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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 121: Here Comes a Big Man free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 121: Here Comes a Big Man

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Chapter 121: Here Comes a Big Man

Before going back to Li Sisi's side, Chu Tian and Xia Mo engaged in a lengthy conversation in the counter's corner.

"We enjoyed ourselves." Smiling, Li Sisi. What are you referring to?

"Nothing." Chu Tian smiled and said, "It was just a casual chat. Her name is Xia Mo. It's a coincidence that she and I live in the same community. However, it's quite far away. She lives in the eastmost building of the community, and I live in the westmost building of the community."

"She's in charge of this area, and there's no place to play around. It's a good time. We have opened a bar, and she's free to come and play."

Li Sisi nodded and said, "That is quite a coincidence. You are actually in a small district."

"It's a coincidence." Chu Tian said, "By the way, sister, give her a free prize later, or lucky users or something like that, and then she will give up her list, and she will only drink some juice or something like that, and she won't spend more money."

"Understood." Li Sisi smiled. "I'll arrange it later. It's getting late. To find the big baby. It's almost time to take her home and sleep. Do not let the big baby endure the night."

"Hey." Chu Tian chuckled and said, "Sister, you don't want me to go up and play again?"

"What are you playing with?" Li Sisi smiled and kicked Chu Tian. "I just stopped. Hurry and take a shower after I go home. Don't let the big baby find out. He's just messing around."

"Hey." Chu Tian chuckled again and said, "Sisi, then I'll leave first."

"Well, let's go." Li Sisi said, "early rest; don't stay up late. Remember, go home first to take a bath."

"I know, Sisi. If you're tired, go up and sleep. Do not keep staring. Call me if you need anything."

"Well, hurry and go, bye."


Li Sisi looked at Xia Mo in the corner of the bar until she saw Chu Tian leave.

Li Sisi wrote two words on a business card with a pen without words before dropping the money while keeping his mouth slightly open.

"Hi, beauty." Li Sisi smiled and greeted him.

Xia Mo looked up at Li Sisi.

"Congratulations." Li Sisi smiled and placed the business card in front of Xia Mo. "Our bar chose you to become a super lucky star'. From now on, your consumption in our bar will be exempted."

Xia Mo suddenly laughed at the name card Li Sisi placed in front of him with the word ‘exempt' written on it. "What is your boss trying to do?"

"It has nothing to do with our boss." Li Sisi said, "This is a normal bar event. You are the super lucky star of this event, and there is no involvement with private individuals."

Xia Mo nodded with a smile and said, "Alright, since it's a normal bar activity, I'll be more respectful."

Xia Mo put the card in her pocket as she continued to speak.

“Do you need anything else to drink?” Li Sisi grinned. “I'll go get it for you.”

“No need, I'll go home and sleep soon," Xia Mo said. No more drinking is what I want.

"That's good." Li Sisi smiled. "If you need anything at the bar, feel free to call me at the number on the business card. Bye."

After saying that, Li Sisi turned around and went upstairs.

Xia Mo smiled as she watched Li Sisi go upstairs. She put down the empty bottle in her hand and left the bar.


Time flashed by, and it was Friday.

For the next few days, Chu Tian went to the White Milk Tea shop to eat and take a lunch break. In the evening, he either went on a date with Bai Xiaochun, wandered around the school, or went to the bar to play.

As for Bai Xiaochun, she preferred to go to the White Milk Tea Shop to play with Li Niannian. Anyway, Li Niannian had nothing to do. The two of them were playing a double-row game in the small office of the White Milk Tea Shop. They were two chicken dishes, but they were still extremely happy.

As for Sun Nana, she has been active all day. She either brought Chu Tian some snacks in the morning or sent him a private message asking for warmth …….

Of course, those days also appeared, mainly in the White Milk Tea Shop; more and more people came to the White Milk Tea shop to join the White Milk Tea Shop.

In addition, the sales volume of the White Milk Tea Shop has also been developed to the limit, basically maintaining the sales volume of 50,000 cups a day. Every day from early in the morning, the queue at the door was full until the closing of the evening. However, because Chu Tian has no intention of opening a franchise for the time being, all of these people who came to consult about joining were rejected by Li Niannian.

"Hey, classmate, what's going on with you and Sun Nana?"

There was still half an hour left before school ended. Yang Rong looked at Chu Tian and couldn't help but ask in a low voice.

Chu Tian frowned and said in a low voice, "What do you mean?"

"I think your relationship is a bit ambiguous. She brings you food almost every morning," Yang Rong said. "You two are like lovers. Hey, deskmate,don't mess around. Xiao Bai is a million times better than this Sun Nana. Sun Nana is not a good woman. Don't be silly."

Chu Tian smiled and said, "You are overthinking? You do not eat it happily every morning. Although it was sent to me, didn't it all go into your stomach?"

Yang Rong chuckled. "I'm happy to eat, but I must remind you that this Sun Nana isn't a good woman. You should love Xiao Bai well. Don't bowl and think in the pot. Don't be so heartless."

"Don't worry." Chu Tian said, "Xiao Bai and I are perfect."

"Then, have you and Sun Nana had sex?"

"This is not."

"That's good."

At this moment, Chu Tian's phone suddenly vibrated.

Chu Tian took out his phone and looked at it. It was a message sent by Li Niannian.

Li Niannian said, "Young Master, come to the shop after school, and a big shot comes. I can't do this. You have to see him personally."

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