Mr Chu is here."

The bodyguard looked back and said, "Miss, Mr Chu is here."


A female voice said, "Please come in."

The bodyguard then turned his head, opened the door wide, and sat down with a gesture of "please".

Damn it!

This really rich man was different. Seeing this, Chu Tian directly brought Li Niannian inside.

Large room, the decoration was also luxurious, with pure carpet floor, one could walk without sound.

The room was divided into two areas. One was the dining table area, and the other was the tea area by the window. The tea set was complete.

Obviously, after eating, they could sit by the window and drink tea while chatting.

In addition to the bodyguards, three other people were in the room, one female and two males.

The woman was dressed in white.

White ladies ‘suits, white ladies' trousers, white ladies' shoes.

There was a saying that if one wanted to be pretty, one had to be filial.

The white color indeed made a woman look clean and elegant, but….. It was mainly her face.

Although a woman's temperament had developed, her looks were only that much. At most, her looks were only 85 points.

As for the other two, they were two men in their forties suits.

Seeing Chu Tian and Li Niannian come in, the woman quickly smiled and reached out her hand to say, "Mr Chu, hello, I'm Luo Piao, the sales director of Xiang Piao Group."

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